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Carpe Noctem--This is the home of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (V:TES) for Maryland. This resource serves to facilitate the play of V:TES in the Baltimore Metropolitian Area and to maintain an awareness of all other V:TES activities throughout the state, Metropolitian D.C., and other national and international domains. This website, when combined with the VTES-Baltimore Yahoo News Group, attempts to provide a means to coordinate games and events (including White-Wolf sanctioned tournaments and storyline and pre-release special events), clarify rules, post tournament results, and resolve gaming issues. Currently there are about a dozen of us that meet regulary in Glen Burnie, MD at Games and Comics...and Stuff. We gather every Saturday for the Baltimore Anarchs Weekly Rant, noonish, and try to get in three or four games of constructed deck play . We try to keep our games to two-hours each. Old-Timers (Jyhad players with or without their 1994 Jyhad decks) and Newcomers (We have demonstration decks that we will gladly provide to help you learn the game) are welcome to join our playgroup...Lurkers too.

Games and Comics...and Stuff
7476 Baltimore and Annapolis Blvd
Glen Burnie, Maryland 21061
(410) 863-7418
Games and Comics...and Stuff Web Site
Organizer Name: Dan Coleman, V:EKN Prince of Baltimore
Organizer Email:

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V:TES is intended for two or more mature players, but best enjoyed with five players, each assuming the role of an ancient vampire, known as a Methuselah, pitted against each other in a fight for control over the ominous World of Darkness. Five player games may last anywhere from one-hour to several-hours; however, tournaments have a two-hour time limit.

V:TES was named as the best multiplayer collectible card game of all time by InQuest Gamer in a March 2004 article. VTES also charted in the top ten card games in Comics and Games Retailer in April 2001. The advanced strategy and social elements of V:TES earned it a 1999 selection as one of the ten best CCGs by InQuest Magazine.

For information on local, Baltimore Area Play Groups "page down" to the various links below and read about the tournaments and activities or go to VTES-Baltimore Yahoo News Group or email:

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I have discontinued listing every V:TES Tournament Result for the Maryland-Northern Virginia-Washington, D.C. Region. It really only duplicated the information presented in VTES-Baltimore Yahoo News Group and Washington D.C.VTES Yahoo News Group. I'm keeping most of the stories and results already on this website, however, for the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with the that the flavor may be tasted. [djc-June 2019]

V:TES Tournament Results 2002-2003 for
Maryland-Northern Virginia-Washington, D.C.

The Baltimore VTES Tournament, "Dominion", Glen Burnie, MD. 10 January 2004
The Black Hand After-Thanksgiving Impromt2 Draft VTES Tournament, Glen Burnie, MD. 29 November 2003
The DC VTES Black Hand Pre-Release Tournament, Rockville, VA. 16 November 2003
The Baltimore VTES Black Hand Pre-Release Tournament, Glen Burnie, MD. 15 November 2003
Border Skirmish: Washington DC VTES Tournament, Chantilly, VA. 18 October 2003
Roll Your Own V:TES Draft Tournament, Glen Burnie, MD. 11 October 2003
Results of the Three Area Lambach's Legion Storyline V:TES Tournaments, 6--27 September 2003
The Roll Your Own V:TES Draft Tournament, Rockville, MD. 16 August 2003
The First Anarchs-Legal Constructed V:TES Tournament, Chantilly, VA. 19 July 2003
The East Central Qualifying Championship Tournament, Rockville, MD. 7 June 2003
The Anarchs Pre-Release Tournament, Baltimore, MD. 17 May 2003
Tension in the Ranks VTES Tournament, Washington, D.C. 22 March 2003
Baltimore Purge VTES Tournament, Glen Burnie, MD. 8 February 2003
The Might of the Camillira VTES Draft Tournament, Gaithersburg, MD. 18 January 2003

Artistically Inept VTES Tournament, Rockville, MD. 7 December 2002
The Eye of Hazimel Storyline VTES Tournament, Glen Burnie, MD. 23 November 2002
The Eye of Hazimel Storyline VTES Tournament, Chantilly, VA. 2 November 2002
Legal Manipulations VTES Tournament, Rockville, MD. October 2002
The Camillira Pre-Release VTES Tournament, Washington D.C. August 2002
The Camillira Threat to Washington D.C. VTES Tournament July 2002
The Rockville Succusbus Club VTES Tournament June 2002
The Mid-Atlantic VTES Regional Tournament May 2002
The Rockville, MD VTES Tournament April 2002
Chantilly, VA VTES Tournament March 2002
Baltimore, MD VTES The Baltimore Storyline Tournament, February 2002
The Rockville, MD VTES Tournament January 2002

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