Lambach's Legion V:TES Storyline Results
in the Baltimore-Washington-Harrisburg Area

Compiled by Dan Coleman, V:EKN Prince of Baltimore
with Special reports from Josh Duffin, Evan Doyle, Martin Henley, and Dan Coleman

Three different clams emerged victorious, during the month of September 2003, as three area V:EKN Princes hosted local Lambach's Legion Storyline Tournaments for their Domains.

Claiming the prize for the Baltimore Tournament was Peter Oh with his Ventrue Antitribu "Seven Card Stud" Deck. The DC Tournament was won by Matt Morgan and his Brujah Antitribu "No More Mr. Nice Guy" Deck. Harrisbourg was overrun by Justin Stoner and his Malkavian "Roxanne (You Don't Have to Put on the Red Light.)" Deck.

All tournaments had pretty good showings. Harrisburg drew thirteen players, including three newly registered players. Baltimore drew twenty-two players, including seven newbies. Washington, D.C. attracted 17 players, including one newcomer.

Both the Harrisburg and DC events were held on September 6th and, eventhough the DC tournament hosted by Josh Duffin, the Prince of DC, was closer to me time and distance wise, I chose to drive straight out my back door onto Interstate 83 and onwards to Harrisburg. The Baltimore event was held on September 27th and drew from VA, MD, PA, and DC. I've included the Lambach's Legion report from Prince Kyle Burton of Harrisburg, but I'd like to add a few of my personal comments/perspectives. I'd also like to mention that the trip up and down I-83 was sweet. It took me a conservative 71-minutes to travel 73-miles up I-83 from Timonium to Harrisburg. Familiar faces at the Harrisburg event included: John (Sporemage) Mickle, Joseph Nagel, and Simeon Nagel.

Thirteen Methuselahs showed up for the event at the Adventurers Guild, just off I-83 and the rail-road yard in Harrisburg. It was just like any DC event I had ever attened...the tournament started 20-minutes late do to sleepage. Two rounds were played, plus a final. That permitted me to get back home at a decent hour.

I actually played a LL Deck, but never brought the beast out. I had him in my uncontrolled region for the first game, but kept him down as I tried to equip Anton with The Eye. That didn't work. Anton got beat up. He may have lost a tooth or an arm. Sporemage was my prey, playing Nosy stealth blead, and my predator was playing Nosy beat-beat. I ended up walling-up as my predator kept disarming me and pulling my fang. I was eventualy ousted by John as time was expiring. Ergo...John ran the table.

Dang Sporemage!

The second round I had a newbie (lucky guy got a legion promo did Simeon, his sponsor) as my prey, playing a Brujah/!Brujah sword deck. Across from me was Joe Nagel playing Tremere/!Tremere. My predator who also played Tremere/!Tremere looked afully familar to me and vice versa, but we could not figure out whether we had met before or not. His first name was Cavot. Not the most common or forgetable name :D The two Tremere duked it out against each other, stealing blood and pressing, while I beat up on the Brujah. Eventually Joe bleed out Cav and with just two pool left, the newbie transfered out and gave me six. He had rush cards but kept discarding them. He equipped with several swords...a Sword of Troile and a Sword of Judgment, but my defining moment was when in back to back turns I destroyed each sword with a Canine Horde. The game went to time and Joe and I each got 1 1/2 VPs...had we known that 2 VPs made the finals (and that the guy with the 2 VPs eventually won the finals), we may have tried to both withdraw...oh well. I came in sixth overall and Joe got seventh.

That's my story...and I'm sticking with it.

Simeon made the finals as did Spore and Justin. I don't know any other names of finalists...but it was an all PA affair.

Thanks to Kyle and Evan for arranging the event.

Event ID: 1032
Organizer Name: Evan Doyle
Historian Name: Evan Doyle
Event Date: Sept. 6, 2003
Event Location: Adventurer's Guild, 5570 Derry St.
Harrisburg, PA 17111
Event City: Harrisburg, PA
Event Country: USA
Number of Players in Attendance: 13
Winning Player's Name: Justin Stoner
Winning Clan: Malkavian

Three new V:EKN members played in their first sanctioned event.


1. Did Lambach or Lambach (Advanced) enter play?. If so, please describe interesting events?
-Neither Lambach nor Advanced Lambach ever entered play in the tournament.

2. Did the Eye of Hazimel enter play? If so, please describe interesting events:
Anton got beat up by a nasty nosy when attempting to equip the Eye of Hazimel.

3. Did the Sascha Vykos, Xaviar, Lucinde Alastor, Hesha Ruhadze or Jaroslav Pascek enter play in any game? If so, please describe interesting events:
-None of these vampires entered play, nor were any of them in any crypts at the tournament.


