This is a story of my past life in ancient Persia approx 45,000 years ago. (give or take a few milleniums either side) Whenever it was the Age of Libra - about that era. I know it was a very long time ago, before the Flood. It first rose up to my conscious mind while living in London in the early 1980s, when I was watching for UFOs outside the window. More on that side HERE I saw so many UFOs sitting silently outside that I used to send them messages by telepathy, wondering if maybe they were making themselves known deliberately. They were, and used to project in my room and I spoke with them for hours every night for years and years. It was all very surreal, because they were so cosmic that they caught me up in their reality and it lingered during the day. But I asked them not to materialize as I would have had a shock, because I just couldn't believe in everything at that time, until I'd digested it and reflected on it all a for a few more years after I finished this contact. It is hard to believe Venusians can come and chat like that and evidently they did and now I think I could handle it if they materialised. I'm not so living on the edge of reality as before, I'm too deep into the next one, since becoming a Christian to care what world they speak from. I have my anchor [Jesus] and it will hold, no matter how shimmery reality gets. I had a lot of doubt then, that stuff was real, based on the touchable evidence. But now I'm not sure what "real" is, so that word doesn't exist anymore! It took many years to accept that the next world was better than this, but I still feel stongly aware of this one as if it hasn't faded yet. It's just more transparent and a bit more beautiful.

I conversed with Venusians for years on a daily basis, by telepathy. They brought me to a stage where I could understand esoteric matters from first hand experience. So using my lessons from the Venusians about how life operates in the other dimensions, I spent considerable effort writing about a past life in Persia, which was very complicated indeed. In that life I too was influenced by the Venusians and even in that past life, I remembered living on Venus, after Atlantis was destroyed during a first phase of its existence, when some ice age disaster had caused the earth to have forced evacuation for a time. As well, other things happened during those strange London years of otherworldly things happening in the early 1980s and these are written about on the rest of this website.
I hope to finish writing the rest of the book soon. Thank you for reading my stories.

Kind Regards,
Updated: 29 April 2006

Part 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS and Introduction.

Part 2 Sembe converses with the stars and learns how they express themselves in the universe.

Part 3 Sembe remembers Atlantis and how they lived and why they became degenerate.

Part 4 Sembe finds God, when he becomes so still in his heart that God's mind penetrates to his inner core, through the constellation of Gemini.

Part 5 Sembe dreams of Jesus when he goes into the astral world.

Part 6 Sembe dreams of what he did in Atlantis.

Part 7 Sembe shapechanges into a woman dancer in the astral and dances in tune with the universal rhythms (coming next, I've written most, just need to retype)

Part 8 Sembe enters the etheric world and becomes a scientist doing work on the gridlines, fine tuning the energy flows.

Part 9 Sembe philosophizes about the meaning of life and what is important to know.

Part 10 Sembe re-enters etheric world consciously, after curiosity drives him to get back in after remembering only a second of the first time he went in there.

Part 11 Sembe enters world of concrete thought and operates as a politician. (coming later)

Part 12 Sembe becomes a Chaldean astrologer and a Polynesian navigator in future. (coming later)

Part 13 Sembe is a Scottish Pict in future life, dying on the battlefield and is given a vision of the NWO in operation now. How the descendants of the Picts destroy the enslavers of mankind through their fight for truth and anger at injustice. London is the place where the octopus is centred and that's where the belly of the beast will be cut open and the tentacles gripping the world will be sliced off by the angry, brave, relentless warrior race. Sembe was also on the Exodus as a teenage girl, and in her dreams she feels the presence of God. (coming later)

Part 14 Sembe sees the future, which is the present time and philosophically compares it with Atlantis (coming later)

Part 15 Sembe sees Jesus dying on the cross in the future, experiencing it as a woman in the crowd watching this occur. He saw what happened to the universe as a consequence of regenerating the souls of mankind, and restarting evolution on a new timeline, without Satan's control. He sees Jesus come back as King of the universe in all His glory and reclaiming the order and central control of the physical universe in the skycity called New Jerusalem. This has emerged though a wormhole from the centre of the universe to position itself above Jerusalem and earth is back as an integrated member of the solar system and able to partake in a co-operating universal federation of planets. (coming later) See for more on that. (I've been to Jesus' kingdom at the centre of the parallel universe and I left through the wormhole which leads from Jerusalem in the next dimension.)


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