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Fanfiction, Etc.

Beat that addiction! Fanfics are like "Nicorette" for the otaku soul ^^ The newer ones are TXT files, it's easier then putting them into html!

I'm slow at updating this page, so you can always look for my most recent fanfics (and thousands of others!) at It's the coolest!

*** = New!

*** All I Know in Life, I learned from Anime...
~Oh, yea. Lessons to live by!

*** You've Been Reading too Much Harry Potter When...
1 | 2
~Hey, I love those books!

*** Tsubasa
1 | 2 | 3 | 4
~Aya x Nagi (Weiss Kreuz)

*** Power Weiss Rangers
The Weiss boys as Power Rangers! What more need be said?

*** You Call This a Mission?
~::snicker:: The Weiss boys hafta infiltrate a gay strip joint... heh heh heh...

Celebrity Anime Character Jepordy
~Dilandau, Lina and Pikachu clash in "Jepordy"

Lina in Ancient China By Miss. Lina
~Miaka, eat your heart out! A Fushigi Yuugi/Slayers cross-over

Actually, It'll be *US*
~'N Sync meet their match in an anime store

A is for Anime

Lines you Won't hear in Gundam Wing

Spoof "Priceless" Ads

The Ode to Gundam
~A 14 verse poem to the plot of Gundam Wing... a bit of bad language, but it's still funny!

~A spoof, revolves around the theory of catching high school freshman in Trash cans and making them

Pokemon V.e.n.g.e.n.c.e
~A dark fic about Mai, a trainer looking for vengence against Team Rocket

Nyoko Tarou
~A Ranma 1/2 fic about Pantyhose Tarou's daughter… 'Nuff said! Quite a few new characters!

The Corey Adventures
~2 children's books I wrote, very cutesy and simple. If you have young siblings. Or babysit, they might like them!

Poetry, by me!
I write weird poetry, here are a few

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