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Sometimes when there was a lot of moonlight, he thought of everyone in their beds, unaware of the life in the sky. He wondered if anybody else in other civilizations did what he did. He thought that somebody should watch it from earth so gave himself another excuse to sit there and enjoy himself. When the moon was full, sometimes he became very aware when specific signs were in the heavens and he had very vivid dreams.

At certain times he would fall asleep and instantly his spirit eyes were open and he was in daylight - only there was no sun. This was a dream only it was more vivid and clear than his unshaky daylight reality and he knew who he was this time. No imagination bothered his crystal clear thoughts. He was back in his old civilization, Atlantis and he had a goal to achieve. This was mastery of time.

There was technology there that spanned many dimensions and could compress future time into the present by manipulating particular fires which belonged to each level, using small created amounts of it as a key, which resonated with the substance each inner world was composed of creating an open doorway. They had obtained the substance and it drew them into it by attraction. This opened a designated portal, provided it was done at the time when the dimensions converged with particular planetary configurations. Some saw thousands of years in the future as potential occurances, as they moved through the different dimensions.. They could see the rise and fall of civilizations. It was as clear as daylight.

"We are esoteric scientists - we have the ability to think ahead, we will use it to help mankind to have a memory of this time in their future so that they can look back and see what they achieved through right application of technology, when they were innocent and yet unblinded by egotism."

Sembe felt so safe with these people when he dreamed of them he could tell by their perfect faces and clear honest eyes that they knew what they were doing and that it was right at that time to stretch their minds into the future, because the future eventually made them more perfect like these teachers. This occured before the fall of man into a lower level.

They were initiator humans from another universe, able to open and utilize God's portal designs for the purpose of which they were created. When they had reached themselves, as almost completed humans in the future, by following the Divine Laws, they reached back in time to open the doors to those who would follow them. But they were not yet born again of God as God Men because they lacked the courage to go further. To become born again one must have perfected themselves throughout the universe and be born again of God's power to create as a co creator. This was not yet achieved.

During this time in early Atlantis, Sembe was to emigrate to Venus, and keep the majority of his consciousness there until the rest of him finished his earth evolution in later lives. He was indifferent about going there because he had not yet developed anger and hatred at being told what to do. They said it was best to keep the core of his being safe from the possession of the earth by those Archangels, that do not wish to carry an indifferent lazy population in their care.

The people on earth would be made to feel to the depths of their soul the passion of the universe, by these rebel Archangels so that they will learn to create from desires inside of themselves and not just use techniques copied from others. They saw the earth people as lacking energy and drive to succeed. They had access to the human's energy fields through the use of a stimulant that they made everyone addicted to, similar to cocoa. They created a plant with their minds and brought it to life so it reproduced their feelings in a human once it was absorbed into the blood.

The chemicals within the plant artificially lulled them into a sense of euphoric false security while permanently increasing adrenalin to bring forth liveliness. It was their solution to boredom within the human race. They would now watch the show and enjoy the spectacle of drama. They thought so big that they didn't want stragglers in the universe, and slowness was a liability when there were so many possibilities elsewhere. Emotion was motion and was their way to speed things.

This interference naturally developed into causing the divine discontent not to follow all the rules, which was what the Archangels desired. They wanted the mass feelings of boredom to first change into restlessness so people would get out of their comfortable ruts and start to live creatively as they did. They expected improvement to follow but it didn't. They saw mankind as needing a kick start so artificially gave it to them to alter the flow of kundalini and increase the flow through the adrenals and heart.

It only worked for a few. Most people lost their self control, their body energies lost their harmonious rhythms.The ones who had the most endurance to control their artificially increased self expression, creativity and desires would be the rulers of the world in the next phase when all this was gone and restarted. The same players took their roles at the finish of the physical cycle - when civilization was ready to develop technology again.

They rebuilt their connections with citizens from other planets after the Flood upon completion of working out the induced aggression by hand to hand combat for millenia. Mankind needed to learn self disipline to channel the increased energy flow and to develop feeling which came from within. Some were very strong and others were still out of control but all had the power to overthrow the evil enslaving forces of darkness, by the sheer desire to do so.

The strongest overcomers would be represented by the tribe of the Lion and from them would come the Man who conquered the future totally, who overcame all that was enveloped in time until Eternity completes its circle and is reabsorbed into the heart of the Creator of All that is - completely perfect.

Some wanted power later in Atlantis, but after the fall of man they did not have the willpower to get the kundalini back to the brain, to have the self control to do so, and took pills to reroute the spinal fire.These people came back with some reptile blood to mirror the untransmuted lower animal desires still untransmuted in the desire world. They were experienced in having power in Atlantis but could not control their desires. At night when they slept the forces of evil overcame them easily.

These ones who used drugs then to suppress their desires and increase their intelligence were in danger of being possessed because they didn't develop the strength to fight back. Some of the ones who used their own willpower to overcome the powerful surges of energy passing through their body in Atlantis, were later in danger of falling to the forces of vanity when they too regained intellectual might at the finale of the physical era. The vainest most ambitious Archangel of them all, Lucifer desired their company; he loved confident people and identified with them as an expression of power.

