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Billy the Kid Haunts and Sites As They Appear Today

This section of my website shows photos I have taken of Billy's old haunts and sites as they appear today. I have also put several photos of several graves of Billy's friends and enemies. All of the photos were either taken throughout the second week of July 2000 or the second week of June 2003. Check back often, because photos will be added frequently.

The photo at the top of the page is of a statue of Billy the Kid that currently stands in the town square of the town of Fort Sumner. However, this is not the original Fort Sumner, but a town located a few miles away from the site of the old fort and named after it after the original was destroyed in a flood of the nearby Pecos River.

Billy the Kid Haunts and Sites As They Appear Today

Anton Chico, Page 1
Anton Chico, Page 2
Blazer's Mills, Page 1
Blazer's Mills, Page 2
Dowlin's Mill
Fort Sumner, Page 1
Fort Sumner, Page 2
Fort Stanton
George Coe Ranch
La Mesilla
Las Cruces/Pat Garrett Murder Site
Las Vegas, Page 1
Las Vegas, Page 2
Las Vegas, Page 3
Roswell & the South Spring Ranch
San Patricio, Page 1
San Patricio, Page 2
San Patricio, Page 3
San Patricio, Page 4
Stinking Springs
White Oaks, Page 1
White Oaks, Page 2
White Oaks, Page 3

Graves of Billy the Kid's Friends and Enemies

Grave of Tom Folliard, Charlie Bowdre, and, allegedly, Billy the Kid
Grave of Pat Garrett
Grave of Dick Brewer
Grave of Buckshot Roberts
Graves of John Tunstall and Alex McSween
Grave of Susan McSween
Grave of Yginio Salazar
Grave of George Peppin
Grave of Jesus Silva