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Once he was sitting on the tower and felt he was not alone. He could not see anyone with him but he sensed their outline and was asked by telepathy to lie down and be very still. He was not ready for this experience but had so many questions that didn't have any answers, that he was getting mentally disturbed, with knowledge building up in his subconscious and it needed to be free to clear the build up of electricity in his nervous system. He lay down obediently and then he felt a jolt on the soles of his feet, the palms of his hands and his spleen that was artificially induced. A double of himself sat up and was helped to his feet by some people from our solar system in jump suits, that he at first vaguely recognized.

They were etheric people and they were in a parallel universe. He was told that two of them would make sure his body wasn't disturbed as it was dangerous to move the body during this experience. He forgot who he was immediately and lost consciousness of himself as the person Sembe. Later in his lives to come he lifted his physical consciousness into his etheric brain and became more aware of himself as an individual in the next world.

But at once he was familiar with his work in the solar system as a scientist and he worked on every planet. He got into his spaceship and moved to the other side of the world where the sun was shining. It didn't look like the hot yellow sun he knew. It was multi-coloured and its rays reached to the end of the solar system in myriads of intricate patterns - weaving a structure of enormous proportions that contained all life within it and designated their boundaries. The ocean too was multi-coloured and looked like sparkling glitter. Each drop of water in the waves was surrounded by a light as if it was alive. The ground was transparent and the crystals and minerals underneath were clearly visible. Many different entities moved through the air, many different faces and forms. He went up into the clouds and saw intense fires made of light that pulled on people living in the physical world in their souls.

The emotions of mankind were weighed and sifted until they reached a certain level and when they did other more powerful entities embodied them and pulled them through the bodies of those they belonged to. Everyone's brainwaves were measured and certain people were concentrated on by teams of experts until they had invented something that was needed. People's bodies were measured to see how much of the four ethers were there, so they could plan ahead fortifying weather conditions to invigorate those prone to complacency and give them a fighting spirit.

They had the world in their hands, they decided which forces would build up in the souls of mankind and be released and changed to another form. Sembe didn't know the part of him that lived in his unconscious, that knew these things and lived a separate reality as a citizen of all the planets. He was always told his task for the night by those who were themselves following orders, so that the solar system is synchronized, in its distribution of energy for all citizens.

He knew what he was doing. He knew all the parts of earth that took in energy from elsewhere and all the places that released it in a precise pattern of leylines. Everyone had to make sure that no entities from inside the world in the lower regions of the etheric world interfered. Their needs were deeper and required more satisfying. Those earthy pursuits that some races still indulged in and caused desire energies to be expressed were always in demand by those stragglers that were never satisfied, and always needed the extra passions of those that were more intense than them to feel satisfied. Being closer to the core of the earth made their bodies denser and therefore earthly desires were more deeply rooted in the earth mother's body.

There were stragglers from Lemuria that had not yet developed their mental vehicles enough to raise themselves above their instincts. He was aware of Atlanteans that had remained in their sub-oceanic bases they had used when their civilization had used every part of the world for something. They had decided to continue with life as they had wanted it rather than start again when disasters came and went and destroyed millions at a time.

They had crystallized in their consciousness compared to those more free-spirited, living on the surface of the earth and started fresh each time a disaster happened. They had become intense and obsessed with power and full of fear. Admittedly they were intelligent especially in the use of scientific magic, but were no match for the etheric scientists of the solar system who knew every one and where the rest of the person's other personality aspects were incarnate on earth. The whole universe knew about them and everyone watched in anticipation at their next experiments.

The dark ones were trying to use technology to create the same weather patterns inside the earth as on the surface and were having some success but needed aerials to trap sunlight to use it to bring about the separations of water and air to bring about the desired effect. This was interferring with the elemental work by drawing it into the earth. Because the entities they drew that lived in solar energy were influencing the consciousness of the inner earth people to their detriment, causing them to become more aware when they were not ready for it. The solar stragglers were happy to find an audience in these people.

Thus one set of stragglers affects another. But people incarnate inside the earth, feel remorse and yearn for light and then go back up. Many people have come and gone and been sent down after many years above. Everyone's desires spring from there and people attract their desires. At the end of an age many try to incarnate on the surface to not be crushed when the earth's crust moves again. They were unused to light when first reincarnate again on the surface, so they often wore black for security, feeling somewhat exposed with natural light, were often addicted to stimulants and they listened to inharmonious music while they got their bearings.

When the equinoxes and solstices come all the pioneers and stragglers in the angelic lifewave move into their sphere of influence for the season. Inside the earth humans and fallen angels together plan their movements from one dimension to another. Dividing lines between them no longer exist. Everyone wants to become more intelligent or passionate.There is no harmonious interchange between heart or mind. The lower one incarnated inside the earth, the sharper the contrast. Black/white, male/female, good/evil. Here life was reduced to its primordial rawness.

The stuff from which a universe was made in the World of Virgin Spirits was reflected here. Eternal Masculine and Eternal Feminine. In their rawness was all that which isn't yet perfect. The eternal struggle between heart/ head. Desire born of a woman's primal urge to procreate tearing and turning in the base chakras, weighed half the inhabitants down. Blood, the essence of life itself was their food, spilt blood from any life form was swooped on by those entities that ached with a gnawing dying emptiness - trapped in darkness. Trapped and concentrated in passion that had no outlet in the freedom of light.

