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Anton Chico, Page 1

This part of my page contains photos of the small village of Anton Chico. After the end of the Lincoln County War, Anton Chico became a haunt for the last remaining Regulators. Billy the Kid and the Rustlers he led visited Anton Chico often as well, in order to sell their stolen livestock.

Anton Chico, as it appears today

This is basically how the town looks today. It can't be much bigger than it was back during the time the Regulators visited there.

An old Anton Chico adobe

This is an example of one of the many adobe houses still existing in Anton Chico.

The old church at Anton Chico

This church was in Anton Chico back during the Lincoln County War. The wedding of Sallie Chisum to Will Robert took place here. The weddings of Pat Garrett and Barney Mason took place here too, both of them happening on January 14, 1880.