4. Please describe any interesting events involving titled vampires.
-The following titled vampires entered play: Calebros, Nikolous Vermeluen, Casino Reeds, and Roxanne, Reotrix of the 13th Floor.
-Calebros attempted to bleed and was blocked by Nigel, the Shunned (who had Fame on him, at the time). Calebros sent him to torpor with some aid from his bats and his murder of crows.
-Calebros blocked Nikolous’ attempt to use Tier of Souls and beat him into torpor with a sign post.
-Calebros found the Ivory Bow.
-Nikolous was diablerized by Persia.
-Nikolous was then reinfluenced and came back into play under the same Methuselah (we call him Nikolous II).
-On the very next methuselah's turn Nikolous III was influenced into play to contest Nikolous II.
-Casino Reeds used his card-text ability to bring out Nikolous II.
-Casino Reeds successfully called Banishment on Calebros (who had 2 blood on him).
-Roxanne performed Pulse of the Canille at advanced on her first turn.
-Roxanne bleed 3 times in the game for 5, 6, and 8 pool (respectively).
-Roxanne attempted to perform Restoration but was blocked by Sebastian Marley and was beaten into torpor by Sebastian's fists.

5. Please describe any interesting Political Actions, if any.
-Persia diablerized Nikolous and a Blood Hunt was called: For: 0, Against: 4. The Blood Hunt failed.
-Casino Reeds called for Banishment against Calebros: For: 4, Against: 3. Success! Calebros was sent to the Uncontrolled region.

6. Please describe any interesting combats.
-The combats were lackluster as the decks were not designed for anything beyond simple combat. However, Calebros and Sebastian Marley both put 2 vampires into torpor.

7. Please describe any interesting deals made between players playing clans from different sects.
-The final round consisted of 3 Nosferatu decks and 2 Malkavian (stealth-bleed) decks. The Nosferatu attempted to be seated so as to gang up on the Malkavians, which they saw as a threat. The plan failed and the Methuselah who barely made it into the final round swept the table.

8. Please describe any other surprising or interesting things that happened.
-Calebros was Banished in the same turn he acquired the Ivory Bow.
-Neither Methuselah ever yielded Nikolous; they were both ousted on the same turn by the same Methuselah.
-Roxanne used Freak Drive 4 times over 4 turns, and used 3 of them in one turn.
-The winning Methuselah, Justin Stoner, ousted all three Nosferatu players in 2 turns.
-The winning Methuselah completely juiced a Protracted Investment.
-First turn an Information Highway was Sudden Reversaled, only to be played the next turn.
-A Guardian Angel directed at Sebastian Marely was Sudden Reversaled in turn 7.
-The winning Methuselah received a Visit from the Cappuchan.
-Duck Hunted (ah, Nintendo)
-Nigel, the Shunned, became Famous, blocked a Calebros bleed, was sent to torpor and, while in torpor, came upon some Giant's Blood.

-After Cock Robin plays his third Pulled Fangs of the game (he also played 2 Disarms and one Decapitation, hence the nickname "The Collector" our Prince was heard to say:
What, is he making a necklace out of those? Kyle Burton, Prince of Harrisburg

Winning Deck Name: Roxanne (You don't have to put on the red light.)
Created By: Justin Stoner
Crypt: (12 Cards)
4x Roxanne- Rectrix of the 13th Floor (AUS DOM FOR OBF pot) 9, Malkavian
1x Anatole, Prophet of Gehenna AUS DEM dom for OBF) 8, Malkavian
1x Raful al-Zarqa (AUS dom nec obf) 6, Nagaraja
1x Ozmo (AUS dom obf) 6, Malkavian
1x Didi Meyers (aus cel DOM obf) 5, Malkavian
1x Count Ormonde (dom OBF pre ser) 5, Followers of Set
1x Badr al-Budur (cel dom OBF qui) 5, Assamite
1x Aleph (AUS dom) 4, Malkavian
1x Roland Bishop (aus dom obf) 4, Malkavian

Library: (90 cards)
Master (20 cards)
1x Archon Investigation
2x Asylum Hunting Ground
1x The Barrens
1x Direct Intervention
1x Deal with the Devil
1x Elder Library
1x Fragment of the Book of Nod
2x Info Highway
2x Protracted Investment
1x The Rack
5x Secure Haven
1x Sudden Reversal
1x Visit from the Capuchin

Action (23 Cards)
11x Govern the Unaligned
5x Pulse of the Canaille
7x Restoration

Action Modifier (40)
4x Faceless Night
9x Freak Drive
4x Cloak the Gathering
11x Conditioning
6x Lost in Crowds
2x Spying Mission
4x Swallowed by the Night

Reaction (7 Cards)
3x Deflection
1x My Enemy's Enemy

Event ID: 1069
Organizer Name: Joshua Duffin
Historian Name: Martin Henley
Event Date: 6-Sep-2003
Event Location: Dream Wizards
Event City: Rockville, MD
Event Country: USA
Number of Players in Attendance: 17
Winning Player's Name: Matt Morgan
Winning Clan: Brujah antitribu

One new V:EKN member played in his/her first sanctioned event.

