Darkling Trickery V:TES Tournament
Washington, D. C.
March 9, 2002

By Joshua Duffin
V:EKN Prince of Washington, D.C.

This tournament was held Saturday, March 9th, at high noon (and a beautiful day - seemed sad at the outset that we were going to be indoors all day playing cards, although it did rain a bit later which was some consolation...in Chantilly, Virginia, near Washington DC. (for some values of "near.")

Eighteen players attended; we used the multi-judge system so that I could play as well as judge. Not that it did me much good. I played Inner Circle stealth-vote/bleed/Hostile Takeover with Arika, Leandro, and Harrod, but failed to win a single game, though I had a good shot at it each round. Not quite good enough, I guess.

The finalists were (scores may be slightly off as they're from memory, don't have the Archon in front of me):

Steve Holmer: 2 game wins, !Malkavian stealth-bleed Emily Lloyd: 2 game wins, Tremere bleed/Theft Tom Mickle: 1 game win, !Malkavian stealth-bleed John M (aka sporemage37): 1 game win, pot/for combat (?) Kurt Reese: 1 game win, Tzimisce intercept combat

In a hotly-contested game (which I have to admit I only caught the end of as I was off playing another game for most of it), Emily got 4 VPs to Tom's 1 and came out the winner. Xian would be proud...and, of course, so am I, as Emily only started playing V:TES about three months ago and has now won two of her first four tournaments (the other being the storyline tournament in Baltimore).

Here's her deck:

"Please Pass the Edge" by Emily Lloyd

crypt (12):
1x Blythe Candelaria
2x Jing Wei
2x Ignatius
2x Sarah Cobbler
2x Merill Molitor
2x Thomas Thorne
1x Astrid Thomas

library (90):
4x Blood Doll
2x Thaumaturgy
2x Dominate
2x Sudden Reversal
2x The Barrens
1x Chantry
1x The Rumor Mill, Tabloid Newspaper
1x KRCG News Radio
1x The Rack
1x Academic Hunting Ground

1x Mr. Winthrop

10x Govern the Unaligned
7x Cryptic Mission
2x Rutor's Hand

8x Seduction
7x Bonding
7x Conditioning

9x Theft of Vitae
5x Movement of the Mind
3x Blood Fury

7x Wake with Evening's Freshness
7x Deflection

This deck had never been played before the tournament. Turned out to be quite solid. :-) Congratulations to Emily, and thanks to everyone else who came out for the event. If any of the finalists want to post an account of that game - heck, if anyone who played in the tourney wants to post a report - please do.


v:ekn prince of washington dc

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