Black Hand After-Thanksgiving Day Limited Draft-Imprompt2
VTES Tournament
Glen Burnie, MD. 29 November 2003

by Dan Coleman,
V:EKN Prince of Baltimore

Eight Methuselahs rose from the dead to partake in the Black Hand after-Thanksgiving Day Limited Draft-Imprompt2 Tournament, Creep Show, in Glen Burnie, Saturday November 29, 2003. The final round was won by Mike Minker with 2.5 FVP, holding Trey Morita (1.5 FVP) at bay as time expired.

Trey was the odds-on favorite going into the final with 2 PGWs and 7 PVPs. Also seated at the final table, in order of standing, were BJ Alton (1 PGW and 4 PVPs), Curt Doernberg (2 PVPs), and Nick Coelius (1 PVP).

Many factors may have contributed to the small turn out: short time-frame, only a week’s notice; unsanctioning due to inclusion of BH in the constructed decks; too much Meleagris gallopavo due to the holidays; and social ambivalence or other deviant behavior(s). In any event…and especially for this event…Eight is and was Enough.

The final standings:
1. Mike Minker of Annapolis with 2PVPs, 2.5 FVPs and 72 TPs
2. Trey Morita of Silver Spring with 2 PGWs, 7 PVPs,1.5 FVPs and 120 TPs
3. BJ Alton of Crownsville with 1 PGW, 4 PVPs and 108 TPs
4. Curt Doernberg of Glen Burnie with 2 PVPs and 82 TPs
5. Nick Coelius of Severna Park with 1 PVP and 66 TPs
6. Dan Coleman of Baltimore with 46 TPs
6. Scott Blakely of Fort Meade with 46 TPs
8. Kevin Karpinski of Crofton with 36 TPs

Well…I had a good time at the Creep Show event. I hope everyone else did too. We may try the constructed-draft concept again, next time using a “sanctioned” constructed deck and a 40/40 concept (forty card library and eight Vampires totaling at least 40 points in capacity).

Thanks to all who played and the many others who stopped by for one of the several “pick-up” games. Much tanks to Trey for representing the DC gang and bringing his PC.

Hey! It was fun.

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