1. Did Lambach or Lambach (Advanced) enter play?. If so, please describe interesting events?
round 1: Josh Duffin's Lambach became Eternally Vigilant, merged with Advanced Lambach (losing Eternal Vigilance effect), bled with Threats at [DOM], got the Eye of Hazimel (with the advanced-Lambach- search-library ability). Prey (Sarah Anthony)'s Carlotta Giovanni Bum's Rushed Lambach, tried to Disarm Lambach, but Josh Direct Interventioned the Disarm to keep Lambach out of torpor. Lambach ousted Sarah/Giovanni by bleeding with Govern the Unaligned for 4, but later, predator (Colin Riggs/Samedi)'s Shambling Hordes used their inherent rush to torporize him, and Josh was ousted after that.
round 2: Josh Duffin's Lambach got Blood Dolled, used Govern the Unaligned at superior to bring out Caliban with Plasmic Form for stealth. Lambach got Eternal Vigilance again, didn't use it much to block actions of predator Shawn Stutzel/Lasombra, but later used it some against former grandpredator Martin Henley/Setites. Prey (James Burton/!Salubri)'s Adonai played Tracker's Mark on Lambach after blocking Lambach, but Adonai went to torpor from Lambach's Carrion Crows, Horrid Form, and Telepathic Tracking. Lambach tried to bleed Martin/Setites with Govern the Unaligned (after James/!Salubri was ousted), but Martin played Direct Intervention, so Lambach was only able to bleed for 1 that turn.
round 3: Josh Duffin's Lambach got a Revenant and then the Eye of Hazimel (from hand, normal-equip way). Lambach blocked predator (Mike Minker/Gangrel)'s Stanislava on a bleed and Telepathic Tracked her to keep her from getting away unscathed when she tried to Form of Mist to end combat/continue the action. Lambach blocked prey (Colin Riggs/Samedi)'s Jorge de la Muerte trying to recruit Shambling Hordes; Lambach had Trap and Horrid Form to torporize Jorge. Lambach was Blood Dolled down to 2 blood and then gained 8 from Josh's Giant's Blood. After ousting Colin/Samedi, Lambach got torporized by new prey Pete Oh/Ahrimanes' Howler with Carrion Crows. Josh was then ousted by Pete/Ahrimanes' Smiling Jack.
Final round: Josh Duffin's Lambach got in a fight with predator Matt Morgan/!Brujah's Sela (blocked Sela's bleed, I believe). Sela had Torn Signpost and Undead Strength; Lambach had 2x Horrid Form and Carrion Crows. Sela was torporized by Lambach's aggravated hand damage, but was successfully rescued (for some reason, neither Josh's Tzimisce nor Pete's Ahrimanes blocked). Lambach got refilled with Giant's Blood the next turn. Lambach later got the Rack. Lambach blocked Sela's Bum's Rush of Josh's Meshenka (since Meshenka was at 0 due to Hugo's Bum's Rush just before that). Sela hit Lambach for 8, undoing most of the Giant's Blood benefit. Matt's Jeremiah Noble stole the Rack from Lambach, pointing it at Matt's Sela. Josh's Lolita Houston re-stole the Rack for Lambach. Josh discarded the Eye of Hazimel since he couldn't afford the pool-cost. Sela rushed Lambach again, sending him to torpor with Sideslip (for the dodge) and Blur. Hugo stole the rack from Lambach, re-pointing it at Sela. Pete Oh/Ahrimanes' Howler (grandpredator) rescued Lambach from torpor to increase Josh's ability to resist Matt/!Brujah's attempts to oust. Lambach blocked a bleed of Matt's and may have been torporized; Matt ousted Josh in another couple turns (though, as per below, Pete ended up blocking at least a couple of Matt's bleeds with Falcon's Eye).

2. Did the Eye of Hazimel enter play? If so, please describe interesting events:
See above for Josh Duffin/Lambach use of Eye. I'm not aware of any other use of the Eye of Hazimel. Josh's Lambach never actually used the built-in rush on the Eye, but got quite a bit of use from the +1 strength, +1 bleed, and -1 cost for combat cards.

