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Blazer's Mills, Page 2

This is the second page of my photos of the ruins of Blazer's Mills.


This photo shows the ruins of a building that was part of the Blazer's Mills settlement. This photo was taken from the highway directly in front of the ruins. These ruins are located to the left of the one-story adobe building that Buckshot Roberts took refuge in after being mortally wounded.

Ruins of the Old Mill Building

This photo was taken looking uphill from the highway. It shows old, adobe walls that were walls to the two-story sawmill building. The sawmill was located several yards in front of the one-story adobe building Buckshot took refuge in. Dick Brewer took refuge behind a pile of logs that was located right next to the sawmill building.

The Stream at Blazer's Mills

This stream is located on the opposite side of the highway that the one-story adobe building is on. It is on the same side of the highway that the ruins of the sawmill building are located. This stream powered the actual mill.