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The Grave of Yginio Salazar

This section of my page shows a photo of the grave of Regulator Yginio Salazar. Salazar was most likely the youngest Regulator, having ridden with them at the age of only fifteen. During the Five-Day Battle in Lincoln, he was shot twice and presumed dead by the Dolan men. However, he managed to crawl away and later received medical attention. He thereafter became a rancher near the small community of Las Tablas and remained a close friend of Billy the Kid's. He died of natural causes on Jan. 7, 1936 and was buried in Lincoln's cemetery beside his wife Isabel, who died shortly before him on May 15, 1935.

Yginio Salazar's headstone

Note the epitaph at the bottom of Yginio's side of the headstone: "Pal of Billy the Kid."