Tournament report: Fall 2002 Storyline Washington DC

The Eye of Hazimel Storyline VTES Tournament, Chantilly, VA. November 2002
Special Report: Josh Duffin, Prince of Washington, D.C.

Eighteen lovely and talented VTES players were in the hizzouse, tearin' it up for their favorite clan this past Saturday, November 2nd, at the Game Parlor in Chantilly, Virginia.

There were many hard-fought battles, and some really short games involving many Anarch Revolts, but after three preliminary rounds, the standings were:

Name............Clan (PrelimGWs) PrelimVPs [PrelimTPs]
Johnny Tullner Brujah (2) 7 [168]
Marco Balaguer Malkavian (2) 6 [138]
Colin Riggs Baali (1) 6 [126]
Trey Morita Harbingers (1) 5.5 [150]
Dan Coleman Ravnos (1) 5.5 [144]
Jason Babbitt Ravnos (1) 4.5 [136]
Greg Williams Kiasyd (1) 4 [96]
Heather Fogg !Nosferatu (1) 3 [108]
Forrest Nielsen Daughters (0) 3 [120]
Peter Kapsalis Malkavian (0) 1.5 [108]
Chris Cavett !Tremere (0) 1 [90]
Joshua Duffin Baali (0) 1 [84]
Huan Vu Tzimisce (0) 1 [84]
Dan Keller Tremere (0) 1 [84]
Ty Bachus Giovanni (0) 0.5 [88]
Dave Stevenson Tremere (0) 0.5 [78]
Andrew Weber Brujah (0) 0 [76]
Peter Oh Toreador (0) 0 [66]

I took copious notes on the final game, so here's a fairly detailed account of it:

The seating order was:

Johnny Tullner (Brujah Prince/Justicar combat), 1st, preying on
Marco Balaguer (Malkavian Anarch Revolt/vote)
Colin Riggs (Baali bleed/combat/intercept)
Trey Morita (Harbingers of Skulls intercept/bleed/bloat)
Dan Coleman (Ravnos combat/toolbox), preying on Johnny.

Brujah 1: Transfers 1, no vampire appears.
Malkavian 1: Plays Anarch Revolt, transfers 2, Brazil comes out.
Baali 1: Transfers 3, Lena Rowe comes out.
Harbingers 1: Plays The Stranger Among Us for Matthias, transfers 4, no vampire.
Ravnos 1: Plays Rumor Mill, Tabloid Newspaper, transfers 4, no vampire.

Brujah 2: Transfers 4, Volker the Puppet Prince comes out.
Malkavian 2: Plays The Parthenon, taps to play Anarch Revolt #2. Brazil calls Kine Resources Contested; it fails (Volker votes against). Transfers 4, Dollface and Franciscus come out.
Baali 2: Plays Blood Doll on Lena Rowe, taking 1 off. Lena plays inferior Revelations on Trey/Harbingers, making him discard Telepathic Misdirection. Transfers 4, no new vampire.
Harbingers 2: Transfers 4, Matthias comes out.
Ravnos 2: Transfers 4, no vampire.

Brujah 3: Plays Blood Doll on Volker, taking 1 off. Volker bleeds, which is reduced to 0 by Dollface's Telepathic Counter. Transfer 4, no new vampire.
Malkavian 3: Plays Anarch Revolt (#3). Brazil calls Screw the Masquerade!, naming Marco/Malkavians to take the additional point of pool loss, and playing Bribes. "I'd like to go screw myself" he says. The vote fails. "I remain unscrewed." Dollface calls Malkavian Justicar; Volker plays 2nd Tradition to block. Volker goes to long range with a Thrown Gate, Psyches to restart combat after the Gate, strikes hands and then Blurs in the new combat to send Dollface to torpor empty. Transfers 3, Zoe comes out.
Baali 3: Lena hunts. Transfers 4, High Priest Angra Mainyu comes out. "Your hand size is one smaller... just like your pants," he says, to Trey/Harbingers. Trey discards Delaying Tactics.
Harbingers 3: Plays Minion Tap on Matthias for 5. Matthias equips with a Flak Jacket, Freak Drives, and bleeds for 1. Transfers 4, no new vampire.
Ravnos 3: Transfers 4, Ivan Krenyenko comes out (and there are 2 counters on another vampire).

