When Sembe focused his interest upon the daytime more than the night, he began to go through some alchemical changes in his body which allowed electrical forces to grow stronger. As the fires in his blood burned brightly he began to die to the physical world and become alive in the next dimension. The expression of himself as a conscious soul flowing in his blood made him aware of other electrical forces which were unseen in the physical.He felt the life forces of the plants and they began to reach out and touch him as a brother when he walked by. He felt the lifeblood of nature nourishing his own blood and he started merging spiritually with the elemental forces of nature.

The wind whispered to him as it touched him in his soul and he yearned to communicate with it as he did the stars. Somehow the lifeforces close by had never called him into their private world. He always thought that what was around him had been stagnant compared to the sensitivity of the starry rays at night reaching deep into his consciousness. Now nature had awakened to his awareness and he started reaching inward to find that which responded to the beauty around him. His eyes sparkled when the sunlight burned through the water and created all sorts of colours and shimmery patterns. He became so self absorbed in watching nature respond to the daily atmospheric changes and seasons that he changed too.

When it was a gray day he reached deep into his emotions and felt sentimental as did the animals and plants. He started to reflect on his life and to know that it was cold of him to put his communication with the stars before the joy of personal relations. When it was windy he felt the freedom of his lack of personal ties and the urge to do new things and to visit places that he'd never been. He went exploring with his friends and enjoyed the company of others as a group that he wouldn't even consider before, as his nerves had been too delicate and people had irritated him. The sense of comradeship was born in him and he began to realise that the personalities of people all differed from each other like the stars did. He had previously spent his whole life developing his rich inner life and hadn't taken an interest in people much.

He started listening to other people and learning from them about what they thought was enjoyable in life or not. Sembe observed that what one loved another hated and found this disturbing. He wished that the star which emanated the qualities lacking in a person's nature would increase to bring balance. He knew that the good stars would help the bad because they always sent energy to them as they shone and the bad ones couldn't help but accept it. Sembe wondered what could be done to make evil people good.

He also wondered about bad people here and why they didn't try to feel love. He wondered if somehow the bad stars had charge over the person exclusively. Had they singled out certain people to access this physical world? If so then do they send entities from their territory into the consciousness of bad people who accept their philosophy? He puzzled and puzzled over how the stars could take over the psyche of someone and block out the forces of good which shone on everyone. He couldn't understand why the good energy didn't penetrate. He got so sensitive to other's energies that he started to feel the presence of many forces within another soul, sometimes good or bad or both.

After a while Sembe realised that everything out there he observed in the universe itself was represented here in myriads of ways. He saw the different plants growing and dying in a cyclic pattern and the reproductive cycles in the creatures and birds. He first felt flows of invisible energy passing through the air which made a different atmosphere when they came from particular forces. Some were courageous and inspired people to stand up for their rights and be strong. Other atmospheric breezes made people creative and to beautify the world around them. Still more activated socialising and celebration.

Sembe became so preoccupied with the invisible causes of people's activities during the day that he began to wonder if people were just puppets, being moved by entities that they couldn't see. When a force of laughter swept through a group of people and they accepted it, it was like they had no choice of their own decision. Sembe tried to maintain his own individuality as much as he could when the forces swept by to change the atmosphere, but he decided to enjoy the variety they brought instead. His thoughts became so engrossed in feeling them that he sometimes felt a response from the beings within the energy.

They reached into his inner space and let him know that they acknowledged his presence. He responded in full and admitted that they were more powerful than himself. He didn't lose his individuality as he feared by yielding to them, instead it grew. As he started to understand the causes of life unfolding itself into myriad expressions he began to feel a sense of freedom. He felt a bonding with forces greater than himself and respected their roles in society by bringing about changes which wouldn't otherwise be initiated by people who were creatures of habit.

As Sembe's interest in the next dimension became more attuned, he began to sense and see forces which revealed themselves as transparent waves of energy surrounding people and objects. In his imagination he coloured them with expressions of the primal forces of nature. Red made people feel strong and mighty and to work tirelessly in physical activity. He saw that people embodied different coloured energy that clung to them as a group, which reflected their particular field of life. Gardeners existed in green energy and merged with the forces of their plants. It was so interesting to Sembe that he ceased to see the world as he did physically when he had previously spent so much time at night on the tower watching the stars.

