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Fort Sumner, Page 2

This photo was taken from where the room of the Maxwell house where Billy the Kid was allegedly killed in once stood. It looks north-west and the museum can still be seen. The cluster of trees to the right in the far background mark the approximate location where the quartermaster's depot once stood, in which Saval and Celsa Gutierrez made their home.

Site of Billy the Kid's Alleged Death

This stone slab marks the site of Pete Maxwell's bedroom, where Billy the Kid was allegedly killed. The stone reads: "Henry McCarty, Alias William H. Bonney, Alias Billy the Kid, Died Here, Killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett, July 14, 1881."

The Old Cemetery

This photo was taken from the entrance to the old cemetery, the only part remaining of the old fort. The large, fenced in area to the right marks the graves (or at least headstones) of Billy the Kid, Charlie Bowdre, and Tom O'Folliard.