3. Did Sascha Vykos, Xaviar, Lucinde Alastor, Hesha Ruhadze or Jaroslav Pascek enter play in any game? If so, please describe interesting events:
As far as I could see, none of these vampires entered play in any game.

Finals seating:
Matt Morgan: !Brujah (antitribu)
Josh Duffin: Lambach's Legion (Tzimisce w/Lambach)
Trey Morita: Assamites
Johnny Tullner: Gangrel
Pete Oh: Ahrimanes

4. Please describe any interesting events involving titled vampires.
See (1) for events involving Lambach, as well as Sela.
Trey's Parnassus rushed Johnny's Legendary-Vampired Ingrid Rossler, bested her Combat Ends with two or three Psyche!, and sent her to torpor with Taste of Death. She got herself out of torpor on her *third* try (with Freak Drives), having been blocked twice by Pete's Howler.
Ingrid Rossler got Famed by Trey and rushed by Parnasuss with Clandestine Contract, but survived (Form of Mist?). Trey's Fatima al-Faqadi then also Clandestine Contracted on Ingrid, who again Form of Misted to survive. Fatima used Freak Drive to untap (hadn't been blocked) and rushed using the permanent Clandestine Contract ability, torporizing Ingrid.
Matt's Sela diablerized Ingrid with Johnny's (Gangrel) and Josh's (Tzimisce/Lambach)'s approval (ie no burn in blood hunt - Johnny had Stanislava in play and Josh had Lambach and Meshenka). Since Legendary Vampire Famous Ingrid had become a liability with her Clandestine Contracts, Johnny had actually asked for someone to diablerize before she took him down on her way to destruction. Sela got a Celerity master to go to superior CEL, which was very very useful for her in the rest of the game.
After Ingrid was burned, Johnny's Stanislava immediately took her place as the Famous one and was also Clandestine Contract rushed by Trey's Assamites, surviving at least one combat on her way to calling votes (see below).
Meshenka torporized Parnassus.
Hugo Bum's Rushed Meshenka, reducing him to 0 blood, but Meshenka escaped torpor by Dodging second round with Plasmic Form.
Stanislava employed J.S. Simmons, Esq.; Howler tried to block but Stanislava stealthed past.
Matt's Jeremiah Noble rushed Josh's Meshenka, torporizing him.
Stanislava bled for 4 at 3 stealth, on two occasions, and eventually ousted Pete with a bleed for 5 (Kine Dominance) at 1 stealth (Pete was out of untap).
After he was rescued, Jeremiah Noble re-torporized Meshenka, adding Pulled Fangs this time.
Stanislava burned Pete's Smiling Jack, with Pete's approval (since it would have ousted Pete's grandprey (Josh) before it ousted his prey (Matt)).
Pete's Howler attacked Matt's Sela with Nose of the Hound with Sela at 1 blood. However, Howler didn't have any Carrion Crows but only Aid from Bats; when she went to long, Sela used a Thrown Sewer Lid, prevented Howler's damage with Sideslip, and gained 3 blood with Taste of Vitae. Howler was saddened and gave up the chase.
Stanislava's Fame was revived by Matt after Trey's ousting; Jeremiah Noble's rush of Stanislava was blocked by Angus the Unruled. Sela later torporized Famous Stanislava when she blocked Sela trying to take the Rack - Stanislava prevented Sela's large hand damage in the first round with Rolling with the Punches, but Sela pressed and Immortal Grappled second round and was able to send her to torpor. Johnny's Angus diablerized his own Stanislava to stop the pool loss. Matt later managed to have Jeremiah Noble torporize Angus, whose inferior Fortitude meant that he was not nearly as good as Stanislava at using things like Rolling with the Punches, although Jeremiah went to torpor as well. Johnny being pretty well out of vamps, though, led to Matt being able to oust Johnny to win the game.

5. Please describe any interesting Political Actions, if any.
Johnny's Stanislava called two Kine Resources Contested, both of which did 3 to his predator (Trey) and 1 to his prey (Pete). Later in the game, Johnny's Angus the Unruled called Parity Shift to steal 3 pool for himself from Pete.

6. Please describe any interesting combats.
See (1) and (4) for several of them.
Also, Josh's Lolita Houston attempted to bleed Trey; Trey was at 1 pool and blocked with Parnassus. Parnassus went to long and was burned by Lolita's Breath of the Dragon, ousting Trey due to his own Tension in the Ranks. Ironically, Trey could have Woken and blocked with Fatima al-Faqadi, who could have prevented the damage with her Fortitude.

