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"Get back here!" Mai shouted as she dashed through the t hick forest, branches grabbing at her jeans and tank top. She bit her lip as a thorn ripped a jagged wound down her arm. In that pause, the man she had been chasing lept into a balloon and fired the burners. Mai finally burst into the clearing, holding her arm, "Give me back my pokeball you bastard!" she yelled over the roar of the burner. As the balloon rose out of sight, Mai saw the man drop something out of the balloon. As the item rapidly fell towards her, she began to make out the familier blue and white of her custom-made pokeball.

She dove for it, tearing her arm open even more. As she slid to a stop, the pokeball fell into her hands. It was empty. As an almost inhuman moan left her lips, she crushed the pokeball. The small circuitry inside sparked, then began to burn. Immune to the pain in her grief, Mai held the fire in her hand and it slowly ignited the flames of hate deep withen her soul.




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