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Blazer's Mills, Page 1

This section of my site contains photos of Blazer's Mills as it appears today. The Mills was the scene of one of the most spectacular gunfights in Old West history. Taking place on April 4, 1878, the gunfight pit Andrew "Buckshot" Roberts, a member of the sub-posse that killed John Tunstall and an ally of Dolan & Co., against fourteen Regulators, including Billy "the Kid" Bonney. The gunfight ended with Roberts having wounded Regulators John Middleton, George Coe, Doc Scurlock, Charlie Bowdre, Billy Bonney, and killing leader Dick Brewer, while he himself was mortally wounded by a pistol shot fired by Bowdre. During the fight, Roberts barricaded himself in one of the scattered one-story adobe houses located at the settlement. The next morning, Roberts died in the house and was buried in the settlement's small cemetery, where the man he killed, Brewer, was himself buried the afternoon before. For more on this gunfight, and to see photos of how the Mills appeared in the 1800s, click here.

The one-story adobe building

This is the one-story adobe building that Buckshot Roberts took refuge in after he was shot by Charlie Bowdre. This photo was taken from the back of the house.

Inside the adobe building

This photo was taken looking inside the adobe.

The adobe from the front

This shot was taken across the street and shows the front of the adobe house. This is approximately the view that Dick Brewer would have had of the building before Roberts killed him. The trailer where Blazer relatives live in today can be seen to the right of the adobe.