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This idea of 'selves' positioned in the future apparently isn't new, others have experienced them. I've not had a variation in perception of the events described below to date, though have from time to time had brief experiences of other possible future times that had the potential to manifest, if other factors reinforced it e.g. decisions by others. But they only appeared in lucid dreams. There appears to be a place in the inner worlds that will produce and transmit to us an instant 'outcome' of various decisions, rather like a computer would process causative data and give a result.

Though it is probably a good thing to anticipate the events which ARE preordained and aren't subjected to other's influences. Sometimes in a very hypersensitive mood, I have thought about a possibility and instantly the results of it have manifested in my mind as a response. For example going for a job, or visiting someone, planning a holiday or moving to a certain house. It is like a time line is actually created on the spot. I suppose it depends how much concentration the thought has, which determines how much strength a timeline will get. If obsessive thoughts about something persist, perhaps they give it strength.

I think also that there is another way of discerning the future by using our mind to weigh up many possibilities and just having that super-sensitivity to detect one outcome which flashes brighter than the rest, highlighted by unseen intelligences. This would be termed 'intuition', but I have discovered many forms of this faculty depending on the source. My emotions can apparently sense coming events in a more reliable manner for selected very major events, but for some reason or other they are very far ahead and very few.

In about 1992 I was fortunate to have had a long drawn out communication with a 'self' (an apparent part of my soul) positioned in 2,003, that lasted long enough to figure out a little about how these 'independent selves' operate. There seems to be 'selves' existing in the future which are more permanent and others which can be deactivated, even with snap decisions and then revived again. I lost my 2,003 self that existed on the timeline (which included a trip to Scotland) which I communicated with for years - when deciding I probably wouldn't go after all.

This 'future self' slowly faded and then seemingly died on Jan 1st 2,000. I have always wondered if we changed global timelines on that date to avoid a y2k disaster. After a few months this 'future self' revived briefly but by then another one, a permanent 2,005 one had filled the gap.

I discovered that this appears to be the survivor, as it were, of the journey of selves positioned on separate timelines to reach 2,005 intact. It would seem that the cohesive energies holding this planet's 'reality' together start to unbind from about 2,003. It appears the gasses which comprise this 3D reality are rearranged into a different balance of elements. It could be that we all have different parts of us on different timelines reaching a crisis point from 2,003 onward. Where we have internal battles to try to absorb and incorporate within ourselves those higher parts of us which WOULD survive. Which part of our personality will survive into another frequency?

Is there a battle within our psyche to be the first to 'ascend' into a higher frequency? I think so. Some parts of us crave a 'new world' and want to live in it in a rarefied form, where the stars are accessible by spaceship. They, in order to achieve this, would need remove from our consciousness those parts which have lower ideal - a regenerated 3D earth. (the same as before but clean, a hoped for recreation of the Garden of Eden. Where all our senses are strong and appreciative of nature. Traveling in space has no lure.)

Until this world passes through this 'all encompassing' timeline expressing the combined destiny of everyone on the planet, only one timeline will win, containing only the parts of it it needs to ensure progress. I think we have 7 timelines clustered around one major one, rather like a rope with the strands loosened but bound at the beginning and end. The bound rope is a combination of them all.

I do believe every 7 years strands cross and causative factors coalesce. Every 21 years God's Will is reinforced. Subroutines go through the 7 year cycles where certain requirements need to be met, in order to keep the universe harmonious and progressing towards perfection. Yet I do believe we have free-will in full. However I also believe that, IF we really deviate from the Divine Plan as created by God, then we go off on tangent temporary timelines. These give us instant karma, and eventually by finding no satisfaction in this, and extreme frustration finding ourselves in a corner, with nowhere to go, we return to the 'fold' i.e. the timeline we should be on. Each time we find the right way, we feel a sense of 'freedom'. There are, I believe, two forms of freedom. One where we do what we feel like, with no care of the consequences and another which God gives us, which is a reward for doing the right thing. It comes from the conscience and our physical body vibrates at a higher frequency, lessening earth's vice grip. This translates to feeling released and the subsequent freedom in the soul.

In other words, it could be that we need to bring forth all the good within us, living on the correct 'survival timeline' - meanwhile disintegrating those parts of us which exist on timelines which go under with the destruction of this planet. If all the parts of us which 'haven't made the grade' are not able to ensure ongoing survival of their 'reality' and the part of us which does survive to live in a better world is present - then there may be an internal battle between the 'selves within us' which do or don't stay alive.

However, I'm not the last word and can't speak for everyone, but it could well happen that we do have parts of us fighting for survival in our own soul. The jigsaw of a future woven by individuals to a future Divine Plan of God's creation, is the necessity to be included a place in this. If one has selected their own destiny through being really decisive and adamant that this is the one which must 'BE', they may have stifled the small still voice of another self, which WOULD be obedient - playing a pre-set part in a bigger role in harmony with others, creating a higher evolution for an intelligently chosen plan. Independent decisions don't necessarily mean moving onward to the best future, however the human mind may think so, not knowing the larger universal picture and the various parts in this.

They may go to 'a future' but one of their own creation and not necessarily the best. Some people think to choose their own destiny is the ultimate in freedom, but perfection is also a goal for others who would sacrifice freedom to attain a faster evolution. They would obey the rules to become perfect and in so doing can evolve their character in a more balanced way.

It could be that our greatest desire - whether love, freedom, knowledge, perfection etc ultimately dominates the array of spiritual parts of us which are active in the inner worlds. Existing simultaneously with our physical body on earth and fulfilling some role on some timeline somewhere. One part of us will ultimately be the winner in what happens to us, when this world starts to crumble. We can only hope it's the part of us which is a missing valuable piece in the Divine Plan.

