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IT's in the $ TRILLION$ My Home Page 'The Street Rag'---See index way below. ALSO... downsize this page temporarily and knock out any hidden 'pop ups' behind it before proceeding.

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Welcome to my web page..! First...before going any further,....the most important thing for the people on this planet to do immediately is to,(No.1)shut down all nuclear energy plants and install a 'global energy system' (see index10.html in this web page below and click on it.)A corporation owned by all countries and then ban and destroy all nuclear weapons from all countries. Rather than bury the waste and fissionable materials only to be a future hazard,use the previous nuclear missles for lauching that waste into space beyond our solar system, our universe, and send them on their way to other universes taking billions of years to get there. (cont.)Within the next half century a global democratic World Government represented equally by all citizens of this planet will emerge. Based without preference on an island near Australia. When that happens a new calender with year 001 will begin.(cont.)

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For many more ideas and concepts click on the many various pages at the very bottom of this index.Immediately below, this roller skate brake at left, and the stadium with a convertible roof at right are in page 2.Also the guy in the center with the head protector.




It's his global high speed transport system idea and dey want to grab it..'so dey tink'....'bonne chance'.(see indexes 4 and 5 below.)

The Street Rag is a Newsletter that originated in the early nineties and was presented to the public in N.Y.C. . It was mainly about new ideas ,concepts,suggestions, opinions, etc, and is now still being transferred to the internet to access every one on the planet. Since these web pages are nocopyrighted, anyone who wishes to help me can copy and duplicate all material including sketches and images from all pages in this index and create in any and all languages identical entire new web sites set up with new addresses and can also incorporate the old issues of "the street rag" publication. Please let me know what the new address is so I can put a link to it, thus permitting access in various languages.The intent is to permit more access by more people around the globe who wish to access these ideas and info without being delayed as you may at times notice.Also,any countries cited in them, should they be interested, may have access to these ideas for exploitation on specific conditions.) More past issues will be added soon but more scanning is needed. Should anyone who has the equipment and wants to help me, it would appreciated because I do not have the means to do it yet. Many other ideas and concepts not in The Street Rag will someday be on the internet on another web site meanwhile some of those ideas in the past issues have been expanded on and will also be shown to the public . You may go to other indexes that are and will be added shortly (cont.)a Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again! Your Title Here gblsys 's Home Page

Economic slowdown...Here's why.



Sept.18,2001 --Suggestions to help prevent terrorism in the air and also ease dangers on the ground.

P.S. When scanning means will be available sketches will be included.---1-- Meanwhile here is one way to identify terrorists boarding an aircraft in order to unravel what ensued later and why. On the loading ramp have all passengers photoed facing cameras without sunglasses and enter them in the planes' black box. At a later date like other data it self erases, I assume, and reenters new info.--2-- In 'USA Today'I believe, someone suggested making the pilots quarters unaccessible by putting a bulletproof wall with no door. Why not instead have like the astronauts'decompression chamber, one that permits only one personel at a time thru it and has two doors that lock,you cannot open either until the other is locked using thumb identification and include in it hidden mult-fiberoptic lenses.thus the pilot or other crew member could lock the perpetrator in that cell till the plane lands. --3--If any one succeeds in getting to the controls have a switch that can only be reactivated from ground controllers that puts the aircraft on automatic pilot so that only aground crew can then control the plane down to any airport similar to the space shuttle remote controls, thus making the controls on board ineffective.Once the aircraft landed and is stopped automatic slide chutes permit evacuation of passengers while police on the ground nabbed the hijacker(s).--4--Nov.13th,2001 The tragedy yesterday of flight 587 again has us concerned about terrorism being the cause of its crash.If fiber optic lenses were located front and rear and on the wingtips include four others located at 45 degrees to them (total of 8)a peripheral view can provide an alert to the pilot while registering the incident in the black box and while also alerting any near ground station of an approaching danger where even a positive response can take measures to possibly avoid it.--5--Preventing a repeat of ground targets such as WTC and providing escape from buildings..(Cont.)