7. Please describe any interesting deals made between players playing clans from different sects.
Trey (Assamites) offered Pete (Ahrimanes) a deal involving Pete rescuing Johnny (Gangrel)'s Ingrid Rossler so Trey could re-torporize her for more Fame-pool-loss. Pete declined, and Sela (Matt, !Brujah) diablerized Ingrid with Johnny's and Josh's (Tzimisce/Lambach) approval (ie no burn in blood hunt).
Pete (Ahrimanes) made a deal to rescue Josh (Tzimisce/Lambach)'s Lambach and Meshenka (torporized empty) in exchange for Johnny (Gangrel) not bleeding Pete with Stanislava for a turn. This was arranged because Johnny didn't want Matt (!Brujah) as his predator already, and Pete didn't want Matt gaining a VP by ousting Josh too easily.

8. Please describe any other surprising or interesting things that happened.
Pete blocked two of Matt's bleeds of Josh with Falcon's Eye, postponing Matt's ousting of Josh by at least a turn.

Colin Riggs, Samedi: "I've got wrinkles where you haven't seen!" (referring to his playing lots of Hag's Wrinkles)
Josh Duffin, Lambach: "Lambach drinks the blood of giants early this game." (in the finals, the turn after he went from 10 blood to 2 at the fists of Sela)
Johnny Tullner, Gangrel: "Take this mess back!" (handing a large pile of Trey's Clandestine Contracts and Fame on his vampires back to Trey after Josh ousted Trey)
Matt Morgan, !Brujah: "Sela votes against!" (Johnny was passing referendums by 10 votes or so with Josh's aid. Sela was the sole voice of dissention. Nobody cared.)
Matt Morgan, !Brujah: "Come back here, you bitch! I want a piece of you." (Sela maneuvers back to close range for the third time in a fight against Howler. Pete had been using Falcon's Eye to keep Matt from ousting Josh and Matt was trying to dissuade Pete from further blocks. Unfortunately, Sela wasn't able to hit Howler very hard thanks to Howler's Leather Jacket.)
Matt Morgan, !Brujah: "No, but he might have some Sewerliderity...." (Matt's retort after Josh claimed that it would be safe for Howler to block Hugo as Hugo doesn't have Celerity)

Winning Deck Name: No More Mr. Nice Guy
Created By: Matt Morgan
Description: The Brujah antitribu demonstrate to Lambach (aka Mr. Nice Guy) that leaving the Sabbat and starting his own crew just won't be tolerated.

Use rushes to destroy prey's ability to generate pool. Bleed for 1 and 2 a lot. Rush predator if necessary. Gain pool with Blood Dolls and Gang Territory. Crypt is way too big for a standard constructed format, but worked fine for the storyline.

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 14, Max: 23, Avg: 4.42)
1 Evangeline cel pot 4, Brujah Antitribu
1 Gengis cel pot 3, Brujah // nobody stole him :)
1 Hugo POT 4, Brujah Antitribu
1 Jacob Bragg cel pot 3, Brujah Antitribu
1 Jeremiah Noble CEL POT 6, Brujah Antitribu
2 Jimmy Dunn CEL POT 4, Pander // got him first in all the // prelims, but didn't see him // in the final
1 Rigby CEL pot 5, Brujah Antitribu
2 Sela cel POT 6, Brujah Antitribu, Bishop +1 bleed
2 Victor Tolliver CEL pot 4, Brujah Antitribu

Library: (90 cards)
Master (15 cards) // too many!
1 Amusement Park Hunting Ground // never played it. would've been greatin round 3.
1 Archon Investigation // never played it. was bled for 6 once in round 3 and then drew AI the next turn!
5 Blood Doll
1 Celerity // probably won me the finals as I really needed CEL on Sela to defeat Lambach.
2 Fame // not enough
1 Gang Territory // only played it once. it didn't help too much
1 Haven Uncovered // another would've been nice
1 Potence
1 Tension in the Ranks // another would've been nice
1 Waste Management Operation // the idea was to avoid decking myself. I only decked myself one game and WMO was the last card I drew!

Action (17 cards)
2 Ambush
9 Bum's Rush
4 Computer Hacking
2 Rampage // nobody played Secure Haven. Still the idea was sound. I // burned somebody's hunting ground once.

Combat (58 cards)
5 Blur
4 Flash
9 Immortal Grapple
1 Infernal Pursuit
2 Pulled Fangs
5 Pursuit
5 Sideslip
7 Taste of Vitae
4 Thrown Sewer Lid
10 Torn Signpost
6 Undead Strength
Obviously this was the core of the deck. For some reason I was expecting to have to deal with Gangrel and Lambach, so I used a low number of grapples and gave myself the ability to dodge/blur. This hurt me in the preliminaries where my targets were able to play s:ce more often than I would've liked (i.e. at least once). In the finals, however, I took down Lambach (three times) that way.

