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San Patricio, Page 4

This is my fourth, and final, page showing photos of San Patricio as it appears today. This page shows three photos of various graves surrounding the old church. Many of the graves are over 100 years old. Some have markers, which have nothing at all written on them. Since most of the Hispanic Regulators came from here, it's possible that Francisco Zamora and/or Vincente Romero, both killed at the end of the Five-Day Battle in Lincoln, are buried here. If either of them are, their current grave markers have nothing written on them.

Some of the Graves

This is the first photo showing various different graves in the old cemetery.

More Graves

This is the second photo showing different graves in the old San Patricio cemetery.

Even More Graves

This is the third, and final, photo of the various graves in San Patricio.