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Roswell & the Chisum South Spring Ranch

This section of my site contains a couple photos related to the town of Roswell and the South Spring Ranch, which belonged to John Chisum and his brothers at the time of the Lincoln County War, located just outside of Roswell. During the Lincoln County War, Roswell was composed of a post-office, a general store, a few other scattered buildings, and not much else. Since that time though, it has greatly grown, becoming one of the biggest cities in the state of New Mexico. It is also a huge tourist attraction, not for its connection to Billy the Kid, but rather for the alleged U.F.O. crash that occured near the town in 1947. An intersting sidenote to the purported U.F.O. crash is that the man who discovered the site of the crash was Max Brazel, a nephew of Jesse Wayne Brazel, the man who took credit for the murder of Pat Garrett.

A Statue of John Chisum

This statue of John Chisum was erected a few years ago and is currently located in the town's square.

Another View of the Chisum Statue

This photo was taken further away from the actual statue, giving a wider shot and showing more of Roswell itself.

The Entrance to the South Spring Ranch

Today, the South Spring Ranch has been renamed the Jinglebob Land & Livestock Co. Although it's not as big as when it was run by the Chisums in the 1870s and 1880s, it is still quite a large spread.