Event ID: 1011
Organizer Name: Dan Coleman
Historian Name: Various for prelim rounds. FINAL: Josh Duffin
Event Date: 27 September 2003
Event Location: Games and Comics...and Stuff, 7452 Baltimore and Annapolis Blvd, Glen Burnie, MD 21061, USA
(410) 863-7418
Event City: Baltimore
Event Country: USA
Number of Players in Attendance: 22
Winning Player's Name: Peter Oh
Winning Clan: Ventrue Antitribu

Seven new V:EKN members (players who never played in any prior sanctioned events).

1. Did Lambach or Lambach (Advanced) enter play?. If so, please describe interesting events?
(Round 3 Table 3) Lambach ADV attempts to equip with the Eye the turn following entry into play and is blocked by (pred) Devin Bisley and sent to Topor with Breath of Dragon. Two immediate attempts to diablerize are blocked by Terrance; first thwarted is Gloria Giovanni and then Rudolpho Giovanni. Attempt to rescue Lambach ADV by Terrance is blocked by (pred) Devin. Attempt to rescue self by Lambach ADV is also blocked by Devin who eats Lambach ADV and survives Blood Hunt. Two turns later (pred) brings out his/her own Lambach.
(R1T4) Lambach bleeds Nos clan for one for three turns, then bleeds with fiendish Tongue. Lambach torps Ox, Viceroy of the Hollows and Lolita Houston has a Nosy snack. Lambach torps merged Tegyrius for an Assamite Justicar snack and takes table.
(R2T2) Lambach ADV enters play and merges on the next turn and grabs the Eye. Merged Lambach topors Kird, Nigel the Shunned, and Tegyrius. Nikolaus Vermeulen becomes Famous. Lambach’s Legion player is first ousted as the Setite player bleeds through and takes the table.
(R2T5) Malk deck including Lambach ADV wins table. Lambach ADV enters the game in the latter stages; however, Lambach ADV is resplendent as the game ends bedecked with a Blood Doll, two Obfuscate master cards, and The Pulse of Canaille.
(R1T3) Lambach enters play in turn three. The Eye enters play in turn four as Lambach grabs it. Lambach leaves play in turn five upon being bled out by the Malkavian. Ah…Lambach, we hardly knew ya.

2. Did the Eye of Hazimel enter play? If so, please describe interesting events:
(R3T1) Sascha Vykos gets the Eye using Magic of the Smith at [THA].

3. Did the Sascha Vykos, Xaviar, Lucinde Alastor, Hesha Ruhadze or Jaroslav Pascek enter play in any game? If so, please describe interesting events:
(R3T1) Sascha Vykos came into play, got the Ivory Bow and Eye of Hazimel using Magic of the Smith, became a Blood Doll, and got superior Rutor's Hand. Sascha rushed Ox using the Eye of Hazimel; Cicatriz blocked and Sascha torporized him with the Ivory Bow. Then Corine Marcon diablerized Cicatriz; no one voted to burn Corine in the blood hunt. Sascha used Forced Awakening, Eagle's Sight, Telepathic Misdirection, and (Assamite's) Rumor Mill, Tabloid Newspaper to block Ox's (!Nos) bleed of 3 against !Malk player; Sascha sent Ox to torpor with the Ivory Bow as well. Sascha got the Rack. Sascha used the Eye to rush Christianus Lionel, torporized him with the Ivory Bow, untapped with Rutor's Hand, and diablerized Christianus. However, that turned out to be very stupid, because Assamites had the Edge and had merged Tegyrius Vizier (Justicar) in play, and voted 4 to burn by burning a blood to Tegyrius's ability, while Tzimisce had only 3 to save (Korah also voted to save but since Korah and Sascha were both Prisci, that only got 3 votes). If Tzimisce had bled first to get the Edge, Sascha would have survived, but instead, was burned in the blood hunt. The !Nos ousted both the !Malks and Giovanni and Nosferatu Kurt Densch joined the upstanding/outstanding Ox, but was immediately torporized by Depraved Justicar Tegyrius. Surprisingly, many turns later, Tzimisce was able to bring Sascha Vykos into play *again*. Assamite vampires had gotten burned three times by Tzimisce’s use of Femur of Toomler with Rotschreck followed by diablerie (including the merged Tegyrius from earlier), but he also brought out a fresh (basic) Tegyrius and played Fame on the new Sascha Vykos. Famous Sascha blocked Tegyrius bleeding; Tegyrius went to long with Pursuit and struck Taste of Death to torporize Sascha, but later got torporized himself by the Femur of Toomler, and assamite was ousted by the Fame damage, with Sascha still in torpor. [MORALE: Sometimes three Rotschrecks beat seven Psyche!s.]
(R1T1) Sascha cast Rutor’s Hand, Magic of Smith for Ivory Bow.
(R1T2) Hesha enters play, obtains two Blood Dolls and hunts (what else?).
(R2T2) Lucinde enters play and Thetmes drops Lucinde into Torpor and Evangeline has a Lucinde Alastor snack.
(R2T5) Sascha gets Rutor’s hand, Mr. Winthrop, Eternal Vigilance, and the Rack.


