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Nemesea - Mana 4/5

Reviewed: 4-1-05


1. Nemesis (intro)
2. Threefold law
3. Empress
4. Angel in the dark
5. Part l/The taker
6. Part ll/Dies irae
7. Part lll/Moriendum tibi est
8. Part lV/From beneath you it devours
9. Lucifer
10. Disclosure
11. Beyond evil
12. Cry

With the amount of female fronted bands surfacing these days, it's become very hard to distinguish between the average ones and the great ones, and it's even harder to figure out which ones satisfy our particular tastes. This is a debut that's rather easy for me to describe however. Both musically and vocally the band is gothic metal, nicely blending After Forever, Within Temptation and Epica, with very little (if any) male "beast" vocals. Just like the mentioned bands, Nemesea is very symphonic, with some really good choir parts, an epic feeling, but there is also a dark and even an evil atmosphere present. Satanic pictures completely fill the booklet, not to mention the lyrical content (mostly based on good versus evil). But don't let me scare you away already, this CD is as good as anything After Forever and Epica have released, while not quite matching the Within Temptation masterpiece 'The silent force'.

Every song on this is outstanding, but I've found myself really drawn to track 4 "Angel in the dark", as it starts out slow with wonderful vocals, then rises up with enormous power. There are lots of tempo changes in this manner, most evident on the "Mortalitas" tracks, with the memorable track 5 "Part l/The taker" and track 7 "Part lll/Moriendum tibi est" with its excellent guitar work, being the highlights. We're reminded of the "satanic" theme with track 9 "Lucifer", but I've found that there are enough guitar solos throughout the CD that lighten up and balance out the dark atmosphere.

It's very easy for me to highly recommend this to fans of gothic metal. The female vocals are beautiful, pleasant at the softer moments, and powerful at the heavier parts. This doesn't sound like a debut, but rather a band releasing their 2nd or 3rd CD. With 'Invisible circles' from After Forever being a big disappointment (I can't even remember the last time I listened to that), this is a CD released at just the right time. One of the strongest gothic metal CDs out there for sure!




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