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Nearly every night he sat alone on top of a round brick tower and watched the stars. He trained himself to stay absolutely still so that he could see which direction the planets moved. He timed how long they took to circle the Pole star, the one that never moved. He knew some only rose for half a year and that some spent ages crossing the sky and some were always visible. He decided that the stars that were always in the sky had the most influence. The close stars, as he termed the planets, travelling on the ecliptic, had many different vibrations when they passed the permanent stars and emanated a lot of energy in the air after they rose over the horizon until they set. He decided they were close because he felt their vibrations on his skin. He had no instruments for measuring anything but he had his eyes, his nerves and his memory. He saw them, he felt them and then he analyzed their vibrations.

He decided that the constellations were our guardians and that the quickly moving planets were their outlet. That they absorbed the energy of the permanent ones as they passed them and poured it onto us magnified and blended with their own natures.It reached an intense level as the constellation reached the zenith.But when a planet occupied the zenith it moved some part of his soul in response,so all he had ever been since time began was responsive within a twenty four hour cycle. It made him feel that the planet and the constellation behind it was master of the sky for the time it was in the midheaven and it had to be obeyed.To Sembe it seemed as if each star got to be king of the jungle and was allowed to roar its mighty voice all over the sky and every creature in the world had to yield to its commands...

.."I hold the key to these hours. All I rule must be energized and drawn into prominence by my hold over it. I will drive people towards those things I have power over, by my forces within their blood, so they will give me ability to express myself in myriad form. I want to mold and shape lifeformseverywhere to perform my accomplishments. I belong to the universe and the universe is mine to nurture into existence that which I love, within all life in the cosmos. I shed light on all that belongs to me and draw it to the attention of those I train to be a representation of a part of me."

"My charges recreating what I am, now have no other compelling power and are aligned to me at this moment in time. When all reach closer to the Creator, who embodies all there is, by following the pattern which I express as part of me, I am fulfilled. My perfected design grows larger and more beautiful when many life forms are attracted to me. I embody the feelings and thoughts that those under my care share and refine for me in more complex vehicles of form. By expansion in other lifeforms than my own, I become bonded with the rest of the universe and bring into unity the separate parts of the DivinePlan"

Each time a section of the sky became prominent over the zenith, he felt the full power of the forces within it, their needs and desires aching for satisfaction, by embodiment in form. Finding a place to relax and the deep security of resting in a journey and becoming strengthened enough to climb upward against the current.Together the godman in the making and the demi-god embark on a partnershipup toward the Creator expressing new forms of ability. One latent, the other fanning the flames of creativity within both. Urges driven by the need for accomplishment were so powerful that a person's entire being was compelled to offer this cosmic force total submission in an effort to contain it and allow it union.It was as if the blood within the veins yearned to connect with its source. Driven to return to the reservoir of burning red gas of which it was composed.

Sembe felt caught up in the cross currents of universal self expression and the response from life itself as manifested in human form. Energies passing other kinds of energies all criss-crossing and searching for a home in flesh and blood to settle in and come to rest.As he sat on the tower in Persia, he noted that clusters of stars had completely different personalities. Layers and layers of entities within the territory of the stars sang a unique symphony. From the coarseness of chaos to the most terrifying winds of power ever to engulf Sembe and splinter his consciousness, came the beings from the stars. Until he was temporarily no more as a complete conscious unit.

In time he became whole again, as he knew he would, as he always did whenever the vibrations went on what he termed a rampage.Sometimes other beings that were not normally present shot across the sky like wild teenagers, restless for adventure and to turn whole worlds upsidedown without caring for the consequences. However this didn't happen very often.And also sometimes another heavenly force saturated the entire sky that was akin to a wave of compassion for every living thing, so tenderhearted it was,that it made Sembe feel like a baby again in his mother's arms, helpless and alone.

On other occasions Sembe felt the Masterful hand of the Creator of All, skilfully balancing who was to dominate which area of life and when and how much. The overwhelming intelligence, seriousness, precision and strength that theGod of All contained, completely left Sembe lost for words. In Sembe's stillness he watched and felt the Creator of the Universe going about His work at the helm.Totally in control, knowledgeable and sensitive to every detail going on at every level.

He felt very humble in the presence of His Majesty and Power. In the stillness of Sembe's heart, he gave control of his life over to the Creator. He yielded to the Divine. He knew life was not a haphazard occurance where people playedout their instincts at random. He saw the Divine Hand minister from Eternity.His faith and trust in God multiplied as he watched and listened to the obedience of the higher forces within the stars. All things lead eventuallytowards the Creator he reasoned and if they go off path many highly evolved beings help them return to the fold.

Sembe felt confident that the beings within the stars were doing God's work and that we should all get to know each other really well because parts of us are within them and parts of them are within us. If we are all part of each other he reasoned, then we need fear nothing, except our inability to control how much we take of which energy.He decided that if we absorbed exactly equal amounts of each star system within ourselves, then the chances of us feeling inadequate in certain respects were minimised, because then we would be very resourceful having all qualities to draw on. And so Sembe's co-creator in the making reached nirvana in Gemini, where its archetype for perfection is found - using communication. It was the road he took to find and know God. He still had a long way to go but he at least found a way home.

Sembe knew the placings and timings of the stars so well that during the day, he could feel which stars were masters of the sky, when they passed the zenith. He found it hard to hear the way they expressed themselves with the bustle of life around him, but he knew what they wanted in his imagination. To him they were like drops of fire, like rain, emanating a golden substance that gently came to earth, that danced in the air like little points of light. He bathed in starbeams and felt starlight as an invigorating effect on the body.

He didn't like rain or clouds because they made him feel encased in a cold prison of mundane reality where people suffered from not having the necessities of life sometimes. When it rained his feet grew very cold and water on them gave him a very strange sensation. A sensation that all is not well, that we are alone and that it is every person out for themselves or they'll find themselves a victim of stronger ones. What if....what if... clouded his normally reasoning mind. He felt so strange when this happened that he had absolutely no answers to this whatsoever. He felt so strange that he cried and people even commented on how uncomfortable he looked when these forces from the rain permeated his soul.

This was something no amount of reasoning could even begin to understand and he really truly wanted to understand everything and its connection to the Creator. That is except suffering. His search for wisdom definitely did not include understanding suffering. He had a feeling that there was plenty more within where that came from and he didn't want to encourage it to develop by acknowledging it so he pushed it deeper and deeper within hoping it would disappear into nothingness, through having nothing to cling to.

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