Sembe felt good when he had this dream because it recaptured a time of innocence when mankind wasn't clogged with selfishness. It showed him that there was hope and from what has already been, can be reborn many times over when the Creator instructs the universe to shed light on the mysteries of life hidden in the darkness of night and in the depths of the mind.

Sembe really loved those vivid dreams in the highest region of the desire/astral world, where he knew who he was and felt safe with others like him, whose desires were to unite with the Creator by travelling through time. He especially loved being with the conquerer of all time - the One who conquered the entire future. He became timeless - Eternal. All their hearts were open to each other in friendship, but everyone loved the brave one the most because He had the most capacity for love so therefore had the ability to receive more than the others and so did. Sembe's heart grew sensitive in response to the exquisite joyous love that his friend shared to all as He reached higher and higher in His aspirations.Past the worlds of light and colour in the World of Life Spirit, in the sun's magnetic field and even further to the formless worlds of sound and music in the World of Divine Spirit, in universal space that balances and harmonises one galaxy with another. Everyone shared in the triumph of the One who conquered time. Nobody could come after Him because they were too afraid of losing control. They knew that their consciousness would be split apart into the raw primal substances from which universes are created in the World of Virgin Spirit beyond time and space, but He was not afraid of losing Himself in Eternity.

The One who conquered time already understood all knowledge and had merged forward into the mind of the Creator. He had completed His destiny all over the universe and knew it well. Thus every part of His brain fulfilled its potential for genius. He understood the source of all mathematic equations in all fields of life in which they were expressed. He knew how one department of life affected another and the relationship with the universe as a whole - each planet in each solar system interacting as a microcosm of the Creator's genius.He knew there was only one way to fulfil God's plan for everyone. This was to go yet higher and embrace His Creator with the awareness of Divine potential fulfilled. He gave Himself as the first fruit of God's almighty plan of perfection for His children. His faith that God was perfect broke the final barrier.

The One who overcame time already loved like no other human could love with a heart that beat with every emotion that the universe contained. All life He felt as a part of Himself. There was nothing in the Universe that He could not feel ardent or compassionate about. Everything was important to Him. All was necessary to have feelings about. He turned within, yielded and embraced the Source of all Love and became an open portal to distribute the Creator's love to all life when He merged with the Heart of the Creator. The Creator and the created's mind and heart became one.

He completed His intellectual soul and His emotional soul, now He had to complete His conscious soul. When all 3 are perfected a God-Man is complete. Only consciously in full possession of all faculties and alone in their relationship with God was this person born again complete to their Creator. A person's own perfection will automatically part the veil of the Holy of Holies. Later He returned and brought the whole universe back to the Creator by dying on the cross, embodying all of the human race created genetically within Himself and rising again to life. He became Born Again beyond space and time.

Now was the final test. This one only He could do no one else even tried to do it. Everyone wanted to see it happen to someone else first so that they would not be alone in the intense richness or the World of Virgin Spirit, the world beyond the universal worlds and on the threshold of the World of God. The magnetic primal forces of the World of Virgin Spirit were so powerful that if one did not cleave to the Creator and merge their consciousness with His, aware totally of every life, every world, and maintain their individuality and remember who they are they may drop from a great height in fear of the unknown, and become possessed by chaos.

In the powerful World of Virgin Spirit, beyond space and time, there lies all that which can tear a soul apart, if it is not a part of perfection. Only perfection can pass through all levels unscathed. No unformed force can pass through that which will not admit it in Eternity. And only weakness will give chaos the key to enter a soul to destroy it.

Only He who knew the past of the entire universe, understanding it intellectually, perceiving the feelings of the hearts in all, knowing the boundaries of the universe and the purpose of the instincts and desires contained in every living thing, reached out to all in an offer of friendship and trust so had the right to try for the last step in evolution.

That right is given by courage, developed through mighty willpower, born of the self discipline of simple obedience to the Creator's will. I AM had grown in His consciousness and He felt the will and strength to maintain His individuality when the uncontrolled forces of chaos would have shattered His awareness of Himself as a human. On He went, the One who conquered time. His awareness of His Maker as separate from Himself as an Individual, yet fully aware of God and His purpose in making Him, slowly dawned on Him as He went higher and higher. At last He reached the completed future and embraced it fully, absorbing all it contained and transmuting all that which did not follow the Divine Plan. Cleansed of all evil that has been and was to come He became pure and that purity brought Him into the presence of the Source of Holiness itself, the Creator. He was born again as a God-Man.

He became One with God and created a permanent path of Light from the human to the Divine, throughout every dimension - conscious of Himself as a human and all that belonged to the physical world. It was all absorbed into His consciousness and given out again to all mankind as a ladder of light straight to the Creator of All. The Master hands lifted Him up into loving arms. The whole universe was renewed with a Divine outpouring of Love with which all Hope was recharged in every dimension. Everything was renewed and it showed as a reflection in the mirror of the physical world. The world would not die for lack of love from the created to the Creator. One person loved God as much as God loved Him. Only one person in the universe linked the human to the Divine.


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