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Nanowar - Other bands play, Nanowar gay! 4/5

Reviewed: 5-12-06


1. Intrue
2. Tricycles of steel
3. True metal of the world
4. King
5. Introducing the power (Potentia magni gladi vobis)
6. Power of the power of the power of the power (of the greatest sword)
7. Metal-la-la-la
8. Gioca true
9. The number of the bitch
10. Entra L'uomo di sabbia
11. Triumphant march of the Nano-warrior
12. Outrue

It seems like stranger aeons since my new Nanowar CD arrived from Rome. Mr. Gatto Panceri 666 has requested me to review their latest power metal parody. Actually it's only been about 6 weeks, 6 hours, and 6 days since I received the CD, and so much has happened and transpired with all my transcribed metallic motivations, in such a short time. My viking metal mate initially introduced me to this band, so I liberally listened to the librettos on their website and I immediately succumbed to their true metal of steel. With a voracious appetite, I hungered to hear more, so I quickly contacted the band and they surreptitiously submitted and sent me a CD. Now, I finally get to comment on what is still one of my favorite CDs of the year.

Nanowar formed in January 2003 when Manowar fanatic Gatto Panceri decided to take his mindset for metal and write some silly songs and witless words. He selected the name for the band by substituting the word "Man" for "Nano", since the Italian word for dwarf is "Nano". His intent was to suggest an Italian/English rendering of "dwarfwar" or rather "little Manowar". Gatto also claims the names is derived from a Spanish king with that appelative who lived a life of debauchery and rapacious sin. Let it be known that Nanowar are viewed by most critics as an inane, no-talent band; therefore, they are seldom taken all that seriously. This is authenticated by the disturbing fact that even Metal-Archives denied their submission. Metal devotee's sometimes can be too serious; when they really need to lighten up and mitigate their malice. Nanowar simper and celebrate metal in a manner parallel to what Weird Al does for Pop music. They put their own humorous twist on a song and yet still make it reasonably risible and quite enjoyable. All throughout the CD there is diaphonous dialogue and irreverent interchange. This is in their native language, yet still easily deciphered. This does not imply that Nanowar are just mocking metal; quite the contrary as they are very talented musicians who essentially make merry their metal. In order to do this diligently, they must be metal zealots as well, and indeed they are. Nanowar are neither moronic mutant rejects either, in actuality Gatto is persuing his Masters in Theoretical Particle Physics. Nanowar just don't take themselves that seriously, and this is a novel concept and quite marketable. There is no doubt that ostentatious, over the top outfits like Manowar have served to influence them, but they also toy with Rhapsody, Metallica and Iron Maiden. On their last effort 'Triumph of true metal of steel' they had the excellent Rhapsody parody of "Emerald sword" called "Emerald fork". This song is so funny that everytime I hear it, I chuckle. I've come to enjoy this version more than the original song which inspired them. Then there is the mock up of Metallica's "Master of puppets" aptly titled "Master of pizza". They seemed to have an affinity for writing lyrics about the atrocious fast-food in their Italian homeland, and all of their bizarre eating habits.

On the new CD which has cover artwork lampooning those macho men in the navy, Nanowar sardonically satiates the edified with "Number of the bitch" an anecdote for prurience aimed ATT the carnal and indecorous phone sex sensationalism. This number is so abtruse and recondite with ribald references that Bruce and his killers would definitely get a real soccer kick out it. I impel you to visit their website and hear this song for yourself, and read the lyrics! The CD itself has some excellent cartoonish artwork in the true GWAR fashion for each song. Nanowar may have a silly side to them, but they are truly an outright headbanging band. The opening track taken directly from the periodic chart follows with some Italian speech and instantly blows your speakers with the transfiguring "Tricycles of steel". This schwindle is an obvious play on "Wheels of steel" which will have you singing along with their impudish antics and redolent rants. Then the track "True metal of the world" with its simple and repetitive chorus just hammerfalls away with its "Our metal is so strong cuz our dicks are so long" motif. Vocalist Potowotominimak does his best impression of Fabio Lione licentiously copulating with Eric Adams, yet still he has excellent range and pitch. Guitarist Abdul is very accomplished, and skinsman Uinona Raider definitely channels Scott Colombus with his drums of doom avoiding all violence and bloodshed. Luca Turilli taunting re-commences with the "King" that is of the "Happy Meal" replete with violins and female vocals, referring to the "King of nordic twilight" with extra cheese! This has a coda which reminds me of Toby's harangue on the latest Edguy, which has to be heard several times to digest before reverse peristalsis occurs. There is also the terse yet tautotological "Power of the power of the power of the power of the great sword" a true metal anthem with all its vital minerals. Then there is their homage to Anvil's "Five-knuckle shuffle" with "Metal-la-la-la" an epic song about habituation and frustration. This is accentuated by the follow-up "Gioca true (Other bands play, Nanowar gay!)" the CD title track which rearranges Manowar's words with bawdy and boisterous blunt blunders of bogus boasting: "Nanowar, Nanowar living on the road, when we come to your town, posers explode!"

Another cut from their previous slice of the meat of shite which Nanowar nuanced on 'Triumph of true metal of steel' was the ballad "Poser". Normally I loathe weak and lame songs, but the words in this song just had me spiralling as the band tells it like it is "You're a poser... you wear the shirt of 'Load'" resplendent with acquired acoustic and somber semblence. Nanowar, for whom the bell, extols Metallica this time around, and we are treated to a high grade quality cover of "Enter sandman", completely in Italian. There is no satire going on here, rather just an excellent rendition of a true classic. Just because Nanowar have a tendency to mock their Italian power metal scene, it does not suggest that they are dissing metal altogether. Gatto actually admits to listening to the brutal death metal like Nile, Dismember, & Entombed, but he mires in all the Maiden and dreams of performing at the theater as well. Join Nanowar in their triumphant march for the true metal of the world. Metal maniacs open your minds and hearts to their caustic sense of humour; listen to their powerfully piercing and perforating purgations. Once you give Nanowar the chance they deserve, you will be as enthusiastic about this band as I am. They are true metal with all the vital ingredients and essential minerals of the enchanted emerald forest, driven with the gumption and grace necessary to succeed. The production on the new CD is much more professional, and the songwriting is just better overall. The original songs truly echo the 80s sound which I so adore. As musician Baffo so eloquently suggests, "The truest heart of the truest defender of the true metal lies into the truest person." Gatto concurs, by contributing, "True metal exists when the element you're considering has unfilled electron conduction bands so that it may reflect radiation and conduct electricity." Now who can disagree with that? So go to Nanowar's site and indulge yourself in their metallic mayhem, I did and I'm forever grateful.




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