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Real Computer Help Online: From the beginner to the seasoned user, this website is designed to answer all of your computer questions and take some of the frustration out of trying to use Windows.



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These instructions are geared toward the single-click method of using your mouse. If you use double-clicking, you should compensate accordingly. Additionally, if any terms used in these instructions are unfamiliar to you, refer to the Glossary for their definitions. Menus and items you click on are shown in yellow.

Click on any of the questions below for the answers. To retract an answer for easier viewing of the questions, click on the question again, not the answer.

Q: I have a program that says it's a DOS program and not a Windows program. Can I still run it on my computer?

A: Yes. Windows allows you to run DOS programs, examine the contents of a disk or perform other DOS-based operations. You can also work with DOS operations and Windows applications at the same time.

Q: Sometimes when I'm in DOS mode, I have a toolbar, and other times I don't. How do I find it?

A: Click the MS-DOS icon in the upper-left corner of the window and choose Toolbar.

Q: How can I change my settings for a particular DOS session?

A: Click Properties on the Toolbar to open the MS-DOS Prompt Properties dialog. Each tab represents a different category of settings you can select for your DOS session. Be sure to click OK after you've made your selections.

Q: Can I run my DOS program in a window?

A: Yes. Press Alt + Enter to switch to toggle between windowed mode and full-screen DOS mode. You can also click Full-Screen on the Toolbar.

Q: Can I open more than one MS-DOS Prompt window at a time?

A: You can open up more than one DOS Prompt window at a time and use your Clipboard of copy information from one running program to another.

Q: How can I copy information between DOS and Windows?

A: Click the Mark button on the Toolbar. Highlight the text you want to copy, then click Copy. Switch to the other program. Place the cursor where you want the text inserted and left-click, then click the Paste button on the Toolbar. If a Paste button doesn't exist, press Ctrl + V.

To cut, copy and paste, the DOS program must be running in a window. So if needed, press Alt + Enter to switch to window mode.

Q: How do you delete information in DOS?

A: Click the Mark button on the Toolbar. Highlight the text you want to cut, then press the Delete key on your keyboard.

Q: I have a game that works in DOS, but I have trouble starting it all the time. Is there anything I can do?

A: You might want to shut down you computer and run it from the DOS prompt. To do this, Click Start, then choose Shut Down, then select Restart in MS-DOS-Mode. At the DOS prompt, type the command to start the program and press Enter. Some games need to be started this way.

Q: How do I close the MS-DOS prompt?

A: Either type EXIT from the DOS prompt, or click the Close button in the upper-right corner of the window.


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