When I was living in London in the early 1980s, I used to watch the sky quite frequently for UFOs and saw them night after night positioned silently outside. Sometimes more than one was there and they used to put on a little dance show for me. Up and down and sideways, like they knew I was watching to show me that they weren't stars. They were slightly bigger than a star and while the stars moved across the sky during the night, these didn't. It was very surreal, because people didn't think much about UFOs then. I was struggling to believe there was life out there myself, except that three of my friends, who visited frequently, swore that they too saw the UFOs silently sitting outside. One friend still to this day claimed recently that she doesn't believe in aliens but she definitely saw UFOs outside my window. (I don't use drugs and don't drink, so my mind hasn't been subjected to chemicals and stimulants. I've not had alcohol since I was 19. I've always had a fear of losing control over myself and don't like the whoosy feeling drink induces. It makes me feel sleepy. In case anybody is wondering!)

It took a very long time to register, that the same transparent human people I used to talk to by telepathy in my room every night were the owners of the UFOs outside. They used to come into my room in their etheric doubles and chat with me for hours. Though I wonder now if they projected a hologram, as another woman in the UK spoke to Venusians who came into her room in holographic form. Though I did feel a distinct human presence. They could still touch me and I'd feel it, but normally they stood a few feet away. I was not a channeller, letting them in my body. As I had some etheric vision I could partially see them and knew they were normal humans but with psychic abilities so advanced that it seemed to me that they were thousands of years ahead of earth people. I'm not overtly earthy, so was straddling the edge of reality anyway. They were on the edge. It actually took years of their daily visiting for me to understand how they operated. I knew they weren't ghosts, but I was so young (as they started visiting daily since I was aged 21) that I wasn't sure if the universe was populated or not with humans in physical form. I wondered if other humans in the universe lived in a parallel universe. I didn't know what else was out there in the universe and could only use my own experiences for proof. There wasn't a lot of information about on this topic anyway, so all I could do was accept what was happening as I don't know who the other 6 billion inhabitants of the planet liased with in the privacy of their consciousness. The human aliens had a lot to say about how the solar system operated esoterically and I was listening. However, I've not seen any other channeled data the same as what I was told, perhaps because mine was originating from within our solar system and all the data I've seen channeled from other aliens, is mainly coming from other solar systems. Though I must say that the information given to Dino Kraspedon the Brazilian scientist who was contacted by a human scientist from one of Jupiter's moons is the sort of thing my aliens would have spoken of as well, along with other stuff about the inner planes. There is a vast difference in belief systems and the local aliens, (to my understanding) are far more intelligent with higher morals than some of these ones people channel. The Venusians I spoke with were connected with Jesus, but it took another 15 years before I understood how. But I can't speak for all the local planets, as I mostly spoke to people from Venus, Mercury and Jupiter. I used to go to Venus in the inner planes. They used to take me places all over the solar system and across the universe, but in many different dimensions. Not as an abduction though, just for learning experiences. As far as I know I've never been abducted by any aliens physically.

It finally dawned on me, that some of the main ones were Venusians (as they said they were) but my rational mind couldn't even believe that life even lived on that planet. I don't know why but I had a hard time even believing anyone lived on Venus in any dimension, due to available information at the time. Yet another part of me knew that they lived there physically, yet they could materialise by projecting from their etheric body too, which they slid out of themselves. But possibly they operate on another timeline to the one we live on here. A similar experience (regarding detaching the etheric double) happened to myself in another life as Sembe an ancient Persian, when I experienced my consciousness separately in my etheric double too and found I was living an alternate life in this same parallel universe, as the Venusians travelled in. This also occured to me in Egypt in 1980 this lifetime and I was taken in my etheric double across the universe to see Jesus in His Kingdom. This can be done for people who have a loose etheric body.

However, these Venusians sure managed to convince me they were who they said they were, when I asked for definite proof that they weren't my imagination. They always said to not tell anyone about our contact, and I didn't until one day I did say something to someone who was an American member of The Rosicrucian Fellowship, that I'd belonged to since 1975, joining at the age of 21. I thought that they would also surely be in communication with the Venusians as well, at headquarters, after all, because the Venusians ran The Rosicrucian Fellowship (started by Max Heindel in about 1909 in Oceanside Calif.) from the inside - in the etheric world. I knew that because they used The Rosicrucian Fellowship diagrams to show me how things worked in the inner words. But no, they and the other members insisted that invisible people from the local planets didn't exist and visit us. They lied to me (when they didn't know if it was true or not), because it wasn't in the textbooks that Venusians come and visit us now in their etheric bodies. Even though Max Heindel did write that Venusians and Mercurians did help mankind evolve in the early days of evolution. They are still here and run the planet, because they showed me this activity every night, and how they did it. They showed me how karma is worked out and how dreams are created for people, and how different aspects of people pass through their waking consciousness during times of the day from past lives. They taught me how astrology operated in the inner worlds. I think that the same Venusians taught Emmanuel Swedenborg, as he seems to have learned similar things to what they teach, and he also says he spoke with people in our solar system. One day I picked up a book by him that had a portrait of him in it and it immediately changed into a living image of his face as if he was looking at me for real, and he gave me the biggest heartiest smile ever, which nearly made me melt. I wonder if he may have been a Venusian in his previous life. Though I am pretty sure I have lived there and that more of me actually lives there, than lives on earth as far as my whole being is expressed in form. There is a story about that HERE