Ted Kaczynski,---David Berkowitz,---Timothy McVeigh ---WT and Pentagon terrorists. One of Charles Manson's most faithful followers would later say "We wanted to do a crime that the world would have to stand up and take notice." we can see..some bastards like to play God, while others claim to be his messengers.Not only the greedy ,the ego-centric, and the selfish but the self-righteous are also undermining mankinds' future and survival.For milleniums now.. history has shown us the human misery that man made myths have caused to millions. With the knowledge acquired in the recent centuries about the planet, the species, the fossils , the progression of man,the final acceptance of Darwins' theories, why do we let ourselves be brainwashed by myths establish by so called 'high priests' who had very little knowledge or insight of the reality we now know exists.Let us not let fools mentioned earlier bring on mankinds' downfall. 'Mother nature'that evolved our specie this far won't stop us from ending it all.(cont)

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Your Data Transfer Status Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 Note:...This email was forwarded me just recently by my server who states: Dear GeoCities Member:"Congratulations, is very popular and has been receiving a large amount of traffic. Your site has become so popular,in fact,that our records indicate that you're using more than the allotted amount of data transfer we provide." "In the past we have not enforced that limit, so your site has been uneffected thus far. However, shortly, all free member sites transferring more than the allowable data limit will be disabled for portions of the day until usage falls to within the prescribed limits." ...My suggestion to the public is.. (Since these web pages are non-?copyrighted, anyone who wishes to help me can copy and duplicate all material including sketches and images from all pages in this index and create entire new web sites set up with new addresses and also incorporate old issues of "the street rag" publication in "Angelfire"server at bottom of this index. Please let me know what the address is so I can put a link to it.The intent is to permit more access by more people around the globe who wish to access these ideas and info without being delayed as you may at times notice.Also,any countries cited in them, should they be interested, may have access to these ideas for exploitation on specific conditions.)

It should be understood that upon my death,any and all ideas wether in 'the street rag' or/and all previous ones not exploited by me during my lifetime and regardless of whoever tries to claim them for whatever reason, they all become public domain and available then for all to use freely any time after.



... ($300,000,000,000,000.oo)


Note:What's shown here is only a fraction of further material to be entered. Meanwhile Dean Kamen says he has work-in-progress, code-named Ginger, that would pretty much alter life as we know it. While we are waiting for his new gizmo let this be "IT" in the interim.I don't know why his "IT" is such a big secret. Public disclosure gives him precedence and others could not claim IT as theirs.

"IT" "IT" "IT" "IT" is in the TRILLIONS $$$$$$$ see global systems pages below 3,4,6, and 10.Also see pages 4a, 4ax, 5, 5a, 5ax, in indextable.html

E-Mail ---- Note: Much more material will be entered as soon as more image scanning means is or can be available..Thank you.

the street rag

ideas suggestions solutions


--OCT.20,2002--Here are some suggestions to help apprehend that nutty sniper around the Washington DC area. Whoever has a digital camera, photo all unusual and suspicious individuals so that should an attack occur at that time in that area those photos could be of help. Also glance at any box truck which has a walk-in passage to the rear from the cab . He may be shooting from inside and to carry a gun out in the open he wouldn't dare.Since he is now in more unfamiliar territory, more so will he park in malls, shopping centers, and other unsuspecting areas.Like the "mad bomber" (Kysinsky?) he may be wearing sunglasses even in the evening and bad weather. Since he is on the move food, lodging, and fuel, he needs so have that personel on high alert to contact police.Putting hidden cameras in those areas may help as well as airport bus train depots upon boarding and have all facing cameras upon boarding.It is also possible that someone from the Al-queda groop is responsible or their worst enemies trying to put the blame on them could also be the culprit(s).(Cont.)


