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The Graves of John Tunstall and Alex McSween

This section of my site contains photos of the graves of John H. Tunstall and Alexander A. McSween. Tunstall's murder by Dolan henchman sparked the Lincoln County War and he was soon after buried in the eastern yard beside his store in Lincoln. The war ended when McSween himself was also murdered. He was buried beside Tunstall soon after, wrapped simply in a dirty blanket with no coffin. Also buried with the two were Regulator Frank MacNab, who was killed by the Seven Rivers Warriors in April 1878, and Harvey Morris, a non-combatant law student who was killed at the same time as McSween. However, today only the graves of Tunstall and McSween are marked. Unfortunately though, the markers for each are located behind the Tunstall store, not to the eastern side of it, placing them several yards away from where their bodies actually lie.

Alex McSween's headstone

John Tunstall's headstone

This image shows both graves, or, correctly, their markers. The stone plaque for each is located directly in front of the corresponding cross. Tunstall's is the one to the left, McSween's the right.