I became tormented, when other members said I had an overactive imagination, due to being a Pisces and that none of this was real, only illusion. Not one single person I knew at that time, who claimed to know esoteric knowledge would even listen to me, let alone believe I spoke to Venusians. They were much older than me, (in their 50s and 60s, whereas I was in my mid 20s) and I let them influence me as I thought they would be more knowledgeable. However, it's hard to get through to people who read too many books for their esoteric know how -- they can't be trained from scratch, as their minds are cluttered with unconnected false information and beliefs. I felt like I was falling off a cliff into a big black abyss of doubt, but I never had it originally because they were very real to me and took me all sorts of places in the inner worlds, back to ancient times and across the universe in various spirit vehicles and to different dimensions. I was not so earthbound then, that the physical world was 'reality' for me -- because my body isn't very dense, probably due to a lack of earth in my horoscope. I only have the moon in Taurus. This is exactly why they said to keep silent, as I'd had no reason to doubt so far. Once the grip of doubt sets in the mind closes up.

Like Sembe, the ancient Persian who travelled the universe in his mental vehicle, I had not been subject to the brainwashing of too much education at the time. I was a school dropout and started work when I turned fifteen, due to being a troubled teen. My mother died in a car accident when I was 11 and things went downhill for me from that day onwards. I was a lost soul, too restless to conform. Which was probably an overcompensation for my strict and intellectual mother's reluctance to let me do what I wanted ever. She was the boss and I had to obey, so I never learned good and bad from trial and error. Plus my inner life was so complicated I had a bit of a job trying to keep life simple. I left home at sixteen, and eventually managed to stand on my own two feet and after having my own art studio at seventeen, I travelled alone overseas from New Zealand to Canada at age nineteen in 1973. So I had a few big maturing changes in my teens, however my twenties continued the big changes with all the alien experiences in my life. All this Venusian activity started from age 21, when I'd returned from my first trip to England and was back in New Zealand at age 20. I lived in Canada for one year and spent six months in England, but was glad to return to New Zealand to find open minds to talk about the paranormal. Many people found this topic fascinating and I realised that I shouldn't have felt disheartened at the people in England's negative responses, as they were stuck in a level of consciousness that can't accept new ideas as easily as a New Zealander can --not having the restrictions of the past ways engulfing them.

I knew that these people I'd talked to all this time were Venusians by the time I had returned to London for the second time in 1977, after spending time in South Africa. For some reason when they first visited in 1975, I thought they were 'almost physical' spirits in the astral, as I'd not heard yet of the etheric world or parallel universe. But later I realised they were also living their own lives consciously in a parallel universe, as well as living in a physical one. They could alternate and be conscious in both. They came the day I joined 'The Rosicrucian Fellowhip', the day I posted the member's application form. Little did I know a few years later, I would find that I would be (apparently to the Rosicrucian Fellowship staff) the only one who to them was communicating with the aliens from our solar system who ran the whole Rosicrucian Fellowship from behind the scenes. They thought Americans would get any new data I think. However, I believe all the members of the RF got training from the Venusians while they slept, to learn the lessons and understand esoteric matters. I just happened to notice mine and figure out how the system operated, because they showed me. (However I have found out, that all societies of importance, have unseen people or aliens running them, from the etheric world. On one occasion I was visited by an etheric human who was at the helm of Amnesty International which I belonged to, and have noticed other altruistic groups have invisible etheric people behind them from our solar system who help members do the work).

