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Long ago in an age deep in the river of time before the Flood, a man lived in Persia near a place now called Dezful. There were not many people on the earth at that time compared to ages gone by when civilization had covered every part of the world-- only be destroyed again and again by scientists who desired truth more than life. It was very quiet, not much man-made technology to jar the soul and force it to rush through endless artificial stimulation. A sweet peacefulness permeated the heavens and they seemed so friendly and welcoming that it felt as if nobody would ever come to harm while living on the earth. The air was so clean and transparent that if someone really tried at some times of the day in special weather conditions they could see figures of elementals and otherworldly beings moving through it. In bright red glorious sunsets, warmth from living vibrant elemental forces radiated into the bodies of people by blending with the horizontal slant of the sun's ray that opens the lower chakras allowing them to express emotional rapport with the human race. People saw who their guardians were and who looked after nature. They offered them the fruits of their labours in gratitude for bringing rain and healthy crops.

The man was called Sembe. He found pleasure at night sitting on a tower watching the blaze of glittering stars spread out across the sky. He had very deep thoughts. It is the invisible of the daytime now made visible for me to discover what the difference is between darkness and light--he philosophized. Where do we fit in amongst the life forms that are out there? He spent ages wondering if we'd become as advanced as those that lived on other worlds. He knew that people in his time were primitive compared to those in the occasional space vehicles that passed by but he never gave up hope that some on earth could learn their ability to fly, if they would share it. He had himself in mind as a candidate and on a few occasions he fell asleep (or thought he did he wasn't sure what happened), and he found himself onboard a space ship and was taught very patiently how they operated. He wasn't sure if it was a dream or not, but he wasn't in control of the experience. He was allowed to absorb just enough to get him thinking about more possibilities and open his mind to new knowledge to add to that which he discovered from observation. He might never want to ever get back to his peasant like existence without feeling as if he wasn't missing more enjoyable experiences, so his rare communication with the inhabitants of the local planets were only every few years.

But at night time he was given freedom to consciously have all kinds of knowledge about celestial things he chose. He was only allowed to be free at night but the day belonged to those who decided that his fate as a human was to learn to be at ease in the world he lived in without technology. Still, he felt satisfied that if someone thought about it enough, they could see a way of using different kinds of energy to propel many types of flying vehicles. As long as anyone had the resources to experiment and the abilities and talents of many people to pool together--anything could be tried. Surely, one of them would work, he reasoned to himself--after all, the creatures of this earth are designed to fly so effortlessly. He decided that if a spaceship was weightless enough it could use the hidden properties in the air. Maybe fire, lightning or thunder that we can't see. He was so sensitive he felt those forces behind the mirage of the physical world. The shapes of the passing clouds never ceased to amaze Sembe and he always wondered what was inside the air to cause such beautiful patterns. He saw small coloured lights almost continually when he looked up to the sky, but they always disappeared before he could really see them clearly. The barrier between this world and the next was very thin where he lived and he would have given almost anything to leave the world he was in to live in the next. At night, when he became more sensitive, he knew parts of him were already in those worlds, but he could not reach them during the day, only in the dark. Sunlight had a way of positioning everyone's consciousnesss on the world around them, but the moon made us feel to the depths of our soul.

To him the day was the dreamtime, where he had no control, where he was a victim of everyone's needs and wants and the hustle and bustle of bright colours and many voices and sounds. A kaleidescope of things he had no control over. As far as he was concerned he was a pair of feet sensitively touching the world barely firm enough to stop him daydreaming himself into oblivion. He was two people, typical of the sign the sun was in when he was born, Gemini.

And night time brought a different man. In another world he was a master. He was master of the dark. King of the night. What he could control this time was himself. In the still of the night there was no one to interfere with his life. The sign Sagittarius was ascending when he was born. He felt a sense of freedom that expanded all over the entire universe. He reached out a part of him that encompassed the entire starry sky. He felt the whole sky within his soul. The stars and he were one. The starry rays fell on his face, and his body and penetrated deep within him to parts of him that he knew existed but were unreachable to him. It troubled him to think too deeply about himself because when he thought about how far the starry rays penetrated to his depths and how long it took before the echo stopped, he knew that would take a lifetime to fathom, which he wasn't prepared to do. The moon was in the sign Pisces when he was born so his feelings were like the ocean - too deep to understand. So he concentrated on what was above him, as he could see it and communicated openly with what was there.

Sembe got to know well the constellations he could see clearly. In his imagination he covered the whole sky in a glorious blaze of colour with people, cities and celestial beings. Some huge, as big as a whole world and some tiny but so many that millions and millions swarmed through space. He would put his thumb and finger in a circle and look through it at a particular star. Then he would send his greetings and sometimes have a conversation with it for hours. He didn't talk to all of them though, because some made him feel uncomfortable if he concentrated too much on them. Some were sweet and spoke like tinkling bells. They showered all their beautiful stardrops all over him and stretched a long hand towards him and touched him in his heart from far away. Other stars reached him in different parts of the body so he decided that this was their domain or their physical limitation in us.