Economic slowdown...Here's why...maybe

August 22,2001.--No.. The're not telling you about it yet but if my guess is right...The're raising huge cash to control this new super infrastructure. The "Big Guys" know all about it. First you have 'Big Oil' who for no valid reason have doubled the price of fuel, and then, suddenly the electric energy companies are giving us the scare of power failures in order to raise the price (to get more cash) so they can thru monopolizing control globally the future solar network grid connection in all the deserts and which would require global installations. (As shown in page 10 see below).Third, the auto industry, just follow the pattern evolving for about a decade now. Stemple, GM's ex-CEO is now CEO of Ovonics Corp. with one of the best EV batteries,a nickel metal hydride composition(Ovshinsky creation). The Solectria EV with his battery went from Boston to New York City, 250 miles,on one charge and now GM's has incorporated it in its EV1 car. And Iacocca is also into electric vehicles. His ex-V.P.Lutz who lost the possible CEO job when Daimler came in, went to Exide battery corp. as CEO and Chairman, and is now moving in as CEO at GM While still remaining Chairman at Exide.One can speculate new mergers and stock options transactions could follow into the $billions.This possibility could get the "bulls" on Wall Street out and running. Those mentioned all know the 'writing is on the wall' and may be quietly positioning themselves for the coming events, namely the EV Electric car with one size one voltage Standard Universal Batteries and quick swap stations that will interface with all new EV's. I.E.,a $30 trillion dollar infrastructure.See pages 3, 3a, 3b, 3ax. And That's just the beginning. These vehicle could then conform also to my global high speed guideway network as suggested to the DOT back in the early 1960's (A 300 trillion dollar possibility)and again if my guess is correct the greedy vultures are trying for a grab on that thru rehashing piecemeal various concepts by committee using even unknowingly fall guys to reclaim the original ideas for their end purposes. The original concept using bi-modal vehicles riding in a tube or on the road would travel at 300MPH in the guideways while being propelled and suspended magnetically by coils in the track.As the years went by more ideas were added. See pages4, 4a, 4ax, 5, 5a, 5ax,Evacuated tubes (pipelines)will safely permit excessive speeds and at much lower costs. Within a decade later, a new generation even with bigger pipe guideways could then use the present rail and ship cargo containers with connections thru Alaska, Greenland and Iceland to reach all nations within a few hours. So the pipeline builders may or may not be aware of this new business potential yet but again cash will be needed in a hurry for monopolist to try grabbing it all.So unlike 'Big Oil' who's openly taking our money, cash must be raised without alerting outsiders who also would like a slice. To prevent too sharp a market drop while transfering new money the Fed is lowering interest to distract investors on the real reason.As others become aware globally, any attempt by newcomers to get in may be only for the moment be temporary convinced by the big players to the contrary as a delaying tactic, but nobody will buy it. Other clues to this new "Gold Rush" are the activities of the various D.O.T.s', Corporations, and Universities' research programs even globally. $300 trillion is a good reason to keep others guessing.(Cont.)


July 27,2001.About the continuation of STAR WARS missile program, namely the anti-missile missile defense system, is a waste of taxpayers time money. Many are skeptical the recents tests were successful while Russia ,now a democracy, questions our motives in pursuing it. What Russia should tell the Pentagon is "SHOW ME!" Let's play wargames ."We(Russia) will send a decoy missile at the U.S. and you (the Pentagon) try to stop it. Then the truth is more apt to come out.Several years ago(see STREET RAG No.085--page2 at top right).. a typical idea was suggested titled "NO MORE WARS"CLICK HERE and was in my view a better concept because the missiles and even the "stealth" bombers had on board anti anti-missile preventing their destruction and therefore making any and all deterrents impossible to the point of realizing the silliness of it all. Instead of trying to control and seek submission of the countries of the world including Iraq, N.Korea, who fear just that. Why not extend a hand of friendship by helping them without strings attached or prerequisites. As we can see, the world is changing, and no one need submit to any power group who tries to play GOD. We had enough of those Asses. The $Trillions wasted on weapons and wars in the last half century could have better been spent instead on new global concepts such as shown in indexes below. Such as index 3 (Electric vehicle and battery exchange stations infrastucture) index4 (Global high speed Maglev System ) and index 10 (a global solar electric energy corporation owned by all nations) and also in index 6 (free telecommunication services network the world over...everyone is a shareholder of their local system.)

