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This section of my site depicts the town of Lincoln as it appears today. The town has barely changed since the days of the Lincoln County War, with perhaps the biggest alteration being that the town's single road is now paved. Other than that, Lincoln appears pretty much the same as it did to men such as Billy the Kid, Jimmy Dolan, and Pat Garrett. Due to the large number of photos I have of Lincoln, I have divided them up into individual pages focusing on a particular building or site. Also, I have placed them in a west-to-east order, as if you were walking into Lincoln from the west. To view these photos, simply click the corresponding links below.

Murphy-Dolan Store, Page 1
Murphy-Dolan Store, Page 2
Wortley Hotel & Restaurant
Dolan House
Site of the McSween House
Tunstall Store, Page 1
Tunstall Store, Page 2
Brady-Hindman Murder Site
Street & the Chapman Murder Site
Old Courthouse
Site of Squire Wilson's House
Col. Dudley's Campsite
Montano House
Casa de Patron
Ellis House