Seating order:
Martin Henley, Setites: 2 VP
Pete Oh, Ventrue antitribu: 2 VP
Dan Keller, Lambach/Tzimisce: 1 VP
Scott Blakey, Malkavian: 0 VP
Justin Stoner, Ventrue: 0 VP

4. Please describe any interesting events involving titled vampires.
Justin's Arika attempted to bleed Martin; Sir Mariott d'Urban played Ecstacy at [SER] and Telepathic Counter at [aus] to reduce it to 1; Scott then played Major Boon to take the bleed.
Arika's ability burned Martin's Temple Hunting Ground.
Jan Pieterzoon later bled for 7 with Govern the Unaligned and Conditioning, Seducing Arika so she couldn't block. The turn after that, Pete played Misdirection to tap Arika to again keep her from blocking.

5. Please describe any interesting Political Actions, if any.
Arika, after bleeding, played Freak Drive to untap and call Kine Resources Contested, doing 3 to Martin and 1 to Scott, which passed 8 to 2 with Bewitching Oration (Scott's Gilbert Duane voting against) and Voter Captivation to gain 2 pool and 1 blood.
Arika called Kine Resources Contested later doing 2 to Martin and 2 to Dan (his grandprey at the time), which also passed 8 to 2 with Bewitching; Voter Captivation for 2 pool and no blood since Justin had still not been able to Minion Tap Arika.
Arika called Ancient Influence and used Bewitching to have it passing 8-2, but Pete's Ingrid Russo played Delaying Tactics to keep it from happening.

6. Please describe any interesting combats.
Dan's single War Ghoul ran rampant over Scott's defenseless Malkavians: rushed Ozmo reducing him to 1 blood, rushed Ozmo sending him to torpor, then rushed Gilbert Duane (Scott's only remaining ready vampire) sending him to torpor. The War Ghoul had less luck against Pete, however, only getting in 1 rush against Ingrid Russo, who stayed out of torpor with Skin of Steel.
Jan Pieterzoon attempted a bleed and got blocked by Caliban; Caliban went to long with Chiropteran Marauder and struck Breath of the Dragon for 2R aggravated, but Jan prevented the damage with Skin of Steel.

7. Please describe any interesting deals made between players playing clans from different sects.
None that I witnessed. It was a pretty deal-free game.

8. Please describe any other surprising or interesting things that happened.
Scott played Blood Puppy on his turn 1 but didn't get out a vampire. Dan burned the Blood Puppy with Jake Washington on his turn 2. Doh!
Dan's Caliban then brought out a War Ghoul on his turn 3, burning Jake Washington.
Justin, who had been looking for a Minion Tap for Arika all game, finally drew one, only to be Sudden Reversed by Martin (his prey).

