TIMELINES: Dissolving unwanted ones

By Misty


(26 April 2003) I've been thinking about June 7th 2003, and if my deja vu "prophecy" will materialise. Quite frankly at this stage it would be impossible to be there in Glasgow. However for some weird reason I feel I am there in England on my way to Scotland. I don't how on earth that could ever happen unless it's on another timeline. If so then I have to figure out why that happened. Are there two me's? Am I picking up the activities of my twin soul, as if it is happening to me? One thing is for sure, I sure pick up all he has done, and is doing and I think we have the same dreams. However this does make all this complicated.

It is 15 June 2003 and strangely enough I felt something pulling on my aura for a few days and I never felt so strange in my life. However things have gone back to normal now. I have done some spiritual research and have found out why this never occured. I apparently have 3 selves positioned in the future in different countries. The story can be found https://www.angelfire.com/nm2/aona/timelines3.html

(1 Nov 2003.) Well nothing happened, but I never felt so strange in my life, as if something was pulling on my aura for about 2-3 days on June 7th 2003. The only thing I found out, was that there was another "me" who was apparently living in UK, and this "me" must have gone to Scotland in her reality. But the funny thing is while I was soul searching I found another 2 more me's as well, which were living concurrently in California, and Egypt. But they were old me's from the 1970s and very early 1980s. They've been around awhile, created from longings to do something and be somewhere. Well there you go, we are infinitely more complicated that I ever realised. BUT I prayed to Jesus, and He got rid of the 3 more me's which shouldn't exist, and do I feel a whole lot better. It's freed up some more energy now, which was being syphoned into prolonging the existence of 3 more Nickys. I think I'd better keep my grass is greener longings in check! But the start of this story is on the link below.

A strange dream happened to me in London about 20 years ago which was so vivid, that it's always haunted me. I dreamed that I'd left London and returned 20 years later to UK for a visit and that it was the current rage to have wallpaper which was thickly textured, like beautiful paisley velvet. I was visiting my friend Beth there and she had it on her walls, and remember that she had a whole bookcase of astrology books to the ceiling. It felt more like I was actually in the future, than a normal dream and I told her about it. Now on TV here in Auckland, they keep advertising textured wallpaper like I dreamed and it's 20 years later. I am wondering - did I do another future TV thing, by remembering the Auckland TV ads, while on a visit to UK about now, when seeing my friend's textured wallpaper? [I've been waiting for someone to market it ever since anyway to know if it was going to become true.] Did I see the wallpaper in her home, then remember the TV....then I watched the ads, and then gave myself the future, which manifested in a dream? Was it just a dream?

Can the TV be a means of predicting the future? A photograph of the Golden Gate Bridge was developed, missing a piece of the roadway and the photographer wonders if it is the future. Sometimes I watch TV and see countries and it gives me the creeps and I feel as if I am moving through the TV picture to the place right then, in one of my spiritual vehicles, probably the astral body. The other day I was watching the TV about Thebes in Egypt and it gave me so many deja vus, that I had to turn it off. I was in Egypt for a month, back in 1980 but I never got to Thebes, and when I saw it on the TV the other day I experienced not only a past life in the very place, but also a trip there in the future.

Maybe I'm getting overly sensitive - however being impressionable sure saves a lot of analysing, but come to think of it, gives one something to analyse. However, I have always been a bit sensitive to pictures. I remember at school, we had to study Henry the 8th and I couldn't bear looking at his face, because it was like he was alive looking right back at me! A past life possibly, where I have seen him? I wonder if sometimes just connecting with a famous person's face and identifying with it can make some believe they were that person in another life? I remember once I was watching a program on TV about Thomas Jefferson, and I nearly dropped dead because I felt as if I have lived in his house. Even though I knew absolutely nothing about the man, and I was in my mid twenties and living in London. In New Zealand we never studied American history at school, so I wasn't familiar with any US presidents, apart from the most recent. However I love history and in the UK I spent all of my time studying history of the world, EXCEPT American history. I don't know why but my subconscious went berzerk emotionally even at the thought of it. I think the American Revolution was a turning point in earth's history and it finally made it OK to fight back against oppression in the world's evolution. I remember some American past lives now, but find it difficult to feel relaxed with them as they were a bit intense.

