Roll Your Own VTES Tournament
Glen Burnie, MD; October 11, 2003

by Dan Coleman
V:EKN Prince of Baltimore

Thirteen Methuselahs made the Columbus Day trek to Games and Comics…and Stuff in Beautiful Downtown Glen Burnie, MD to take part in a sanctioned, Limited Draft VTES Tournament.

Josh Duffin of Bethesda, MD was the ultimate “Roll Your Own” Constructed Deck Tournament winner. Josh made his deck from a composite of the available Anarchs, Camarilla and Sabbat War booster packs. Josh went into his draft pod armed with six packs of Anarchs and three of Camarilla.

Also making it to the finals were four other Table Winning players: Justin Stoner of Harrisburg, PA with 4.5 preliminary VPs; Kevin Karapinski of Crofton, MD with four PVPs; Trey Morita of Silver Spring, MD also with four PVPs, but loser of the coin flip; and Dan Coleman of Baltimore, MD with three PVPs. Josh had accumulated 5.5 PVPs.

Over all, people drafted from a selection of 39 boosters of Camarilla, 48 of Sabbat War (the hot item of the day), and 21 of Anarchs. Special thanks to Ed at the shop who ended up telephoning White Wolf in Atlanta, GA on Friday to get the Sabbat War boosters Federal Expressed, next day delivery.

The selections of the other top finishers were: Justin Stoner, going into his pod with five Sabbat, two Camarilla, and two Anarch; Kevin Karpinski, five Camarilla, two Sabbat, and two Anarch; Trey Morita, three of each; and Dan Coleman, three of each.

~~~ Name~~~~~~~~City~~~~~~~~~PGWs~~PVPs~~FVPs~~~~~TPs
1 Joshua Duffin Bethesda, MD ~~~~~~~1~~~~~5.5~~~4~~~~~~~~120
2 Justin Stoner Harrisburg, PA~~~~~~~~1~~~~~4.5~~~1~~~~~~~~~96
3 Kevin Karpinski Crofton, MD~~~~~~~1~~~~~~4~~~~0~~~~~~~~~88
4 Trey Morita Silver Spring~~~~~~~~~~1~~~~~~4~~~~0~~~~~~~~~88
5 Dan Coleman Baltimore, MD~~~~~~~1~~~~~~3~~~~0~~~~~~~~~84
6 Mike Minker Annapolis, MD ~~~~~~~0~~~~~~1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~76
7 Curt Doernberg Glen Burnie ~~~~~~~0~~~~~~1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~72
8 Scott Blakey Fort Meade, MD~~~~~~0~~~~~0.5~~~~~~~~~~~~~64
8 Blake Stewart Hanover, MD ~~~~~~~0~~~~~0.5~~~~~~~~~~~~~64
10 Colin Doyle Harrisburg, PA~~~~~~~0~~~~~~0~~~~~~~~~~~~~~56
11 Sarah Anthony No Hope, PA~~~~~~0~~~~~~0~~~~~~~~~~~~~46
11 Gordon Palmer Glen Burnie, MD~~~0~~~~~~0~~~~~~~~~~~~~~46
13 Martin Henley Bucks County PA~~~0~~~~~~0~~~~~~~~~~~~~~36

Thanks to everyone who came. I hope everyone had a good time.
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