Brujah 4: Plays Warzone Hunting Ground. Volker hunts. Transfer 4, Constanza Vinti comes out.
Malkavian 4: Franciscus bleeds for 1. Brazil attempts to rescue Dollface from torpor, but Angra blocks with Sense the Sin. Angra goes to long with High Ground and waves.
Baali 4: Angra bleeds with Social Charm; it's unblocked, and he plays Sense the Sin to increase it to 3. (Matthias being in play is reducing the Baali's bleeds by 1, doh!) Lena bleeds with Entrancement for 2.
Harbingers 4: Transfers 4, Unre comes out, reducing Trey to 3 pool. (He'll die to the three Anarch Revolts on his next untap unless a miracle occurs.)
Ravnos 4: Uses Ivan's ability to find Treasured Samadji and put it in hand. Ivan equips with the Samadji. Transfers the 2 blood on a vampire back to his pool.

Brujah 5: Plays Legendary Vampire on Constanza, going to 6 pool. Constanza bleeds for 3. Volker calls a vote to burn an Anarch Revolt, but Dollface plays Malkavian Rider Clause and the other players decide that the vote has to be allowed to fail. Trey/ Harbingers has Delaying Tactics and plays it to untap Volker, who then bleeds for 1.
Malkavian 5: Plays Anarch Revolt (#4). Franciscus bleeds for 1. Brazil rescues Dollface from torpor; Dollface hunts. Zoe calls Malkavian Justicar, but it fails (since Johnny/Brujah has 6 votes on the table and even in Malk Justicar, Marco only has 4).
Baali 5: Plays Blood Doll on Angra Mainyu; Angra plays Enchant Kindred at superior to put two blood on an uncontrolled vampire. Lena Rowe hunts.
Harbingers 5: The Anarch Revolts oust the Harbingers during Trey's untap phase; Colin/Baali gains 6 pool and a VP.
Ravnos 5: Ivan Krenyenko bleeds for 2 (with the Samadji); Volker Wakes with Evening's Freshness and attempts to block, but Ivan plays Cloak the Gathering for +1 stealth and succeeds.

Brujah 6: The Anarch Revolts oust the Brujah during Johnny's untap phase; Dan/Ravnos gains 6 pool and a VP.
Malkavian 6: Brazil hunts. Colin/Baali says "He will oust me!", trying to convince Dan/Ravnos to block or something. Marco/ Malkavian says "There's no way. But I will take him down a peg. I will take a little chunk out of his Baali ass." Franciscus bleeds for 1. Zoe calls Kine Resources Contested, about which Marco comments "A day late and exactly 100 pennies short." Colin says to Dan, "Block it, he will oust me!" Marco says "You can't trust him! But go ahead, block me if you must." Dan doesn't block. Marco says "It looks like I've been put in the position of kingmaker. Here are the terms. 3 Colin, 1 Marco." The vote passes. Zoe plays Cryptic Rider. Dollface calls Screw the Masquerade! which also passes, ousting Marco (he was down to 1 pool, I believe). Dan/Ravnos gains 6 pool and 1 VP.
Baali 6: Plays Auspex on Angra. Angra attempts to bleed with Social Charm. Ivan Wakes and attempts to block; Angra gains 1 stealth with Spying Mission. Ivan gets an intercept with Rumor Mill; Angra gets another stealth with Swallowed by the Night and is unblocked. Angra plays Sense the Sin to make it a bleed of 4, but Dan plays Direct Intervention, so the bleed is for 2 and a total loss of 3 pool with the DI cost. Lena bleeds; it's unblocked, so she adds Aire of Elation to make it a bleed of 2.
Ravnos 6: Ivan attempts to bleed. Angra Wakes and attempts to block. Ivan adds a stealth with Mirror Image, but Angra gets an intercept with Eagle's Sight and succeeds in blocking. Ivan plays Torn Signpost to get 3 strength; Angra maneuvers to long with Behind You. Ivan strikes hands (neglecting to realize that the Treasured Samadji dodge would be wise at this point) and Angra strikes Conflagration for 2 aggravated damage, sending Ivan (the Ravnos's only vampire) to torpor with 7 blood.

