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Celebrity (Anime Character) Jepordy
By Ara Catwing

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*Cure theme music*

Alex: Hello, and welcome, to today's hell-sent episode of Celebrity Jepordy...

*Spotlights reveal 3 guests*

Alex: Our guests today are Lina Inverse, the flat-ches...

Lina: NANI?!?

Alex: (coughs nervously) Moving on, Our next guest is Dilandau Alba...

Dilandau: Moreo! Moreoooo!!!

Alexe: Very good... Last is that loveable little bastard rat, Pikachu!

Pickachu: Chuuu!

Audience: Aww....

Alex: Well. Isn't that special?

Ara: (Chucks a book at Alex) Wrong SNL skit! Stay with the script!

Alex: (Glaring at the fanficker) Anyways... Our catagories this round are...

*Little boxes light up*

Alex: Chemistry, Giant Robots, Your name, Furry creatures and History.

Lina: Ha! This'll be a breeze for someone as beauthiful and intelligent as me...

Alex: Wll, thank you for informing us...

*Lina starts funimg*

Alex: (Pulls nervously at his coller) Well, Dilandau, you have control of the board...

Dilandau:L Chiku...

Alex: What? (Looks to the judges who just shrug)

Alex: *Sweatdropping* Due to a strange speech impediment in one guest, and the two word vocabulary of aother, control goes to you, Lina.

Lina: I thought so! I'll take shemistry for 200, Alex!

Alex: This is the symbol for Phosphorus. One letter, first letter in "Pine".

*Buzzer rings out*

Alex: Yes?

Pikachu: Piii...ka?

Alex: I'm sorry, you have to ph... (judge whispers something in his ear)

Alex: Uh... the judges just informed me that "ka" denotes a question in Japanese...

*The amount pops up on Pikachu's podium*

Alex: (Sighs) You have control of the board..

PikachU: Chuuu! Pikachu!

Alex: Let's try "Your Name" for a thousand. What is, your name.

*Dilandau's buzzer goes off*

Dilandau: Wa...Watashi was Serena... (Screams and clutches his head)

Alex: (Backing away) Sorry...but no. Anyone else?

*Pikachu's buzzer*

Pikachu: Pi, KA..chu!

Alex: (Facefaults) That is... correct!

*Scores pop up: Pikachu with $1200, Dilandau wiht -$1000 and Lina with 0*

Alex: Well, it's still your board...

Pikachu: Cha?

Alex: Anyone else care to choose? No? Fine. Furry creatures then!

*A dog bark rings out*

Alex: What makes that sound?

Dilandau: (Shaking) Ja..ja... (Screams again then reverts back to Serena) Jajukaaa!!!

*Lina's buzzer*

Lina: A low-rank brass demon!


Pikachu: Chuu!

Alex: NO! Stop! (Kicks over his podium) Let's just go to final Jepordy! "Do you breath air?" that's your question!

*The contestent all write while music plays*

Alex: (Sighs) Let's see what you've got..

*Dilandau holds up a detailed drawing of Allen*
*Pikachu holds up a few pawprints*
*Lina starts chanting the "Dragon Slave" incantation*

Alex: (Coughs again) Well... thaty's it for Jepordy...