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Actually, It'll be *US*
-Based on the video "It's gonna be me"
By Ara Catwing

Okay, you probably know the video: 'N Sync's a bunch of dolls trying to get bought, but the other toys thrawt their attempts. Yea. So let's imagine that video had they accidently been shipped to an anime store...
The man shrugged, and signed for the odd package. Or rather, packages. They were the 5 ugliest dolls he had ever seen. He sighed and set them up on an empty shelf; right below the "Captain Harlock" action figures and above the graphic novels. He shook his head one more time and went back to organizing trading stickers.
The tearing packages made a huge amount of noise, but not like the attendent could hear over the blaring "Don't make me Wild like you"
When all 5 were free, they began to break out into their perfectly coreographed dance, but were cut short by a verse of "Yappapa"s.
"This isn't our song!"
"I know we never should have trusted Fed-ex."
"So were in the wrong store?"
"Yea, and who ever's singing this *really* sucks!"
"BAAAAAKKKKKAAAA!" Akane charged forward and sent Lance flying into a wall scroll display with one, smooth mallet blow. Before she could turn to the others, they scattered.
Justin landed on a shelf full of strangly dressed people, right at the feet of some red-head.
"Who are you?" he asked, "Some little kid?"
"C'mon, you're short...and not to mention flat..."
"And your clothes! What is that, a school uniform?"
Lina's eye twitched, then she started chanting, "Darkness beyond twilight, Crimson beyond blood that flows..."
"You okay?"
"Buried in the stream of time..."
"I mean, normal?"
"In thy great name, I pledge myself to darkness. May the *fool* who stands before *ME* be destroyed by the power you and I possess!"
"That's really weird..."
Lina stalked away from the charred man, followed by Ameria, "Oh, dear, Miss. Lina. Are you sure that was just?"
The explosion from the spell threw JC to the ground, and a huge, mechanical foot crashed down, just to the right of his head. Shaking and with eyes wide, he pulled himself up. Looming above him were 2 huge robots.
Wing Zero swung its buster rifle into position, and Deathscythe Hell prepared to strike with its thermo-nucular scythe.
Suddenly, a tiny SD figure dropped down. It straightened its clothes and rustled out its wings. Finally, it was reconizable. The fanficker, Ara Catwing!
She frowned, "Okay, originally, things just cut off here. Because... I...I" she fell to her knees sobbing, "I can't name the members of 'N Sync! Ask me about DoCo, Rabbit, Ties, SMAP or Two Mix... I know more about J-Pop! But, I couldn't keep from writing, so names will now be '_[number]_" Gomen!" She snapped her fingers and dissapeared in a swirl of dust.
_1_ ducked behind a video, bearly dodging a flaming sword. The bandage-covered Shishio sheared the display in half and lunged again. But as _1_ tried to escape another way, a chain snaked around his ankles, Finally, the heavy metal ball smashed into him, sending him to the ground.
Kamatari stepped completly into view and smiled, "Baby, Bye-Bye Bye!" and brought the scythe down.
_2_ had taken refuge behind the graphic novels. A fairly smrt move, if you forgot about the punchi figures all lost back there [Note: Punchi figures are those little Super-deformed figurines] _2_ backed against a wall, wile the tiny SD figures advanced, snarling. _2_ screamed and they all dived for the kill, ala-"Jurassic Park"
A bell hanging above the door rang as a customer pushed it open and stepped inside and up to the counter, "Hello!" she smiled "I was windering if they accidently shipped my "N Sync dolls here?"