To do your own free horoscope fill in your correct
birth data on the first link below in capitals.

You need the correct time of birth to the minute
(confirmed by a parent with an excellent memory or hospital)
as a new degree rises every four minutes on the ascending sign (House 1)
and it may affect the house a planet is in at birth.

After you arrive at the page
"Please select your horoscope here"

Go to:
"Horoscope Chart Drawings"
and at the bottom of that webpage there are two choices.

(1) If you just want a quick horoscope chart click the first option below:

"Chart drawing, Ascendant.
Quick access to your chart and calculations"

(2) If you would like to experiment and learn more about astrology or are an astrologer,
this has many more options about what your chart reveals.

Go to:
"Extended Chart Selection
A wide selection of horoscope types, house systems, asteroids, etc."

Once at the
"Extended Chart Selection"
page you may like to click
"Placidus House System"
under "Options" on that webpage.
This is the chart system most in use for the horoscope wheel.

(But if you have just looked at the Quick Access chart,
your chart should be the same and is still valid,
but doesn't show the 'transits' affecting your chart
coming from the planets presently in the sky, or
an activating influence on when karma is ripe.)

Both 'transits'and 'progressions' unfold outside influences and internal
changes on the horoscope stamped on the body's atoms at birth from the first breath.
Events are all due to timing and regular cycles
being activated by triggers formed by planetary wavelengths,
which interact with our body frequencies.

I've selected 'progressions' and 'transits' which show on the outside of my horoscope wheel above
and they are listed in green and red text on the first panel at top left of the graphic.

While I have added links below to a free DIY astrology course and free online books offered by The Rosicrucian Fellowship because I have done this course, I am in no way promoting the philosophy as I am now a Christian and no longer find the truth in some of the philosophy books of this association. I was a member once for about 9 years, but left in 1984. However I have done numerous astrology courses since, but find basically this is still the best. Firstly there is no silly stuff and you should be able to read an astrology chart quite well as long as you follow the procedure right.

Many courses on astrology teach a lot of stuff for which there is no evidence that it is true, but if you do Max Heindel's astrology course from The Rosicrucian Fellowship you should be able to see what is important to know and what isn't as it is based on reason and logic. Once you know these things you can experiment and see how accurate the planets are when they activate something in the astrology chart and what is supposed to happen generally does. You don't have to be a member of the association to do the astrology course, just download all the lessons in a pdf format and use the answers. My favourite book is Elman Bacher's Studies in Astrology and I also like Max Heindel's Message of the Stars.

Astrology can take years to learn and a person can still not know how to read an astrology chart, or a person can learn from someone who can keep it simple and to the point, and I believe Max Heindel excelled himself in teaching astrology and this course was written at the turn of the 20th century. As Max said--"There's no failure except ceasing to try. Onward upward forever!" I believe once you know how to read your own birthchart you can really enjoy your life by knowing the influences around you ultimately shaping you to perfection. There is a divine plan and someone is in charge in the universe, and all our horoscopes show a microcosm of the macrocosm. Learning how the system operates as a whole can give you an insight on cycles which operate beyond our control and how to work best with them to lessen mistakes in judgement and decisions. Best of luck, should you attempt the course. I took 8 years to finish, but I was travelling so took my time. Some people may be able to do it in 6mths. But Max was a very smart man and understood human nature and how best to improve it.



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