(R1T1): “Am I in an Italian sandwich?” –Blake Stewart, Ventrue (realizing he was sitting between two Giovanni Decks)
“The Lasombra are back, time to die.” John Alton, Lasombra (announcing the presence of his deck)
(R2T4): “Malkavians attack Little Italy” – Anonymous Giovanni (commenting on the outcome of a round which saw the Malkavian player sweep a table of four with all three ousted players using Giovanni Decks)
(R3T1): "Korah thought it was all fun and games... she didn't know there was a camera involved." -Josh Duffin, Assamites (on Gloria Giovanni equipping an Incriminating Videotape, naming Korah, using Seduction on the equip action, also naming Korah)
From the Finals (R4T1): "I don't mind to get bled once in a while, as long as you stay away from the face." -Scott Blakey, Malkavians (on not liking having his vampires beat up in combat)
"Maybe, but not with Ozmo getting knocked up." -Scott Blakey (on Dan's War Ghoul rushing Ozmo, when asked if he could bleed for 16 (his prey's pool) this turn.)
"Super bleed, super bleed, super bleed, super bleed, War Ghoul." -Pete Oh, !Ventrue (describing the players' decks around the table.)
"Hey Dan!" -Pete Oh "Hey Pete!" -Dan Keller "Never mind." -Pete Oh (unclear what the topic was going to be)
"I will despise you for the rest of your life." –Justin Stoner, Ventrue (on his feelings if Scott were to Deflect Pete's bleed of 2 (already Telepathically Misdirected from Dan to Scott) to him, which Scott then did)
"I do want to apologize for that... but not that much." -Martin Henley, Setites (on playing Sudden Reversal on Justin's Minion Tap of Arika)
"Nobody does it better." -Dan Keller, Lambach/Tzimisce (on Arika's ability to vote and bloat)
"Scott blew his load a little too early." –Pete (upon Scott's Gilbert Duane being War Ghouled to torpor, leaving him with no vampires to oust his prey...up until now Scott was super bleeding his prey every turn with every ready vampire)
"My momma always said you couldn't take your bleeds." –Martin (on Pete talking Justin out of stealthing Arika's bleed, which Martin had Telepathic Countered to 1 and then Telepathically Misdirected to Pete)
"You need non-torpored minions." –Justin (on what it would take for Scott to not get ousted)
"It's not the good redundancy, except for the fact that it's saved my life repeatedly." –Martin (complaining about the redundancy of his hand, apparently including several Telepathic Misdirections)
"Arika calls the Ancient Influence... and I know what's going to happen." –Justin (referring to the Delaying Tactics that Pete had implied having earlier in the game)
"Catch that Pete?" –Martin "No, you can have it back." –Pete (Martin Telepathically Misdirected an Arika bleed to Pete, who Redirected it back to Martin)
"How do I want to do this?" –Pete "Slowly and ineffectively." –Martin (on how Pete should go about trying to oust his prey)
"Believe in the heart of the... shit." –Martin (on not drawing the cards he needed at the time)

Wining Deck Name: Seven Card Stud
Created By: Peter Oh
Description: Pretty standard DOM/FOR Mega Bleed deck. Edward Neally and Jan are the pair to focus on. Use Edward's extra hand size ability whenever you have no master to gain a slight advantage on your prey. Bleed responsibly. This deck might benefit from exposing that advantage further by packing an Elder Library or a couple Dreams of the Sphinx.

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 22, Max: 30, Avg: 6.67)
3 Edward Neally aus DOM FOR pre 7, Ventrue antitribu
3 Jan Pieterzoon DOM FOR pot pre 7, Ventrue
2 Ingrid Russo DOM for 4, Ventrue Antitribu
2 Gustav Mallenhous AUS DOM for obt 8, Ventrue Antitribu, Priscus
2 Joseph O`Grady aus cel DOM FOR 7, Ventrue Antitribu

Library: (90 cards)
Master (11 cards)
4 Blood Doll
2 Demonstration
1 Information Highway
2 Minion Tap
2 Misdirection

Action (18 cards)
6 Govern the Unaligned
8 Restoration
4 Revelations

Action Modifier (28 cards)
5 Bonding
6 Conditioning
3 Daring the Dawn
6 Freak Drive
8 Seduction

Reaction (19 cards)
3 Delaying Tactics
8 Redirection
8 Wake with Evening's Freshness

Combat (14 cards)
4 Resilience
5 Rolling with the Punches
3 Skin of Steel
2 Superior Mettle

Alex made the finals, but had to pull out and drive home to Virginia. His DQ is not for cause. Scott was in the top position after the first three rounds, but his heavy bleed tatics made him fair game in the finals and he was the first ousted.

We had:
4 Giovanni
3 Assamite
2 Lambach Legion
3 Malkavian
2 Venture
2 Setite
1 Venture Antitribu
1 Brujah Antitrubu
1 Nosferatu Antitribu
1 Toreador
1 Tzimisce (Anti-Legion)
1 Lasambra

This is the final Baltimore standings:
Final Rank Name City~~~~~~TPs
1 Peter Oh Baltimore, MD 144
2 Martin Henley Bucks County 102
3 Dan Keller Silver Spring 174
4 Scott Blakey Fort Meade, MD 168
5 Justin Stoner Harrisburg, PA 120
6 Dwight Nation Pasadena, MD 108
7 Greg MaldoradoBaltimore, MD 102
8 Matt Morgan Beltsville, MD 96
9 Jason Coleman Glen Burnie, MD 114
10 John Alton Crownsville, MD 144
11 Sarah Anthony Bucks County 130
12 Gordon Palmer Glen Burnie, MD 96
13 Trey Morita Silver Spring 102
14 Kyle Burton Harrisburg, PA 100
15 Eric Hoffman Baltimore, MD 94
16 Blake Stewart Hanover, MD 90
17 Joshua Duffin Bethesda, MD 84
18 Mike Minker Annapolis, MD 66
18 Gregory Sim Glen Burnie, MD 66
20 Sascha Peil Baltimore, MD 60
21 William MaldoradoBaltimore, MD 54
DQ Alex GianturicoMcLean, VA 162
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