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This is another story of a past life as an Atlantean scientist, to follow the first story of Atlantean time travel - whereby I had greeted myself as Atlantean scientist in the pyramid of Giza in Egypt. https://www.angelfire.com/nm2/aona/pyramid.html

To my dismay, I found another past life as an Atlantean scientist operating time travel technology, and have since found other lives as well which involved time travel. I was subjected to double deja vus most of my life and they were coming from technology I'd invented in Atlantis to travel in time. This second major time travelling device, described here, was created to observe the present me from my former self in Atlantis.

It was about seven feet high and the sides about four feet wide. It had transparent sides. I didn't walk in it, through it or even move into now - but I saw myself in it in the future by using willpower to project in time forwards mentally. Maybe it was like a form of crystal ball. Initially I had to stand in it and radiate as much will as possible of my own to build up enough energy to see a picture in the future. I decided to develop it to use it that way and wanted to be objective so as to mimimise the freak deja vus that make people go crazy in future lives from doing such things from the security of Atlantis. Though some others were actually possessing their future bodies with their own particular time machines, as they enjoyed this greatly and got a real sense of freedom. They also had made some that they could actually use to step into this decade bodily.

I was too worried I'd get stuck here and not get back so didn't try that one myself, but took a keen interest in what happened with those that did claim to be able to step into our now - bodily and return intact. They were considered daredevils and were thronged by people questioning them trying to know what the far future was like. They brought back souvenirs and some of the pollution and junk food, plus all they could find to shock people. I think a prominent person was even kidnapped to tell people personally the state of the world, but he was returned. Things we take for granted were shocking to the Atlanteans who at this particular time I recall sought perfect harmony with different forms of energy all over the planet and to improve themselves. This was at about the middle stage of Atlantis when science was starting to be misused and before the fall of man into emotional depravity, drug addiction, possession, mass hypnotism and misuse of magic. They were particularly interested in the DNA that was generated from intermarriage of races. Plus effects of pollution on the genetics.

So I developed this time machine where I could just watch and suggest things about the world through implanting ideas as sudden intuitive impulses. These were mainly about trying to get a grasp on who and what else is inhabiting the planet and who shouldn't be here, that sort of instinct to act as a warning that aliens are planning a takeover etc. what their plans are and warn others. Have to admit success here. The Atlanteans at the time had every kind of technology to see the future and tried to warn us about all the aliens behind the scenes, bases underground, the abductions, pollution, mind control and genocide.

This machine stored the willpower from the spine of a person and utilized it as an energy to enhance the ancient reality/world in a temporary specific cubic area. The physical world was moved out of the tank by the parting of the gasses of the ethers in the air. I pushed out the energies of Atlantis in a specific area and then replaced the air with my own force in this tank. I stepped out and sealed the container. I then projected in my mind the events located from a general forecast of the present time frame and put my own life as a separate event into a visible form that appeared as a film in motion. The will held the image in slow motion in a way that it can be seen - rather like a fish through water. Clear but not perfect. It reflected the future like a mirror.

As public time machines for the Atlantean population, who viewed at least the last 40 years of our century, were easily available in major cities, I could go to the general world viewing center and pick out the year I wanted for the decade I wanted. Then after getting a feel for the vibration and events, I fine tuned it to whichever months appealed. The future was the object seen in the container of (heavy liquid-acting) willpower. It was a mirror to my thoughts. I just thought what I wanted to know and waited for the result to appear in the storage box. e.g. What will I be doing 1999 AD ? wait a few seconds - the response appears. The only reason the will can create something visible from the past or future, is because it bypasses space and time. The place of origin of the will is with God who is outside of this. We with our wills sometimes try and be mini-creators and if we don't do it with science we use magic. Will we ever learn?

