Nivaira - Desert child 4/5

Reviewed: 2-1-11


1. Espiritu de fuego
2. God of war
3. Mare
4. The world I gave to you
5. Tsaritsa
6. La dama d'arago
7. Avalon
8. Little prince
9. Mortal rock
10. Water maid

For those who missed my review of Nivaira's debut 'The city' a few years back, they're a band formed by members of the now defunct band Lorien. 'Desert child' is their 2nd CD, and it continues with the same style as the debut, which is melodic power metal of the pleasant (as opposed to extra-aggressive) type. The band focuses on melodic and catchy rhythms, with typical (sometimes galloping) riffs that aren't unlike what we usually get from a power metal band. There aren't a lot of keys, so it's truly the guitar work that leads the band, musically.

Just like with the debut, the band features 2 vocalists, and they are female vocalist Diana Alieve (who sings mostly in the soprano range - in a crisp and clear manner) and male vocalist David Tordera (who has a clean voice - no "beast" here), and he is also the bass and guitar player. Being from Spain, the band has chosen to sing a few songs in Spanish, and I must admit that they add some variety to the CD. That said, regardless of the language, the vocal department is excellent, with Diana and David sometimes in harmony, and other times they alternate singing duties. Being a major fan of female vocalists, I really enjoy Diana's performance, but David is great too.

To describe this CD in one word, it would definitely be "smooth" - it flows well, is consistent, and it never catches me off gaurd with a weak/disappointing song that I wish wasn't part of the CD. Yes, all of the songs are excellent, though I will definitely call track 3 "Mare" my favorite, as Diana's vocals are exceptional (soaring beautifully) and it's a very memorable song. The following track 4 "The world I gave to you" also stands out, as it's a wonderful slow song with Diana and David in perfect harmony throughout.

The good thing about this band is that they could easily appeal to fans of both female fronted and male fronted power metal bands. In fact, I could describe this band as being a blend of Lorien and Amberian Dawn. Both of Nivaira's CDs are of high quality, though I do think this CD is a step up from the debut. Regardless, this is a recommended band, so make sure to check them out.




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