This exchange of emails below is between myself and another time-traveller called Professor Phate. (Just two Irish Pisceans talking about their existence on different timelines)

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I think that I can predict with absolute certainty that one way or the other on 1/5/05 there will be a prepostioned topic and heavy traffic on this board about it.

To fuse the contents of two of the latest messages and turn over the result in my mind.... Nicky, how do the presuppositions of astrology and quantum physics reconcile? i.e., if the efficacy of astrology is dependent upon the reliable persistence of cosmic cycles, then how do we know whether or not those cycles have been perturbed by quantum phenomena?

What if, for instance, due to some aperture (of whatever nature, however caused) opening between our universe and another the cycles pertaining to the latter begin to interfer or merge with those of our universe. There are numerous other scenarios which speculation could generate but this one is a sufficient example. What would be the myriad consequences? Nicky...anyone....?

best regards,
Professor Phate

From: Nicki
Date: Sat Sep 11, 2004 12:01 am
Subject: Re: Digest Number 174

Dear Professor That is a good question and I actually have an answer. I can only say this from seeing it happen with my own eyes during numerous 'sessions' I had speaking with the ets from our solar system, years ago. These are the answers they will supply. However they will only answer if you do much of your own investigation, and have reached the absolute limits of being stumped of choosing which answer from many options which are of (seemingly) equal value.

What happens is:

Parts of our spiritual being live in each dimension on each of the planets in our solar system. We actually belong to all the planets, though are more developed with some than others. When the planets rise and set etc. they bring with them large 'thought forms' of their activity within the layers of the planet, which expresses what they do on these planets.

These activities belong to both good and bad and good are defined as leading towards the light, and bad as moving towards darkness and chaos as a result of that action. We also have both female and male aspects of ourselves dwelling within the planet, but sometimes that can be together in one merged spiritual vehicle - if an alchemical marriage has taken place on that planet from relationship activity with other aspects of other people.

You might want to lie down now, to get ready for the rest......it's heavy

Ok, what happens is the different parts of us on the different planets arrange activities for us on earth on the worlds of thought, as a response to coming movements of the planets in our horoscope.

An example is in my case at the moment Saturn the planet of responsibility was transiting the sky and conjunct the planet Uranus in my horoscope in the 4th house, opposite the mid-heaven. This would indicate that certain preordained events are to be activated at this time, which I don't choose. These are in the areas of moving house and career.

However parts of my consciousness living on different planets know that my life will be changed, and some may not like the decisions that higher selves made before birth on these. So what happens is lower selves on planets which reject the chosen decisions try to sabotage the preordained events by urging me to take another path. Say I decided to study journalism, fun loving aspects which for eg may live within the boundaries of Jupiter may think that's a bad choice, and keep sending me paranoid delusions about having writer's block, sitting hunched up in front of a computer for hours getting a sore back, untold stress from deadlines and so on and so forth. This could be enough to make me think that was a bad choice and not do that.

HOWEVER, the one (part of me on planet Mercury) that did preordain that event, as a promise to get their own events implemented in the life as a further development, may start to get hot under the collar at being denied their due. They will strengthen the timeline which was created especially for their activity, by adding more to make it stand out as DOOMED, and FATED. They will send in glimpses of a flourishing and satisfying career on a newspaper and meeting riveting company and joy to the fullest at being in the thick of the latest news.

So what happens is - you have 2 opposing timelines stretching out ahead: One with the preordained event, which 'feels as if it is the right thing to do' and another which is saying a sudden opportunity will arise to have a great job, which involves creativity and will bring lots of MONEY.

So one timeline tries to lure with mental stimulation and the other with money = freedom to expand and enjoy travel etc One is the right timeline and the other is the wrong one. So depending on how many other parts of you are influencing, they will side up to supporting one or the other potential timeline and try to activate it for their own reasons. If they are both too loaded with energy and the false timeline just won't go away, what can happen in some cases, is if a person is 'torn in two' the false timeline branches off and does its own thing with the parts of the soul belonging to earth and does a detour into basically oblivion.

Meanwhile unseen hands operating timelines ensure the preordained events go off on schedule, because it is their job to make sure people's horoscopes are operative as decided by the lords of destiny. The lords of destiny are intelligences which deal with karma.

Basically, what is right will happen I believe, and all other events which don't lead us all to perfection just get sent onto false timelines, because we are pawns of much more intelligent people in the parallel universe, and we don't even know how they run the show by manipulating events from another parallel universe. If we didn't have smarter people running the show, many things may be due to chance, but I don't believe anything is random. However I could be wrong, this is just my 2 cents worth.

Nicki (Misty)

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Last time I saw the future I found three more me's in different futures.
So this story is only something which ocurred but never eventuated on the day in this reality.
I'll wait until I know why it was seen.
It's probably some complicated answer!
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16 DEC 2005 Update:

I took off the page with the wrong prophecy but here it is again for curiosity.
However, I don't know if the future can really be predicted by us 100% now except for astrological predictions.
I've had some success with that formula, only because the universal rules will show it not any thinking on my part.
Sorry the pages need editing as I took the prophecy off when it was wrong,
but then I found out why and made another page, so the two (wrong and explanation) are on the list below.

one is: https://www.angelfire.com/nm2/aona/timelines5.html

and the excuse is: https://www.angelfire.com/nm2/aona/future.html

However, just to really get it wrong again I saw another prophecy in 2005.
Unfortunately that didn't eventuate but then I did find out why.
Which was there is another parallel world which isn't personally made but an outcome of actions the whole population attracts karmically.
I need to write out a page, but what happened is their 2005 was in a different place to our 2005 date
and I think what happens ultimately is these alternative world timelines all end up having the same future, but get there by different paths and the dates are not uniform.
That's all the data I can get for now, but explains a lot. Misty

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