His eyes had been attuned to the night time before and he saw so much beyond the earth that he was longsighted, both physically and spiritually. Now he had brought in parts of his character which were attuned to his immediate surroundings. It was like a whole new world he had yet to explore. As light entered his consciousness from his appreciation of the sun and absorbance of it into his body, by sitting in it for hours he began to see life with a fresh vision.

Sembe would sit for hours under a tree and just watch nature at work semi transparently. The elementals would climb over the plants playing joyfully and he would see them. He fondly tuned into them and acknowledged their company. Sometimes they would walk up to him and smile and tease him. When he sat under his favourite tree he sometimes fell asleep, but he would be woken by little feet climbing on his arms or legs because his nerves were very delicate.

He'd see sparkles of light dancing in the air and feel the emotions of the little fairies and elementals. Sembe would play with them and make funny faces to hear them laugh. Sometimes he'd see bigger people who had acknowledged his presence and he saw a very faint outline of a person with him who was adjusting his chakras. He could communicate very easily with telepathy so he would indicate that he felt the presence of otherworldly beings which caused a particular activity for the day knowing they were manipulating his spiritual development.

He sometimes felt uncomfortable with the presence of the etheric people, whom he felt were controlling him by being able to do things to his mind that he couldn't see, but he did realise that he was unleashing and developing abilities which needed supervision and care and they were just bio-engineers with a job to do, just like he was as a scientist in the etheric world working on the gridlines.

Eventually he became so in tune with the etheric world that he lost the rapport he had developed with his fellow citizens and they seemed too engrossed in earthy affairs. This was the same reason he had sat on the tower every night for years and didn't feel a need to immerse himself with the affairs of the physical world, but then he didn't have an interest in their character so they seemed less interesting to observe.

He had come to a realisation that people were manipulated by forces which they could never escape because they couldn't even see them, but after spending the time seeking to understand, he realised that they were only doing a job for which they were created. He ceased to see them as a threat to his own decision making. Logic won over his fears and doubts about what was going on with the manipulation of the human race. After that love entered into his life.

He started to feel gratitude for the care they took in him and the communication he had with them about what he perceived in life about the forces at work that were invisible. Sembe realised he had to make a decision that he was able to go further and accept that they could reveal themselves in full by removing the barriers of energy from around him, which held the perception of the world being solid and dense. He knew it wasn't as real as others thought it was by their experience of it through their 5 senses, but for Sembe now it was not a matter anymore of doing things just for the sake of satisfying his obsessive curiosity. He was still curious, but it was a matter of power now which was the issue.

He wondered what the consequences would be if all the barriers to the next world were burnt away by his desire to experience the 'other side of life'. It bothered Sembe considerably that in his whole life he was manipulated by unseen forces to take in as much of the unseen and unknown as one could possibly do in one lifetime and now they were still trying to make him 'perform'. He was no longer motivated by curiosity, to him the decisions were now going to be based on how strong he felt to be able to perform a task. He had originally determined that he wanted to make a conscious trip once into the etheric world as Sembe and retain his 'sense of self' to not experience himself as a drone like he did last time.

Sembe worried that he may get his consciousness focused in his etheric body where he operated as a drone and then he would experience the boredom of having to work as a scientist but feeling he was Sembe all the time and he would feel trapped and confined to measuring energies and putting up holograms for rituals. He wanted to go in and have a look around to see what activites operated there and make his own decisions on what to look at. His sense of self awareness had grown so much from opening himself up to the daytime light that he felt he needed to be of super strength to be able to hang on to his own willpower to get back and forget he was a drone so that his Sembe self didn't attach itself and he would feel the work he did.

There in the etheric world he acted like a robot and just took orders, while here in the physical, he just followed urges that passed his way without even being able to have an alternative. Sembe felt trapped in a no-mans-land being neither here anymore, due to the next world breaking through or there where he may lose his individual right to make decisions and have to comply with their laws. He didn't know what their laws were but thought that it would be better just to watch it from the physical without actually entering it before he tried once more to actually walk around in that world consciously.

His invisible guardians became less intrusive and then he felt free to take on more of this new reality, by gathering the strength for the task, by concentrating his energy instead of expanding his desires to learn. He wanted to be a self-contained unit where he had complete control over his fate and to keep his sense of self constant and stable. Though he was really at a stage where he didn't know which was his best area for being safe. Is it better to die to the physical and be safe from marauding pillagers from other civilizations who descended from time to time on cities to cause chaos or is it better to just somehow fade away into this next world and somehow live in it, though one is completely controlled openly by entities of far superior power and individuality?

