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Sembe really looked forward to the night time - experiencing the life of two people - one that sold vegetables at the market for his mother and himself and who flinched at the sun as if he was being exposed, as a body of flesh for all the world to believe that this was all there was to him. This was the part of him, whose skin had to endure rain, moving heavy carts of vegetables and generally having to walk miles of uninteresting land.

His night self was a different person altogether. He sat unmoving, face upwards on the tower, crossed legs aching and hands on his knees. It got to be quite comfortable eventually, but his bones seemed to grow to accomodate his usual sitting position, although he found it difficult to walk for long distances because of it. What's the body? - he said to himself - it was made to perish I have plenty of other vehicles made of finer substance in which to put my mind. I have seen people from the east sitting in trance for hours in this position. It's a good position to fall asleep in, should I need to bypass certain stars passing the zenith temporarily. He taught himself to sleep for a certain length of time only and asked certain stars to watch over him. Sembe made close friends with about 3 stars.

His favourite was Sirius. He called him King of the sky. He was keen to talk to those who didn't tell him what to do. Sembe talked and the stars responded in full. He wanted to discuss life without making it a personal matter. Does everyone react equally? Or do you find it hard to penetrate some life forms? What do you do when you get no response? He asked endless questions and got so many answers, that he decided that really there was not one answer to every question.

The moon to his eyes was so beautiful, gentle and feminine. As the moon changed he felt himself change with it, expanding and becoming small as if it was his heart beating outside of him. He felt such a part of the moon that when he became very big he could hold it in his hands and deliver his love personally. The moon whispered poetry to him and delighted his senses so that his body tingled with waves of emotional lunar rays. When this happened he didn't feel as if he was there and he wondered if he was a figment of the moon's imagination and not really himself. This was mainly when it was full and other times he again felt as if he were two people - one inside himself and another embracing the moon sinking deep into its unimaginable softness and fantasy.

Later, when Sembe became much older and had assimilated the experience in his twenties of his unexpected Initiation into the etheric world, he longed to experience the same thing again and psychologically readied his emotions for another change in his perception of who he was in his entirety. He felt that he'd experienced a lot for one lifetime of the timeless inner worlds.

He saw how they encompass the existence of many other lifewaves that were unlike the human race and had an entirely different purpose in God's plan. He knew there were many levels he couldn't even begin to assimilate, because they involved experiences other beings had that decided the running of the universe as a whole. He could understand that the people of the physical world were only a small part of a huge process of life unfolding itself endlessly into many forms. People on earth absorbed the end process of myriad patterns of development, that older lifewaves experienced and passed down to the physical world, once they embodied what they represented, before themselves moving on to higher levels.

Sembe saw himself as part of a huge plan of unfolding the inner parts of his soul, until they lived and breathed in his body and experienced all the physical sensations around him, focusing their purpose in the universe out through his consciousness. They took human form and then took expression in other places. He thought that if he could develop links to the highest parts of himself and build connections to the physical body, they could operate through him by his thoughts.

All he had to do next was put all the wavering, shape shifting temporarary aspects of his needs and desires into order. He hoped once they were under the control of his will, that he would be able to see through all the eyes he had on every level to grasp the ability to see ahead clearly and follow his Friend to union with the Creator. The One from Eternity had beckoned him onwards toward Paradise, in the highest level of the spiritual universal space, when He showed him a glimpse of it at the top of the sun's magnetic field opening the door to show him a World within. Sembe felt good knowing the higher levels of the spiritual worlds were so wonderful, it made him want to reach out and be conscious of them.

Sembe was determined to conquer himself and the restless soul that moved aimlessly in the inner world of his dreams ever searching for happiness. After his spiritual experience in the sun's magnetic field in interplanetary space he doubled his determination for control over his emotions. He already had control over his mind and now he had another goal. He at first denied his intense feelings that always threatened to engulf him when he was young, now he saw them as a tidal wave of power that reached to the Creator.

Little by little he opened the door to his heart to let that which was inside follow his mind. His mind became infused with power and he started to feel strong. He slowly overcame the tendency to feel repulsion towards the constellations that made him feel sad, lonely, misunderstood, fearful, and indecisive. He saw past the need to be that way. Sembe had not the experiences to overcome those constellations that could not stop themselves from excesses of all kinds and the need for change, adventure and excitement, which were his undoing in later lives. But he at least overcame his own negativity, for the time being anyway.

So when he felt sufficient boldness had entered him from the storehouses in the universe, he asked again to enter the parallel universe and this time he wanted to be Sembe, not a semi-conscious robot. He intended to go for observational purposes and not to form an opinion just yet on the extreme monitoring of every individual that existed on the earth for the records of the whole solar system and every inhabitant. This time he was going with light, armed with the fortifying armour of truth.

He had felt a real gap in his knowledge now from thinking a lot about his dreams and mental travels and he saw a need to experience another reality almost like the one he lived in daylight but not too far removed to cause him to feel off balance. Every desire bent itself in the direction of new knowledge to give him something to analyze until his earth time was up.