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May22nd,2001.Neither Firestone nor Ford are responsible for the accidents caused by tire failures. The driver, the mere fact any vehicle has limitations, should be the one to be aware of the dangers. That said, the conditions of the road, weather, ice, visibility, speed and many other aspects come into play. In this instance, the Center of Gravity angle versus the side distance between the wheels is really or probably the cause of the recent tire failures. Just imagine two neighbors going to work and following the same route at the same speed and thru the same curves each day. One has a low CG profile while the other a high one such as the Utility vehicles today. If the curves are sharp enough the Utility may have all the load 100% on the outside tires ready to flip over while the other has only 70% load on the outside Which means the Utility driver should go slower to have the same weight ratio. Obviously the tires are under unusual strain and are apt to fail. It's just a matter of time due to fatigue and deformation by side thrust on any tire that failure would occur sooner and could even be fatal, and more so, for the neighbor with the Utility vehicle.---------June 1, 2001.(Continued) About the feud between those two Companies... why not test out a condition to proove the validity of each one's accusation. Here's a suggestion.. .Set up a circular track slanted towards the outside and have several SUVs of different makes ...all equiped with Firestone brand tires,then providing there is no ice on the road or deer crossing it we can use this new technique to control the vehicles without drivers for the test (see NAHSC Intelligent highways).. CLICK HERE Then have them follow each other at specific speeds, install strain gages to register, via a remote computer, the loading on the wheels then run them for hours at different speeds. Bring them to a stop for refueling then back up to speed again till tires fail on the 'Explorer' .If they haven't on the others yet, then that vehicle is suspect.Then a new test increasing the speed progressively to test when each vehicle flips over.This test will tell how firestone's tire hold up... what vehicle flips over in equal circumstances also repeat the same tests with different tire sets but with the same make of vehicle this time to see how other tires stand up. That should settle the arguments, and for all the world to see. An idea to prevent rollovers in turns regardless of tire conditions is to incorporate on future vehicles sensors which slow down the vehicle or restrict acceleration when too much weight differential ratio is building up on one side, and that can be done by either automatically braking and/or automatically cutting down fuel supply to engine.The damaged firestone tires may be the result of low pressure neglect ,combine that with high speed in a curve and a high center of gravity can easily result in a rollover, even on a straightaway. Michelin , I believe has a hard rubber inner core which can prevent flat tires to permit a safe slowdown and crawl to an air pump. Other means is to warn the driver autumatically and repeatedly when pressure drops or even incorporate an pump to keep all tires at a specific pressure...The real solution to transportation is coming...see in this web site all pages from indexes 3 to 5b included.

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Main Index

"THE STREET RAG" Text. Most of the present ideas in these pages were in this newsletter, and presented to the public on the streets of N.Y.C. They are now for the world to view.Many more, not disclosed yet will also be available.

link here for page 1 It is mainly used to express views,opinions,suggestions,replies ,etc. such as described.

link here for page 1a

The author's resume.It's about his past history and a resume of his work experience in many various technical areas and with many different companies as a technical consultant,designer,innovator,inventor, etc. his past experiences has contributed to many of the ideas and concepts shown in the following indexes also.

link here for page 2 It contains ideas for stadium convertible roofs,a new roller skates (Two Wheel "Skoter")

link here for page 2x It contains ideas for a new snowboard which converts into a pair of regular skis. Also a new ("Tri-cat)sailboat . The fastest yet. Also a bonded zipper fastened to the skin temporarily substituting suture stitches and leaving no scars.

link here for page 2a It contains ideas for an electric scooter,a battery exchange vending machine for bicycles, wheelchairs,etc,... a dual passenger bike,an energy concept, hurricaneproof homes, oil tanker containment system.

link here for page 2ax It contains ideas for a new system for floppy disc loading without computers, a bird's nest at your window,'hold-up' protection for taxis.A power pack to motorize present hand trucks.

link here for page 3

IT (Instant Transfer)30 trillion$

Included are recent patents of EV battery swap stations.Also a Global concept for EVs using one standard universal (size and voltage) battery available at all exchange stations anywhere on the planet and requiring no more than a minute to swap.It's in the trillions of dollars. (EURO$ or whatever)

link here for page 3a

Continued from page 3. An interim engine shut off using a flywheel for restarts saving fuel and the planet.Includes previous (Street Rag) articles on these EV's which have new features. This page also shows an EV concept with an electric motor in each wheel, a universal battery, a battery swap station and many other novel ideas.

link here for page 3ax Continued from page 3a. Includes previous (Street Rag) articles on these EV's which have new features.