Sembe had a fear of being controlled, as he'd felt this happening his whole life by invisible forces. Though they did give him capabilities, he still felt that he had no obvious say in anything to do with the development of his body capabilities. He had felt a sense of mental and spiritual freedom which stretched throughout the universe when he had sat on the tower for years but now he wanted to feel strong and able to decide his own destiny. His invisible guardians stayed by him so that he could recognise them as supporters of his own decision making and became unobtrusive to make him feel able to stand on his own two feet. He was pleasantly surprised to find they let him work out what options he had before getting into any new endeavours.

He felt his feet become strong and his legs felt like pillars of stone where they would support him if he walked into unknown territory. He wanted them to be able to walk where he said and to move freely in another realm, as a citizen of freewill. He had sat on that tower crosslegged for years and had yet to experience strength in his legs. Sembe had actually let them atrophy and the energy had drained out of them. This is why he felt unstable on his feet entering the next dimension consciously. But now that he realised that they were designed by the Creator as supports for walking unknown realms he felt the forces of the stars which moved his legs become activated. When they were strengthened by his acceptance of power into his legs, he felt a sense of freedom again at entering the unknown territory which he previously had hesitated against. His sense of adventure was born. Nothing would stop his eagerness now, he was so sure that he would not become a drone that he laughed heartily at the idea.

Finally he was ready, his attitude had gone initially from curiosity, to feeling vulnerable, to a power issue, then he analyzed things into perspective, he weighed up the pros and cons and then he decided desire was enough reason to move into unknown territory. It was a sense of adventure which drove him mercilessly in search of the right reason to take the plunge. Adventurousness had a way of winning against hestitancy that gave him reasons to just walk in there as Sembe and take a good look around just for the sake of it. "Its there and I'm meant to explore it!" he said gleefully.

Excitement filled his veins and he sat under his favourite tree contemplating the folly of life and how we place importance on the material comforts and pleasures. Sembe's heart warmed with gratitude at how caring the citizens from our solar system had been every day for his whole life. It took so many changes in consciousness and activities for him to realise that the whole drama of the sky and all its variety in exchanging energies was something that happened between people here on the earth too. Not only that but the stars caused events here by motivating people who represented their vibration. Sembe was so pleased that he finally saw life in a better perspective after having had a grass is greener attitude for so long, that he had become very philosophical. He had believed his whole life up till then that life was more exciting elsewhere in the universe.

He would sit for hours in the sun contemplating the meaning of life and he remembered his friend in Atlantis and how far He had gone through the inner planes, absorbing all the experiences of each world and having done so all over the universe. Then it dawned on him strongly that his friend would surely be waiting for this moment to greet all who made the transition from the world of flesh to the place where he had His Kingdom in the centre of the Universe. The Creator had crowned Him King to sit at His right hand in Heaven. Now we must all rise after him, starting from the world of flesh to the realm of Eternity, beyond time and space. Sembe felt a sense of urgency that he had a long way to go as he hadn't even transmuted himself out of the physical world yet.

He wondered if people could still do the Initiations that they did in early Atlantis and he remembered how hard they were. It was easy to be highly motivated but not easy to be strong; persistance was something which was lacking in people then. However he looked around at the people he knew and saw that they did manage to do the things they wanted and that they weren't lazy anymore like they were in Atlantis when science caused people to not have to do so much manual labour. Boredom had set in in Atlantis and things were too easy. Sembe saw that people then where he lived had a different attitude and that they enjoyed each others company. Simplicity had its advantages in that people got to know each other better not being preoccupied with mental stimulation. Though admittedly their senses ruled them, compared to the Atlanteans who had had to take drugs to feel passion, until that trait was artificially induced and forced upon mankind.

Sembe's newfound faculty to philosophize instead of analyze had made him realise that -- of course it is expected of us to aspire to follow the One who paved the way to the Creator. He had felt the Creator too in his more sensitive moments and knew just how much care had gone into drawing all living things towards Him. He again felt love for God and was glad his friend had made it home to be at the right hand of our Creator.Every time he thought of this wonderous universal event he felt a divine response and each time he opened his heart up the worlds between the physical and Eternity would open a little more and he kept seeing in his mind a bright pathway upwards, beckoning him.

