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The Grave of Pat Garrett

This section of my page contains photos of the grave of Pat Garrett, alleged killer of Billy the Kid. Garrett was shot and killed on a road to Las Cruces on Feb. 29, 1908 and was thereafter buried in a Las Cruces cemetery. Over the following years, as Garrett's wife and children died, they were buried in another cemetery across the street from the one Garrett himself was buried in. Therefore, Garrett's body was exhumed and moved across the street, where it was redinterred in the Garrett family plot.

Pat Garrett's headstone

This image shows Garrett's modest headstone. Note how there is nothing noteworthy about it at all, nothing to indicate that this was the man who was famous for killing Billy the Kid.

The Garrett Family Plot

This image shows the entire plot of the Garrett family. Pat's headstone is the one in the middle in the row closer to the big monument which simply bears the name "Garrett." In total, there are ten bodies in the plot, Garrett's, his wife Apolonaria, and eight of their ten children. The most recent Garrett to be buried here was Jarvis Garrett, Pat's youngest son who died in 1991.