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($300,000,000,000,000.oo --- see all indexes 4 and 5)

Privatly owned vehicles that will ride in "magnetic suspension and propulsion" guideway tubes as defined by Marco Systems Inc. to the U.S. D.O.T.way back in the early 60's and before "Mag-Lev".

Note:(These web pages are non--copyrighted. Also,any countries cited in them, and should they be interested, may have access to these ideas for exploitation on specific conditions.

It should be understood that upon my death,any and all ideas wether in 'the street rag' and/or in all previous materiel not exploited by me during my lifetime, and regardless, of whomever tries to claim them for whatever reason , they all become public domain and available then for all individuals on this planet to use freely any time thereafter .

Note:What's shown in these pages is only a fraction of further material to be entered.

E-Mail at: Note: Much more material will be entered as soon as more image scanning means is or can be available.If you can help,although some others may object,meet me and let me know.Thank you.

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Note:If frozen, hit reload until scroll bar appears.(it should decrease to 1/4" when all is in.) ----See below,much more to come.--Global concept for high speed ground transportation.With access any where via Alaska to Asia to all 6 continents and even thru Greenland to Europe. All within an hour.

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(1)(IMAGE NO.5 a copy from 'THE STREET RAG'No.135,page 1.. Sept.9,97)Almost four decades ago a high speed magnetic guideway network concept was presented to the D.O.T. Director of Research in Washington,D.C. It illustrated and depicted how we could displace privately owned vehicles in a controlled manner permitting them entrance and exit without stopping the system at any time.With no contact(mag.lev.)and propelled and controlled externally the vehicles cannot cause a stoppage.After a system analysis study was made by TRW Corp. for the U.S. D.O.T. ,who was at that time seeking new modes,from individuals, universities and even corporations, the concept above (in tubes) was their first choice. From it evolved "mag-lev", a new name given to an old idea (1912 Patent No.1020942) by a Mr.Bachelet of N.Y.C. It is also like the recent ones in various countries. The're all suspended and propelled magnetically but its not in the mode suggested in tubes and individual vehicles. one can see where the 40 passenger plus or so vehicles could lend themselves to be used for moving cargo containers also someday in the future. But again they'd better be propelled in tubes if very high speeds (Mach 1 to??) are to be attained while protecting them against all elements. The seperable auto bi-modal capsules (left) are pressurized for passenger comfort and ride the evacuated tubes also. The EV dolly carrier stays behind at point of departure.

(2)(IMAGE NO.6 a copy from 'THE STREET RAG' No.135,page2.. Sept 9,97)Enlarged images of these pages above are or will be shown below. "Mag-Lev",the word, was coined from magnetic levitation which means "magnetic suspension and propulsion" as defined by Marco Systems Inc. to the U.S. D.O.T.way back in the early 60's and before "Mag-Lev". Many since have developed a single vehicle (train)to transport a high volume of passengers. At present, a Germany company, also Japan, Russia, Romania, England have built various concepts. Even Brookhaven Nat. Labs. in New York have done some research and patented their concept(as shown)see article "loco-motion" at left. Should copies of these issues be of interest write to distributor(s) listed at end of this web page.this particular one is almost illegible. Top left one refers to one maglev train and an air cushioned(lift)and mgnetically propelled auto, a GMC patent. The lower portion depicts An intersecting station to permit entrance to and exit from the magnetic guideway by individual autos. Also pictorial views in cities and out in the countryside of enclosed guideways lending themselves to extremely high speeds for the future to travel via the Bering Strait to all 5 continents. The sketches to the lower right were presented to Washington in early 60's and will be "the way we go". Top right is "F.B.I." who's been on my ass and won't tell me for who and why ...yet! Intimidation using "Foreign Counterintelligence--Russia" as their ploy. A set-up.! It will be lawsuits in the billion$ for all those lawyers,(and those also selected by and representing the witnesses) will get20% and so will all the witnesses(both shared among them.)The remaining 60% will be used to further my development of all my ideas and concepts to help all citizens of this planet. AS for the gangsters...just wait..! Note: The images above will soon be enlaged as the one below and entered also.

(3a)The image letters above represents excerpts of the original concept that was ,upon my visit to U.S.DOT in the early sixties, disclosed to them (cont)

(3ax)The letter of May 1971 above from BOEING AEROSPACE GROUP in Seattle Wash. suggests that my high speed bi-modal magnetic levitated and propelled concept is the future one beyond their Morgantown open guideway with wheels on their vehicles as shown above.It states:May 26,1971."Dear Mr. Marchand: We have reviewed the litterature forwarded to us relative to your transportation system concept. As you are aware, the Boeing Company has entered into the field of surface transportation and is presently concentrating on people-mover types of systems."

"The concept you have proposed is most interesting in that we believe it represents the next generation of systems beyond the Morgantown concept."

"Your information has been forwarded to Mr. W.C. Galloway who is responsible for the Boeing Company's efforts in circulation and distribution systems. I have requested that Mr. Galloway keep in touch with you relative to the applicability of your concept and the potential interest our company may have in some future application of these concepts." Your very truly, THE BOEING COMPANY signed (Dennis E.Keenan) Manager- New Ventures. (cont)

(3c)The image above represents a future scenario such as in N.Y.City with an elevated maglev guideway flowing vehicles or cargo capsules to,or through the city in minutes (cont)

(3d)The image above represents excerpts of the original concept that was ,upon my visit to U.S.DOT in the early sixties, disclosed to them then. The upper right hand corner shows an access and exit station some where, in this instance, between Berlin And Prague and typical for that matter anywhere on the planet, how all standard vehicles(autos) can interface with the system, should all nations accept a universal standard. That is why we must alter our attitudes to cooperate rather than live with the endless confrontations of the past egged on by those who have always sought to benefit from continous chaos thru the centuries. (cont)

(3e)Note: Most of the images in these pages are ideas, innovations,suggestions, previously printed in "the street rag" past issues.New ones not disclosed yet will eventually be added when finances among other things will permit it.The image above, in a 1995 issue represents (cont)

Here was a concept recently suggested by 2020 engineering. It's similar to what was suggested by Marco systems Inc. way back. ....Sorry but it's no longer a click-on site .It's adress was...


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