link here for page 3b

(Continuation of page 3a.)Global concept for electric vehicles. Buses, semi-trailers also use same batteries, as shown here these EV's have new features and could be introduced to a high speed maglev system as shown in page 4, 4a,and 4b.

link here for page 4

IT (International Transport)300Trillion$

A high speed ground transportation first presented to DOT in Washington in 60's , what's now called "maglev" and ould be applied, funded and owned by local ,national, or global corporations and networks standardized for that very purpose with access anywhere.A 300 trillion dollar possibility.

link here for page 4a

Continuation of page 4. Global concept for high speed ground transportation.With ideas depicting how we can have access to 95% of all nations ,except distant Pacific Islands, thru Alaska to Asia and to all 6 continents and thru Greenland and Iceland to Europe. All within a few hours.

link here for page 4ax Continuation of page 4a. Global concept for high speed ground transportation. Here's a typical future possibility for high speed (3000mph)transport MAGLEV.The images were displayed in early 1990's down on Wall Street. Shown here is only a partial description of how private vehicles (and cargo at storage and retrieval areas) can safely enter and exit the system with no problems whatsoever.

link here for page 5 Back in the "Johnson Administration" era this technical material of the Marco System Inc. and what is now called 'MAG-LEV' was presented to the U.S.DOT in Washington in the early 60's.A bi-modal system using the same privately owned vehicles on the streets and in the global magnetic guideways as also indicated in pages 4 and 4a. It was evaluated with other concepts and placed at the top of the list.It is now also on file in the U.S. Patent Office.

link here for page 5a Further material and in more detail was also presented and disclosed to the public and various interested parties for viewing. When this later info was released to the public in 1987 the stock market crashed.

link here for page 5ax Further material such as THE GUIDEWAYS-THRU MOUNTAINS-UNDERWATER-BRIDGING LAKES AND RIVERS . Also material depicting a Montreal to New York City connection with solw downs at various town in between.. This global system would eventually grow into three generations.The first generation concept would accomodate an EV electric vehicle , the second cargo containers and the third mini capsules for very high speeds.

link here for page 6

IT (Interstate Telecom) 2 Trillion$

Global concept for communications and it's all free. No more phone monthly bills,no more TV cable fees,no more nuttin! We,the people of this planet own and control it.A two trillion dollar possibility

link here for page 7 this page will be restructured into others and later deleted into a specific category.Miscillaneous at present.

link here for page 8 The politicians,the gangsters, the contractors will love this one.It relates to structures for various public activities. Only sealed bids are allowed.

link here for page 9 After all these centuries of fomenting never ending conflicts, by greedy and selfish interest,in Europe,never mind what we've seen else where in the last few centuries in other parts of the world europe is now leading the way for new possibilities.This page can also give us another possibility to an ever greater objective. Global unity.. Then watch us go. Global transport, energy, communications, among many others. Hang in there!

link here for page 10

IT (Inert Transmission)Another Trillion $$

Energy in abundance and forever.It's all free for everyone.Another trillion dollar possibility.Using most desert located in all continents around the world,deploying solar panel fields in them and interconnecting them via Alaska and the North Atlantic Islands. A Northern Loop with a never ending supply of energy totally with inert components and can provide the world with free power and forever. It's installation cost would be financed by all proportionately. Thus permitting even the smallest and poorest countries to participate and control their own destiny also.(cont)

link here for page 11

In order to help all the countries of the world to develop and attain a standard of life equal to ours, some of these ideas in this page can be provided to various governments for their internal growth. (not for individual or corporate interests to grab and run like we see now preventing their growth while maintaining them at a very meager level and thus controlling those countries to a submission to a bunch of greedy ego-centric gangsters here making them eat out of their hand trying then to show us their phony generosity.)Some ideas as listed in page 2,6 and others have already been made available should those countries contact me and meet certain conditions (cont)

link here for page 12

This page contains ideas relating to participating sports as well as spectator sports.It also pertains to ideas for bicycles, roller blades, skiing , clothing ,golf and many others.Structures such as stadium convertible roofs,ski slope canopies for all-year round sking, street activity shelters.and many others can be found in page 8 listing under 'structures'. (cont)

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