The fact that these people of The Rosicrucian Fellowship, who were supposedly in a position to know at headquarters, were not themselves in touch with the unseen alien operators of the association disturbed me greatly. Some questions needed answering when "so called" authorities on spiritual matters, insisted I was deluded about my night visitors, I decided to leave the association. Yet the Venusians taught me how our dreams are created by the archangels and angels, as well as what is in each dimension, and at different levels. They taught me what happens in each level of the World of Concrete Thought mostly, as this is where events happen before they materialise in the physical. They showed me how the future is created by thoughts, desires, hopes etc They took me back to the past in the history of earth, e.g. Atlantis and other places, to past lives and to other planets in the inner worlds. They taught me astrology, and how symbolism operates as a microcosm of the macrocosm. They showed me how all the inner worlds interact with each other and who lives in them, as well as what the multiple different aspects of ourselves do in them and how many 'selves' we have in each dimension. There was nobody listening at headquarters because they believed an American would know more! I thank God I am a New Zealander, because people here are curious about the meaning of life and enjoy chatting and listening to others about this. Because there aren't a huge amount of books telling us what it is we decide ourselves individually in many cases. Maybe it's like the ancient Greeks sitting around discussing truth. But I noticed overseas many people have made a decision on truth already and wish to impart it, rather than presume another person will be able to teach them something new.

Upon asking the Venusians to prove who they were, not long after, this happened. There was a total eclipse at night and I prepared to watch it. As an astrologer, I knew that the eclipse was going to activate natal Uranus on the nadir of my chart which is trine my natal 11th house Sun in Pisces. There was a lightning storm, which made this even more exciting as Uranus rules lightning. Transiting Uranus had been trine natal Sun and natal Uranus by transit in Scorpio for a long time and as I was born in New Zealand with Uranus on the nadir/IC, living in London made my locational horoscope flip over putting Uranus on the MC in opposition to itself. I was ready for a big blast of Uranus, and I certainly got a BIG surprise, which is to be expected when Uranus activates some area of the horoscope. This is some of the only evidence that lightning was emanating from my brow chakra (during that time in London), because when I had to get a passport photo then, the flash triggered my 3rd eye. But that may also have been due to activation of the third eye in the pyramid, as an Atlantean timetraveller to the present day, where I opened it, using Atlantean technology. See the story HERE.

However some photos never came out right, due to too much electricity in the body, with occasional street lights going out as I passed and electric stuff blowing up. Also I got an electric shock off a Kirlian Photo machine. I had terrible burning in my fingers and my fingertip skin was actually melting back then. However I seem to be almost back to normal now, apart from popping occasional lightbulbs, though my hands still have a lot of electricity and lightning from outside still comes into my room and strikes me. I do think much of this electrical phenomena, was just the planets in my chart changing my magnetic field during those cosmic London days.

As I have five planets in water in my horoscope, I managed to get it flowing again a few years later with considerable effort and got my feelings active again from listening to and studying classical and ethnic music at university. This in itself brings a different type of auric energy, less electric and more impressionable. It is such a relief to know one can change from being a poltergeist, to going back to normal. It was a bit unnerving watching the furniture rise up, but none-the-less an educational experience. One might think it was a ghost, but not so in my case. Although there is much more complex activity going on in my inner life, now than then, at least nobody knows I'm a bit strange. Then I had to worry about glass bottles exploding etc. I think then my aura was a bit drier or electrical in London with all the Uranus and Sun stimulation in my chart, plus I had a heavy Aries influence by progression, with progressed Sun on my Aries ascendant trine natal Mars in Sagittarius in the 9th house, which is opposite Jupiter. But now I think my aura is pretty much the same as any normal person. I am not aware of anyone looking at me strangely anymore!! However I have to confess in the last year, I have exploded separately: 4 x 2.25ml bottles of Coca Cola and one bottle of Ginger Ale. They didn't just crack, they emptied instantly when I stood next to them at the supermarket, with an enormous bang. Though in my experience of being back in New Zealand, many people here have 'charged up' auras here anyway. It could be that English people are not so hyper as New Zealanders. Possibly due to high ultra-violet or NZ being on a fault line. Many New Zealanders are quite sunny or vibrant people I think, plenty of zest compared to many people I met in other countries I lived in. Most of my present experience of reality, is experienced in the parallel universe now and it feels very nice to not be earthbound. But I know where Jesus' etheric kingdom is now, so I'm not lost in the parallel universe. Our heart opens the door/vortex to it. (See chapter 10 of Sembe's story)

For some reason I'd always attracted lightning and had been struck many times on thundery days, yet it didn't hurt me. Once I went for a 30 minute walk, and got struck about seven times, one blast the size of a car. On another occasion I had a book by H Challoner on the spirits of the elements and I showed my friend the page with a painting of the spirit of lightning and left the book open at that page on the chair. A little miniature steak of lightning suddenly appeared above the page, as if to say hello! When I was writing the story on Sembe too, I was typing 'Sembe's favourite star was Sirius', when a streak of lightning appeared and struck my computer and broke it. Was it a message from Sirius?