Baali 7: Angra diablerizes Ivan, declining to take the Samadji (since only Ravnos can use it). The blood hunt fails. Lena bleeds for 1.
Ravnos 7: Spends 1 pool and 4 transfers to see a new vampire.

Baali 8: Angra bleeds and plays superior Spying Mission, making this bleed unsuccessful. Lena bleeds for 1.
Ravnos 8: Plays Short Term Investment.

Baali 9: Burns the Edge to give Angra Mainyu the Eye of Hazimel. Angra bleeds for 6, ousting Dan the Ravnos. 2 more VPs to Colin/ Baali, giving him the game win and the tournament championship!
So the result of the final round was:

1. Colin Riggs, 3 VPs, Baali
2. Dan Coleman, 2 VPs, Ravnos
3. Johnny Tullner, 0 VPs, Brujah
4. Marco Balaguer, 0 VPs, Malkavian
5. Trey Morita, 0 VPs, Harbingers of Skulls

Congratulations, Colin, on winning one for the Baali!
And thanks to everyone for coming out and making this a fun tournament.

Here's Colin's decklist:
Deck Name: The Infernal Sins of Hazimel
Created By: Colin Riggs

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 20, Max: 34, Avg: 6.83)
2 Giotto Verducci DAI for OBF pot pre 7, Baali
/ His cycling special was great, but the inferior presence is tough.
3 High Priest Angra Mainyu DAI dem OBF PRE ser 8, Baali
/ His special is alright, but the superior OBF and PRE were great
1 Huitzilopochtli AUS DAI DOM OBF PRE POT 10, Baali
/ Never drew him
3 Mary the Black cel DAI obf pot PRE 7, Baali
/ Her agg hand damage was a wonderful block/rush deterrent
2 Sir Marriot D'Urban aus obf PRE ser 5, Followers of Set
/With his PRE and inferior aus he fit right in.
1 Lena Rowe aus obf pre 3, Pander
/ great low cap

Library: (90 cards)
Master (17 cards)
3 Auspex / There could have been more, but I also didn't need to block all the time
6 Blood Doll
1 Dreams of the Sphinx
1 Giant's Blood / Never played it, would have been Great
1 Jake Washington (Hunter) / Played him once, blocked a rush
1 KRCG News Radio / Never played it, might have been too expensive
1 Legendary Vampire / Never played it.
1 Rack, The / Played it once, but got before I could use it
2 Special Report / Played it a bunch of times, never needed the intercept

Action (16 cards)
1 Contagion / Good in the game I drew it
3 Enchant Kindred / Only used the superior twice
1 Entrancement / No allies
4 Revelations / Only played it in the finals, where I discarded bounce.
7 Social Charm / Wonderful, gaining pool is essectial. Much better than legal because it doesn't cost blood

Action Modifier (15 cards)
4 Aire of Elation / Good for the Non DAI guys
2 Cloak the Gathering
2 Faceless Night
4 Lost in Crowds
3 Spying Mission / All the stealth was good, I never used a Spying mission to stop bounce, could have had more, but I didn't have very much OBF anyway

Reaction (16 cards)
1 Eagle's Sight
2 Enhanced Senses
1 Fast Reaction / Threw it in on a lark, never saw it
2 Precognition
2 Spirit's Touch / All of the intercept was useful, but there wasn't very much stealth, and in one game I didn't have any auspex
8 Wake with Evening's Freshness

Combat (15 cards)
5 Behind You!
8 Conflagration
2 High Ground / Manuvering to long and conflagrating is reasonably powerful. Having combat and block potential helped a lot.

Combo (11 cards)
9 Sense the Sin / good at inferior and superior, never used the auspex version.
2 Swallowed by the Night / Stealth, never used for the manuver
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