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Lines You Won't Hear in Gundam Wing

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Relena: What did I ever see in Heero?

Quatre: Ya know... Trowa just really pisses me off sometimes.

Wufei: Hammer...of...JUSTICE!

Duo: Truth is... these are hair extensions...

Treize: Screw honor.

Dorthy: Couldn't we settle this without violence?

Duo: I'm thinking of a new look. Black is just too... forbading.

Quatre: Tea?

Heero: (Singing the Cardcaptor Sakura Song) CatchYouCatchMeCatchYouCatchMe...

Relena: Now that I think about it... that Duo guy was pretty foxy...

Heero: Wook at the cute widdle kitty-cat!

Zechs: (giggles) I love "My Little Pony"

Heero: (Whinning) Do I haaave to?