This is the proof that the Venusians I spoke to daily were real, while I was watching the eclipse during the lightning storm:

I was lying with my elbow down on the bed at night looking out the window with the left hand propping up my chin and my middle finger was between my eyebrows. Suddenly a streak of lightning about half an inch wide exited between my eyebrows in a long straight streak and continued out the closed window to the air outside. The end of it then went into a sort of pencil, while still in one continuous line, coming out my third eye. From the center outwards, it drew itself into a beautifully drawn rose all complete with individual petals, which was about 5 feet diameter. It stayed like that for about 5 seconds, then it undid itself and then vanished back into my forehead!

I was so shocked that I didn't actually believe it, and thought WOW that was some hallucination! I then thought, how could that possibly happen, maybe I imagined it because lightning can't actually do this? I decided no, I'll just forget I even saw that, it is just too unbelievable. But about 30 seconds later it happened again exactly the same way and drew itself into the same rose, then vanished back into my forehead. It is hard to deny something that happened twice exactly the same way. Only one sort of people would create a rose, those whose symbol it was. The force behind Max Heindel's, Rosicrucian Fellowship. On another occasion lightning came out of my hands when praying to God on my knees, which can be read HERE However there must be different types of lightning --of which some must be harmless.

After awhile it dawned on me, that I'd emigrated to Venus as an early Atlantean, and that Sembe in my past life remembered this. He also perceived himself return as a Venusian visiting earth in the future, who had remembered herself being Sembe and had a decided to read the record in the air of Sembe sitting on the tower in Persia watching the stars and communing with them. So Sembe time travelled quite a way back and quite a way forward in his mind, even to now and knew I was writing it all down concurrently with when he learned new stuff.

The funny thing is he told no one what he saw and died with all his secrets. Possibly, people would have told him he was wrong, like they did to me, then doubt would make him stop. Yet I know I can remember the whole life from beginning to end and it's strange how much he learned just by observation, feelings and curiousity. But then he was a Gemini and the constellation of Gemini had been his personal teachers. He spoke with the beings in those stars.

He always said -- Oh what a waste not being able tell anyone all this stuff and he wished and wished that it could be saved. Well I am the fulfilment of Sembe's wish as even though he didn't know how to write it down, I can remember it and write the details. Here are a couple of Sembe type experiences which happened at about the time I started writing this book.

One day, I was walking down the street and all of a sudden my consciousness 'became' me, in a body the size of earth. Only it wasn't above earth, I was right above Venus.

I looked down on Venus, (experiencing myself as a big complex sphere) and saw hundreds of white cords leading down to parts of myself which have lived at one time on the surface of Venus in past lives. I looked over at earth next-door and saw only a few lines going down, from myself as the big sphere hovering above it, which was obviously also myself, though the Venusian one enveloped it, as it moved to look over earth. I knew that I had spent little time on earth, compared to Venus, yet I'd been on earth since it was created. hmm So in fact I'd be a long term Venusian if I had to say 'who am I?' for this solar system and I guess I do tend to gravitate towards that planet in my consciousness when I start wondering why I am on this planet. Though I do believe we all have a Father Star that we return to when we die, and which Sembe returned to. I think we are universal but tend to gather more bits of us on planets, we need to do a lot of work on, for a specific quality to be developed, which can be learned there. Then they develop into a certain 'personality', which embodies the multiple qualities of a planet's nature.

When I returned to New Zealand again, at the end of 1983, I asked the Venusians for a break, because loneliness got the better of me. It was hard then to try to think normal things when I was actually living most of my life in other dimensions and there was nobody around who could understand. I asked for a year off but they said, we will give you 2 years, as you need a rest now. I just wanted to enjoy my country, sit on the beach, soak up the sun and experience nature and hopefully become happy-go-lucky, not heavy and ponderous about esoteric matters anymore. Just be able to talk to people about normal stuff and enjoy people's company for the love of it. The funloving New Zealand race spirit enfolded me again, it felt good.

I left The Rosicucian Fellowship, as it was by then pointless to try to explain what was happening, they didn't want to know or believe it anyway. I needed to digest all that happened. By that time, I'd met myself in the pyramid in Egypt as an Atlantean scientist operating time travel technology and travelled across the parallel universe to see Jesus. My consciousness was full of memories and images which needed understanding further and categorising. So I spent the next five years in the sun doing an outside job, reflecting on what happened and working out the meaning of it all. During this reflection time I had an amazing religious experience next which destroyed everything I ever believed in, in an instant when Jesus appeared to me. CLICK HERE From then on the aliens were not communicated with again, except for the ones from Death Valley. Link below. However, I've learned that these aliens are tied up with the Venusians and that they too are able to operate in their etheric doubles and walk among us.


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