Sembe knew that they really spoke to him because they always gave the same message and each star never altered. This gave him a very secure feeling knowing things above are constant. It made him think of the Creator of All and the fact that He must have been very clever to make such wonderful spheres of light that could speak and remain constant, yet all have different personalities. He thought also that the Creator must have lots of strength to keep them in the same places, always spinning in a circle and always shining, sending their delicate energies all over the universe. Crisscrossing into ever more beautiful geometric patterns, that grew into such magnificent structures of light that he thought they could become cities of fire in some other realm in eternity. When the structures became solidified, through repetition of many years of the star's travel, they would become alive and he would hear the sound of many choirs singing within them and triumphant peace would pervade every corner of the universe. Once, he travelled in his mind to one that was closer to him than the others but he had to return to his body because heat from the fire it was made of was too intense for him to bear. He hadn't been invited to the spiritual city opening ceremony but he was an optimist. However after being repelled he felt a bit ashamed at his boldness.

Sembe wrote all his observations down carefully. He made notes of the planet's movements and what influences came by when they were in certain positions. He just called them the fast stars on the sun's trail, which is the ecliptic. He marked how long it took each planet to return back to a certain star in the sky and made a note of its journey. When the planets were in the constellations he loved, Sembe was nearly bursting with joy because he felt all the radiations energizing his soul and he felt reborn each time, as if he was being made new. But when they were in the constellations he didn't like, he felt terrible as if he was being burnt by the energy radiating towards himself, that he attracted by his consuming interest. Then he felt as if his flesh would peel off with the intensity and his bones ached as if they were charred. When it was a quiet night and his nerves were calm, Sembe used to imagine that he was going out to visit his favourite stars mentally and in doing so he cloaked his soul in their pure vibrations. Afterwards he would come back to himself and pass on to people the same vibration that he experienced in the sky. It was quite easy, he just relived the feeling and attuned himself back to the star in the sky. It would just pour out of his heart - floods and floods of it and people used to say.. "Sembe you make us feel strange sometimes when we are with you. What do you do up there at night? Why do you not sleep?" He would smile with happiness and say "I've been having a secret meeting with the stars. They twinkled all over me and you missed the beauty and the splendour and the magnificence of all the spheres racing across the sky and there were flying birds made of light and coloured lights flying in patterns. They whispered to me a thousand things because I wanted to hear what they had to say from them and not another. They are much more lofty than this earth beneath our feet. I cannot understand why nobody cares for what lies above us. If someone comes and joins me at the tower all they do is talk and pester me into telling them what each star is like. "It cannot be expressed in words, he continued, all they need do is listen to the voices calling from afar, be very quiet and think only of the communication between them and the star they have chosen. Perhaps if a person is impatient it may take years but it is not I who can tell someone the faint sounds that reach us on earth. To speak it reflects it back to them and its echo is then changed and the beauty and sensitivity is distorted". "Sembe", they said - "Nobody wants to sit up at night, every night like you as still as a statue, we would get too bored and keep wondering what we are missing. Don't you get hungry?"

He replied "The stars feed me, they refresh my soul, they reach into every part of my being and nourish my body. They each claim a little piece of our bodies in which to find expression in our world and when they reach inside us they fill that part with the living healing essences of the fires of compassionate love. Into the core of our being they reach until they find the Source of Creation Itself - passing first through all the barriers and shadows that flesh contains. By living in God's creation they feel life flow through them, that they can't contain in form where they exist. Within us they know who they are, by finding the limits to their consciousness. Just as we who came from heaven when we began our existance fell lower and lower into the confines of flesh where all the parts of us can meet in one body. They too reach out and find something which defines their existence within the limitations of time and space."
"But Sembe, it is no good for you to know and not us. You must tell us everything. that happens out there, but we can't get it out of you in a language we can understand."
Sembe sighed and said once more. "It cannot be expressed in words, they are too clumsy and heavy. Even if I do attempt, you keep interrupting me and worrying that you'll get too behind in your work. If you even spent the time to listen I might be better able to tell you but I feel your impatience with my detail and this makes me stumble on my words and it's impossible to tell you a few years observation in a few moments. These messages from the stars are as varying flames flickering and touching a different part of the soul. It is all emotion and feelings that I receive. From the darkness of despair to the heights of ecstacy. Each star sending its note on the scale of love. You must feel these sensations with every part of your being so that each little flame from its mother star flickers through your body and thoroughly saturates you with its essences. When you feel as if you cannot take another drop of joy it gently dissolves and goes back to where it came from, having got to know you and leaving a little part of itself in your memory as a keepsake."

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