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An Ode to Gundam


The plot line of "Wing"

Is just a bit complex

5 kids sent to save the world

who knows what's coming next


First we meet Releena

Who then meets up with Heero

Who says he's gonna destroy her

But all it takes is 2 gunshot wounds

And Duo's his friend forever


'Cause Heero's a pilot

and Duo's one too!

The colonies sent them both to Earth

Along with another few


Trowa's got eyes just like that lion's

and real funny hair

and when he tried to self-destruct

gave fans one hell of a scare


While Trowa's mask may hide his frown

He's got a pal in Arabia

So rich he owns the crown


He's got an uptight servent

His name is Quatre Winner

Rashid is always worried if

Quatre's late for dinner


The last pilot's Wufei

Who can die in a ditch

Also in the circus is Catherine--

Some knife throwing bitch


Long story short they go back to space

And finally we see Lt. Zechs' face

It turns out he isn't evil at all

Just a little bit lost…

Now will Oz fall?


So Quatre goes crazy

And explosions commence

He attacks the moon base

It makes so little sense!


But soon the Lady,

Une was her name,

Turns around a gets shot

Bet that ruined Trieze's game


Now back with the pilots

Trowa returns

"We're all redundant soldiers"

is all that he said

gee, I hope

He isn't really dead


This plot line of Gundam

Is twisted and sly

How much crap could happen to these guys?


Trowa's back in the circus

With a sister no less!

Duo's Shinigami

And we can only guess

Heero's back in High School

With a whining stalker

Quatre is now the family heir

As for Wufei…

Do we really care?

-~-Ara Catwing