Sembe began to think about light and how important it was. He recognized the importance of the sun in comparison to the moon and had come to the realization that it is all very well thinking and analyzing endlessly to figure things out but a picture bathed in light is very revealing too. He wondered if we needed to think at all, would it be possible to just have visions and find God this way? Can we just keep watching and hoping and eventually find the path of light back to the Creator?

Then he remembered how easily we were deceived by etheric scientists placing holograms before people representing anything they wanted. People had just looked and believed. He wondered if there was any way we could never be deceived in our quest to find God. Then he remembered all the voices he heard in the sky from the stars communicating with him. He realised that it would be impossible to fake a greeting from a star, as the dark forces could never be so delicate and full of love like that.

He opened his ears wide just like he did to the stars and waited.

"Sembe you know who I am?"

His heart burst with joy and he knew who that was. There was no mistaking that loving greeting. He opened his heart so wide in gratitide that instantly a doorway opened into the next dimension. He had saved so much love that it was released in a torrent towards the One who opened all the doors to God. Love was the key - nobody could fake love. Sembe slipped out of his body easily and embraced the One who he needed to take him to the place he knew was his real home in the stars.

There were so many different worlds and all of them had so many boundaries and inhabitants that the more Sembe found out the more confused he had got, though he did gather quite a bit of knowledge over the years from observation. What he had hoped for was a safe single path through all of them to God. There were parts of Sembe all over the universe and existing in the inner worlds and he had felt that the more he knew the more paths there were to God. Was this planet the place where we find God?

Sembe had always wondered what the role of earth was in the universe, ever since he had remembered a moment of his first artificially induced trip into the etheric world when he was young. He stood before Jesus in awe and knew that there was a dimensional doorway to God that He created here that only existed on this planet. Sembe had just stepped through the first doorway consciously. Love had opened the door to the next world, but his friend's love was so powerful He had opened all the doors simultaneously right to God Himself.

Sembe had gone through Initiations in Atlantis where he did enter consciously into the etheric world and into the worlds beyond that too, the astral and worlds of thought. But he was young in spirit in early Atlantis and there were no dangers from evil forces then. Lucifer had not rebelled and caused the degeneration of the whole universe by domino effect. Now it was impossible to just step into world after world using the natural dimensional doorways that God had created especially for His creaton to come back to him when they prayed and worshiped Him.

But Sembe saw the doors behind Jesus when he stood before Him. Love was the key to open every one. The dark forces could not open any of them. They had developed technology and forced open dimensional doorways, but they were only used by other dark forces for entities throughout the universe to go from one part of the universe to another. There were jump gates all over and wormholes and Sembe remembered in the dark days of Atlantis when degeneration had set in after only stragglers were allowed to incarnate into the bodies of those who had been genetically modified. They had made all sorts of time portals to go to other universes on the earth, they had all been lost and forgotten when catastrophe after catastrophe had ended civilizations who had strayed far from God.

Sembe looked around the etheric world and saw all sorts of entities using old Atlantean created dimensional doorways to draw people together as groups to do ceremonies that they could draw energy from. He stood by Jesus up above the earth and saw that the same place He became one with God would be where He would atone for the sins of mankind - by dying, entering into the inner earth and removing the cancerous core of darkness from the souls of mankind. The fires of love had dimmed so low in the human race that He came back to regenerate them and tell us to love one another and then we would get back to heaven. Jesus cleared all the dimensional doorways to God He had created originally in Jerusalem. This would be a planet of love in the universe and the whole planet would move through into the etheric world and make its Initiation. All forces in the universe would have representatives here and all hoped to go through to make the transition.

However, as a counterfeit copy of the real thing, some were motivated by hate and vanity and thought intellect and the associated technology were enough to earn them the right to ascend to a higher realm, but it wouldn't be. Jesus made the only doorway and this was created by love from Him to His Creator and would take the whole planet through. Love would increase in time after Jesus took over the guardianship of the planet and love from heart to heart did wear down the dimensional barrier and in some places whole communities would be raised into semi-etheric frequency. They sang praises to God and loved one another. The citizens of the solar system were able to adjust the gridlines to make sure the planets nervous system operated according to plan, though it did get manipulated by visitors from other worlds when mankind relearned harmonics.

Sembe knew now how to get into the etheric world as he wished and spent some time in there before he died. Only love parted the veils of deception. (More coming of this story soon. Thanks for reading it.)


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