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Neverland (Tur) - Reversing time 3/5

Reviewed: 10-24-08


1. Shooting star
2. To lose the sun
3. Mankind is a lie
4. Everlasting tranquillity
5. Reversing time
6. Black water
7. Mountain of judgement
8. Mountain of joy
9. World beyond these walls
10. Transcending miracle
11. Once again this life

Neverland is a new band formed by all of the members of the Turkish progressive power metal band Dreamtone (who currently have a decent debut 'Sojourn') and Greek female vocalist Iris Mavraki. So this is along the lines of a side-project for Dreamtone, and they've also put forth the effort to obtain some guest musicians and vocalists, including Hansi Kursch (Blind Guardian) and Tom Englund (Evergrey), for the band's debut, 'Reversing time'.

The style of this CD mostly lies within the realm of symphonic power metal, but although comparisons could be made to bands like Rhapsody of Fire, it's not as bombastic, and I should also mention that there is not a lot of speed present. In addition, there are parts of this CD that recall the progressive power metal style of Dreamtone, which is obviously to be expected. One thing I really like about the CD is the variety of tempo present, and in fact, my favorite songs are the slow ones that feature Iris singing, especially the wonderful track 4 "Everlasting tranquillity", which is probably the most memorable song on the CD.

Thankfully, 'Reversing time' contains a strong production, something that's important for a CD of this style. There are a lot of instrumental segments, and on a CD like this (with a variety of vocalists and tempo), I think it works well, as the CD flows smoothly and we're not quickly jerked from one musical/vocal style to a completely different one. Special mention must be made of the exciting track 6 "Black water", as it has a memorable chorus and it's one of the most upbeat songs on the CD.

Despite this CD having a lot of positive aspects, it hasn't come close to blowing me away and I'd hesitate to even call it great, as solid is a much better description. There's nothing bad about it, yet nothing extraordinary either. Fans of symphonic power metal or the band Dreamtone should be pleased however, and if you belong in this group, this will probably be a worthwhile purchase.




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