However, I do think that in between lives, or even when we dream we can actually go and see a record of the real historical events in real time, going back to the past. I believe I have studied American history very thoroughly in the inner planes and got caught up in the emotion of the American Revolution and couldn't process it emotionally at the time I saw it on TV, as I was living a mental phase in my life at the time and I needed emotional peacefulnes to concentrate. I didn't listen to music then, so keep emotionally still. However, now that I've digested lots of politics in the last 15 years, including letting the strong feelings loose again, and studied 'a revolutionary' energy, which visits countries from time to time, I can 'ride the evolutionary wave' and enjoy it philosophically, as it pops up on the planet now and then. I can even see it as a necessity.

Also I may have picked up the feelings of the English race spirit, who may have been emotionally strong about a colony breaking free in the way it did, in America. I used to often pick up impressions from the English race spirit, who kept reminding me of my past life in London during the Victoria era, which was as an administator for the British Empire. This to the English race spirit was a magnificent achievement of improvement in the evolution of 3rd world countries, and I felt the disturbance of America breaking away from the Empire as a conflict. The race spirit was very proud of having once controlled 1/4 of the earth as an empire. The English past life part of me did try to dominate my consciousness when I worked in the same area of London, and I did quite often slip back in time to that era, as if it was still occuring in another reality. It's like two opposing forces ruling the planet, one that sustains order and the other makes changes. But this is perfect balance, as long as it is created with justice.

In fact in my dreams I was often back in that Victorian life and on one occasion, while living in London I dreamed that I was walking down the street, in the Kensington/Gloucestor Road area and myself as Nicky, plus there were two other female 'me's' (I believe they were parts of myself from other lives, one from the future and the other I believe it was from the past. I did write it in my diary). All three of us were following behind this tall man with red hair, and handlebar moustache dressed in Victorian clothes, and when he thought of something significent one of us telepathically added a "comment" as his "intuition". (This was actually my twin soul's past life occurring 'live' in Victorian times.) Suddenly, on the street I saw a man I was presently working with as another lettering artist (at Barker's of Kensington) called 'P' and he was dressed in his familiar tan corduroy pants. I was so shocked at my tete-a-tete being interrupted by someone from the present, that I immediately broke through to my present consciousness in my dream and semi-woke up, and asked him, 'P' what are you doing here?". He replied, "I just wanted to see what you looked like as a man". I suddenly woke up then fully with the shock off too many timeframes crossing concurrently! Memory overload. He is a bisexual, and he used to follow me in the inner planes, because sometimes when I used to leave work his spirit was above me instead of himself, and it followed me. At that time I used to see people's higher selves above them. He was very curious and he used to love seeing what people were up to, and he must have followed me into my dream.


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Update: 22 Nov 2007: After doing some investigation about the Jan 4 2005 time portal which opened, I believe it occured on Jan 4 2005 in that time frame, not ours. I'm working on the relationship to this time frame, but it may be operating 7 years ahead of ours. Professor Phate says he lives concurrently on a timeframe operating 25 years behind this one, and switches between the two. I'll investigate further and see if I can find what occurred on that time frame of Jan 4 2005, before that Armageddon type scenario. I hope that self I saw was a legitimate self on a legitimate alternative timeline, but this needs investigating further. It appears it isn't an extension of the present me on this current time frame. But now I'm curious as to when that particular timeline started. But it appears it reached the end of its existence on Jan 4 2005. Will update when I find out more.
I can understand why the June 7 2003 future didn't materialise, as it was a false reality which I invented, with a fake version of myself, but this other one on Jan 4 2005 is another reality created by a world full of people. Nicky

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