The image in the tank was a mirror of my future memory like when a hypnotist makes one travel ahead in time - they can know and see ahead in their minds. The will storage area acted like a blank film. The picture was created/selected by my thoughts which analyzed and worked on the time frame until it gained the correct date. Viewing myself as a hologram moving and doing things. It appeared in the will substance which was a magnifier and reflector of my thoughts. We see through air but we can also see and enter the inner worlds through other mediums yet undiscovered - this in another memory is actually describing a time portal which Jesus went through in early Atlantis to Eternity - this was an organic dimensional doorway that was specially created for this purpose by God and was an Initiation ceremony. Special fires were available which burned away each dimensional barrier and people walked through the inner worlds, in their spiritual vehicles that they dropped off at each portal entrance, like discarding clothes. Each dimension operated a different expression of time. But these Initiation experiences were especially made for our own evolution and not for daredevil feats by scientists who wanted to project into the future technically.

Obviously it is not good to will people in the future as it changes their destiny, by knocking out the blueprint of the events decided in universal substance. However the events can reform, once will is withdrawn. Luckily I managed to reabsorb all my will, after this experiment when the wanted results were gained. Though I was a bit the worse for wear after with the immune system. It didn't go back properly into the spine but I somehow managed to ask God to heal me then after repenting of this dangerous experiment. This particular Atlantean self became religious after that experience with the time traveling device and felt that we as Atlanteans, were helpless to change things in the future as we wished as problems there were too bad. I, as this Atlantean started seeking out sources of power that could help us in our future and had some spiritual experiences which caused me to acknowledge my own helplessness. Some of the Atlanteans took on the changing of our future as their own personal crusade and they learnt a lot about our times. However I believe if one changes one's own or another's destiny by an act of will or magic the person gets karmic debit and has to right themselves with the planet they drew energy from in the highest inner worlds. This credit has to be paid back next time.

Everything we want to know and ask mentally is already answered immediately due to some cosmic law but it depends on if we are sensitive enough to hear/see it whether we get the answer. We only get the truth to the extent we want it - that depends on how brave we are. If we have enough courage to face it all we get it all. It is determined by how much courage we have stored in the courage storehouse of our soul. i.e. how much we have built up by facing adversity and not turning away from it. Will is like a substance, as anyone who is willed by another can tell you, it hurts to have it projected at them and the Atlanteans could measure it and store it for magic. It comes from the spinal fluid. That's why hypnosis works.The hypnotist can make a line of energy in a person's memory which they travel in to go to the past /pastlife or future life and the person's mind follows it. The focused will makes a time tunnel, by boring a hole or vortex in the world of thought like a laser. The person being hypnotised travels along the line of willpower. Everything we think, feel or desire reaches the target it is directed towards. We cannot help but send out lines of energy from ourselves to others all over the globe in the inner worlds.

I regret creating all the time machines I made - all of them. Though I may benefit in knowledge now, I would rather feel good instead and have a sense of freedom from being controlled. I was a tormented soul until Jesus went through it all with me and cleared the problems, mainly the terrible deja vus and some of my subconscious memories still threaten frequently to engulf me like a tidal wave.

In summary - My mind selected the date I wanted as others had already determined every single century's happenings till the end of the world as a 3D physical existence. And so I picked this time due to looking at a 'world future - created in a tank of willpower energy' by many people. A crowd concentrated on a date and made a big mass of energy that drew the knowledge of the activities of that date back to Atlantis so they could analyze it. People do this now with world meditations to make big thoughtforms for peace. The Atlanteans just projected forwards to a specific date many millennia ahead. Many time tunnels were made from Atlantis to now so that people could 'tune in' i.e. psychics and hypnotists. This doorway in time revealed some of the possible future of the planet . The Atlanteans desired to know about now and opened this time frame to themselves, through all sorts of means including remote viewing and clairvoyance but technology was a big draw.

It is easy for me to look back, and this creates a bridge for me then to walk over in my Atlantean dreams. They had ways of getting the right date ahead. The only drawback of the willpower method is that if one projects into a mass tank of will - the will is lost and then a person comes back spineless next time. Not only that but they are bound to each other until each one can ask God to be set free. I asked God to set me free once I finally knew He wasn't still angry with me for misusing power as a scientist in Atlantis. After I read the Bible I knew God was very forgiving of people who had power if they were truly sorry and so I repented of my misuse of power.


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