The other half driven by a male's urge to know and conquer - born of a fear of failure. Insecurity, caused by a lack of emotional resourcefulness, drove the male unregenerate ego in search of success to alleviate want. Looking for the food for emptiness in the security of knowledge of the world around them, both within it and above the surface. They were voyeurs feasting on the experiences of others that they couldn't produce themselves. Both unperfected yearnings reflected the twin poles of a God-Man in the making reduced to the basic instincts.

In the upper etheric world, where Sembe operated as a scientist, the differentiation between male and female was toned down. Those aspects of him that embodied mind that he wasn't using, lived a separate life and he didn't need them for now to enter his reality because he was learning faith and the last thing faith needs to grow is a questioning scientific mind.

For a moment, Sembe entered his consciousness in the parallel world and felt a bit shocked and uncomfortable at looking at the earth which was bright, backwards and somewhat transparent. Fear of the unknown followed his glimpse of life without its deep shadow of dense colour. This would be the only part of his experience he would remember consciously when he woke up as Sembe again. But this moment in time was to affect him for years afterwards. Later he asked for this experience again after reaching a higher level still, which dimmed its intensity by comparison.

Sembe worked as a scientist on all the power points that he was karmically connected to. He technologically fine-tuned their connection with all the other power points in the solar system according to the tables given to him by the master scientists, who work with the solar beings, whose energy they are manipulating. He made sure the holograms were tuned right for the people doing rituals. Measuring the amount of fear and bravery in the auras of those that had 'visions'. He also drummed up pictures of forefathers for those calling up their ancestors. Various holograms of gods were always on call for the peoples of the north who absolutely wouldn't listen to any directions, unless their 'gods' were 'authentic' in all their finery, glistening in golden armour and waving fancy shields and polished swords. They were not given to reflection or weighing up the pros or cons of truth. What they saw they believed.

The temptation for others in the past to make a slightly silly face, when a sense of humour burned in their veins caused them to be dropped out of the commission on a few occasions in the past. But Sembe was especially picked for his meticulous attention to detail and timed precision and mathematical ease. The parts of his soul that belonged to the planet Saturn were especially well developed. This was because he mastered design, incarnate as a female in Pacifica and this gave birth to mathematical ability which led to many other avenues once he started incarnating in Atlantis. He always remembered his design teacher in Pacifica from another solar system and how much he in female form had loved him.

It was always there, this ability to create in form and he expressed it in the world of abstract thought in his dreams. He had absolutely no individuality in the etheric world, this was his usefulness. He was totally indifferent to the effect on the people he made holograms for. To him they were just so primitive and because he was really objective people reminded him of animals. When he went to sleep at night, his masters were waiting for him the moment his etheric double left the body entirely unconsciously. Later in lives to come he would reach closer to God and his consciousness would be moved into the etheric brain, but for now only scientific mathematical ability was needed. If individuality was moved into it, then one might form an opinion over whether it was moral to show people what they want to see.

There had been rebellious Archangels who claimed to stand for truth and end hypocrisy - who had tried to destroy these holograms and there was war in heaven over things like that and other so called deceptions, like letting people think in dreams that the person they were dreaming about was really the person, when it is entirely the practising of Archangels to create an image perfectly in their minds and cast it into the mind of another the way they communicate with themselves. Not all dreams were created by other minds but who could tell? Did anyone care? They thought it didn't really matter because the humans didn't really need to know things so accurately. Other archangels said it's time to end lies and that people should face the truth and be free to learn from their mistakes.

The war in heaven got really vehement, with archangel against archangel over whether mankind was ready for the truth. One Archangel gave all those who were ready for truth in their dreams the chance to develop their individuality by learning and obeying the rules of God. People who were strong enough to face truth had special tuition while they slept to enable them to think for themselves and create from their own thoughts instead of copying. They were given the confidence to try things out and experiment.

This worked out well until it became manifest in music in Atlantis with the archangel Lucifer. Experimenting with sound invited chaos in to destroy the world by admitting elemental stragglers that did not embody self control and existed purely for sensation. Archangels later divided mankind into different races that they became the race spirits of, to further develop different character specifications, specially created by selected marriages to develop the traits they desired.

Those that loved the truth picked out all those that were ready for it and were their guardians for an age. Other Archangels decided that love, loyalty and obedience were of greater value in the long run by minimising chances of mistakes and kept up the nurturing of their charges with small amounts of wise information that kept them on the path ever upwards. Slowly absorbing a bit of knowledge at a time as they absorbed the last piece.

New souls, that were not dawn mammals developing emotion, or in the bodies of well travelled colonists from other planets developing intellect, were tempted to know truth before they had developed faithfulness. These souls did not have the deep experiences of the older race types to judge right and wrong from conscience and wanted to be the same as them even though they were developing another trait (conscious soul) by always moving deeper into matter with each completion of a universal cycle. They were to retain their original bond with God at all times and were the chosen ones to act as leaven for the other races. This when all amalgamated into one race at the end of the nadir of confinement in flesh before moving up back to the Creator in a finer vibration of matter. With the three part soul and three part spirit united, in a form that can be used - consciously created from intermarriage of races.

Sembe never understood this war in heaven until his lives to come but he could see the future and was fascinated by the destiny of heart and head once more struggling - represented by the pull or feel of the past to relax and let go and the tug of the future to learn and conquer new worlds, manifesting within time and space. Sembe had tasks to do in the inner worlds to earn service karma - to pay back those who helped him in other times and places. He had abilities there learnt in past lives that he shared with others by teaching. He also learnt things in other realities that he would later develop physically. For now all he needed was the ability to concentrate and communicate and he would intertwine those traits together to complete his destiny for the design of Gemini to add another soul to its boundaries.


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