His mind had become quite expanded from mentally visiting the stars and he just wanted to give himself another challenge just for the sake of it. It just seemed so hidden, this secret world, that was backwards to ours and contained so many scientists and curious entities from other planets noting everything we did. Curiosity just drove him and drove him until he couldn't think of anything else. He felt it was his personal destiny to be a spy for the human race and see what the Lords of Destiny were doing.

He knew nothing about science, but had seen in Atlantis that his imagination for inventing things was prolific, having access to a higher source he determined. What Sembe wanted to know this time was who controlled the human race and to know what their intentions were. They looked a little like us but had a transparency about them compared to the fleshy human.

They were serious and consciencious and dedicated to doing the right thing at the right time. Even a rainbow was put in the exact spot they calculated. They had very sophisticated instruments for measuring energy levels and they could adjust all kinds of energies with their technology. He wanted to know who those people were that were observing him and adjusting various parts of the large assembly of spiritual vehicles that passed in and out of him as he had various experiences sitting on the tower.

Sembe knew the time was near to enter by his own will, when during the day, as he sat in the daylight in the market selling vegetables, he slowly saw the physical world start to go fuzzy around the edges as if it was an illusion and that something behind it was actually more bright, solid and real. The colours just dazzled like sunlight on water and they contrasted a lot against the physical when little holes tore it when he was staring at something too hard.

The electricity in his eyes burnt away the physical world in his reality and some days it looked very patchy. Some days he saw so many points of light in the air dancing endlessly, he wondered just how real life on earth really was. He had previously thought that it was as far as one could go in density and rigidity but now he was beginning to change his mind. He determined that if perhaps this world was really the softest of all the worlds and not the hardest then that means that its density is only an illusion. If it is only an illusion then that means that we ourselves are only full of barriers as to its true nature. The barriers of ignorance and they must be pretty heavy if we are totally convinced that the world we live in is all that exists in heavy solid form.

After debating endlessly during the day the exact nature of the physical world, instead of just passing through his day as quickly and carelessly as possible so he could hurry and become his night self, his knowing self, he positioned himself firmly into the day. He didn't really realise that he had absorbed a lot of the Sun when the One from Eternity took him to the higher levels of the local Sun. He'd never given the local Sun a thought previously but having seen the spiritual side of it he saw there was more to it than met the physical eye. He could not remember the first semi-conscious entrance into the etheric counterpart of the physical world because he forgot almost all of it - just a fleeting glimpse he retained in his memory of the colours and vaguely the people within.

Now that he was older and more mature he'd learnt how important it was to get an overview of something, to see its relation to other things, rather than analyze one detail in depth and lose sight of the whole. Day by day his daylight world crumbled as he opened his heart to the power of the sunshine of the day. As he developed etheric vision, everything around him started to become more transparent very slowly, it was hardly noticeable at first.

Eventually he realised that the daytime, which he had previously thought (before his trip into spiritual interplanetary space), was more restricting in its harshness and solidity than the softness of night. Now it was beginning to represent freedom to him - the walls around him seemed only to be shadows and not prison walls. In his heart he was free, having finally unleased the love in it which now entered his optic nerves. Nothing in the physical world had a hold on him anymore.

He walked along a road that previously represented to him immeasurable hardness, now it looked as if it was made of glass and lightly supported him as he almost floated on it, so light did he feel on his feet. He had cleared himself of the buildup of fear that had accumulated through his experiences of developing the qualities of the sign Pisces represented by suffering, in the experiences of time travel in Atlantis.

Now his feet were clear, the tie to the physical world under the soles of his feet dissolved into nothingness. There was nothing that pulled him towards the earth anymore. People started looking like transparent shells that contained more inside than out. Their flesh seemed to be irrelevant to how much and what kind of energy radiated within. He had been afraid of his capacity for suffering, as it was seemingly limitless. Now that he embraced suffering and recognised it for what it was, he was starting to feel the truth. He had only observed emotion previously, now he could feel it. From its dark side, to its blaze of golden brilliance that shed hope on all mankind and paved the way towards the rapturous world of Love in Paradise.

He formulated in his mind what he wanted to know about the etheric world. What he wanted to know was, what are we supposed to be learning here on earth, in relation to the other planets? It was debatable whether he could actually find the answer to this enormous question with just one more experience, which was all he wanted. But he determined that if he took in as much information as he could consciously, his mind perhaps would absorb whatever he needed to know and maybe he could figure it out when he returned to his body.

Hopefully he would know the answer before he died. Unfortunately it was not forthcoming but he knew what he wanted to know about life. He realised of course that he'd lived a pretty sheltered life having gone nowhere in his life except from home to the market and the tower he watched the stars on, in a endless continuance of footsteps, but for what he didn't do physically he certainly made up for spiritually.

He could astral travel in his dreams in the astral world, and go to every part of the whole world and in every time span in the past and relive and fulfil every adventure one could ever have. He could meet everyone he'd ever loved again in an endless search for satisfaction to meet many different needs. He could shapechange and be anyone he wanted to be or create any image of anyone he wanted to be with.All it mattered is that it looked, felt and acted like the person he wanted it to be, though sometimes it wasn't them. It was entirely dependent on how much Sembe remembered of the person as to how well he reproduced them in his imagination. People had left many thought-forms in the astral world and it was full to the brim of the results of instant gratification.


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