The powerful Eye of Hazimel is loose in San Diego and you have the power to determine which clan will receive it.

Hesha's hands continued their artful chiseling as he muttered encouragement to himself. "After all, haven't I proven myself strong enough to resist the Eye's temptations by burying it in the first place?" He stood more upright as he continued his soliloquy. "If I were to unearth the Eye", he rationalized, "it would not be a sign of weakness but rather a great testament to my discipline." Hesha ceased his carving and stood back from his work. "I just need a few more days of study. That's all."

Hector Rivera had just returned from a successful assignment and looked forward to letting his master know of his accomplishment. He also snatched an interesting bauble from his victim before sending him to the final death. As Hector withdrew the Eye from his pocket, he was startled by the sounds of what seemed like an explosion from the far side of the room. Hector was afforded enough time to turn his head and obtain a close-up view of the rocket-propelled grenade just before it impacted with him.

San Diego's Camarilla population would have suffered greater losses that day had the Sabbat animals been more patient. Most of the extensive guest list had not yet arrived and the overeager Sabbat pack failed to secure even the most obvious exits. Later, Prince Tara spoke with those who survived in an attempt to track down the source of the attack. Of course, not all of the eyewitnesses were known to Tara.


Throughout the month of November, the results of select Vampire: the Eternal Struggle tournaments from around the world will be recorded and used to determine the clan that will next receive the powerful artifact, the Eye of Hazimel. Attend a designated storyline Tournament and bring a clan-based deck representing the clan you'd like to receive the Eye. At least seventy-five-percent of your deck's crypt is to be comprised of a single-clan. Complete the rest of your crypt in any way you please. The Tournament Historian will make a record of key battles and of the winning deck at your event. White Wolf will then use these results as inspiration for completing the next chapter of the unfolding mystery of the Eye of Hazimel.

EVENT INFO: This event will also mark the first official distribution of the new promo-only card, the Eye of Hazimel. Each player attending a Storyline Event will receive a copy of the card.

Keep checking the V:TES page at for updates on the locations and dates of Storyline Events near you.

FORMAT: Players will bring decks that follow the regular V:EKN Constructed Format rules (60-90 card libraries, No Repeat Actions in effect, etc.) except that at least 75% of each player's crypt must be comprised of a single-clan. The rest of their crypt and their entire library may be completed in any manner the player chooses.

Some additional rules will be in effect for each game.

1. Each game begins with the Eye of Hazimel card uncontrolled, in center of the table.
2. Burn the Edge during your untap phase to place the uncontrolled Eye of Hazimel on one of your vampires.
3. Any minion may take a D action to enter combat with any vampire who possesses the Eye of Hazimel.
4. Any vampire committing diablerie against a vampire with the Eye of Hazimel must take the Eye of Hazimel. No blood hunt may be called against the diablerizing vampire.

REPORTING: Each event coordinator will also designate a Tournament Historian (may or may not be the same person as the judge) that will record the winning deck and some of the key moments of the tournament. An Event Historian's Questionnaire will be distributed via the prince list and via email to the event coordinators before their events. An Archon Spreadsheet is required for this event.

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