Rockville Tournament Results

October 5, 2002
Rockville, Maryland

It was a real shoot 'em up affair last Saturday in Rockville, Maryland at the "Legal Manipulations" VTES Tournament. Our gang bangers stayed indoors, however, at Dream Wizards.

Thirteen people showed up to play, including one from Rhode Island and two more from northern Maryland.

The tournament was won by Colin Riggs playing a weenie Celerity plus Concealed Weapons and .44 Magnums deck. He won... wait for it... FOUR GAMES IN A ROW with that monstrosity, failing to score only 3 of the 18 possible victory points in his games.

Here are the standings after the finals:

Rank Name prelim GW prelim VP final VP prelim TP
1 Colin Riggs 3 12 3 180
2 Trey Morita 2 9 1 138
3 Mike Manning 1 5 1 138
4 Shawn Stutzel 1 4 0 142
5 Gregory Williams 1 4 0 138
6 Joshua Duffin 0 2 100
7 Chris Cavett 0 2 100
8 Dan Keller 0 1 94
9 Jason Babbitt 0 0 86 coin toss
10 Dan Coleman 0 0 86 coin toss
11 John Oyerbides 0 0 78
12 Emily Lloyd 0 0 64
13 Huan Vu 0 0 60

The finals seating was:

Mike Manning, Nosferatu with Dominate bleed/?
Shawn Stutzel, Tzimisce/Harbingers block/combat/bleed
Colin Riggs, weenie-Cel Concealed-gun bleed/rush
Greg Williams, !Malkavian bleed/?
Trey Morita, Cel/Pre Concealed-gun bleed/rush

Concealed guns and CEL = strong.

The tournament consisted of three rounds and a final with the five players with the highest number of table wins/victory points going to the final (fourth) round.

Colin Riggs played a total of four games. 4/4 vps in game one. 5/5 vps in game two. 3/4 vps in game three. 3/5 vps in final. 15 out of a possible 18 vps on the day.

Trey Morita played 4 games. 0/5, 4/4, 5/5, 1/5. 10/19vps on the day. His deck was fundamentally weaker than Colin's because of using bigger vampires, and fewer of the concealed/gun combo.

Colin won the final.

Final VPs were:
Colin weenie Cel/guns 3
Trey Cel/Pre guns 1
Mike Manning w/Nos w/Dom 1
Sean Stutzel 0
Greg Williams 0

Colin mostly ignored Sean and bled/beat up Greg. Colin was scared of Sean's combat and completely unafraid of anything else he did. He choose to sit near Sean because in Sean's 1st or 2nd round game Colin observed Sean take out his prey after his prey took most of the table. From Colin's perspective, he had mostly superior cel in his crypt and everyone should be afraid of him by now because he had gotten 3 Game wins.

Before Colin had a chance to beat up Greg; however, Trey played a Haven on Parmenidies. Sean rushed him and Colin allowed him get torporized by aggravated hand damage. Sean had played a skin trap, as Colin tried to dodge. Sean tried to diablerize, but Colin blocked and shot him "a little". Colin decided to lay off Greg except for bleeding, so Colin "rescued and puttered around". Colin intimated to Greg that he should try and oust Trey, because he was not going to rush his vamps, just bleed around them.

Greg was mostly walling/stalling but he bled Trey for 4 early, and then later came in for a bleed of 5, but Trey Archon Investigated him (it was even his Fame'd vampire, so it was even kind of good for Greg). Kite burned. Kite also had a .44, so it was pretty bad too. Burning the Fame kept him around longer then he would have been. That mostly helped Trey.

Trey was just bleeding, and Mike wasn't blocking. Trey had 2 concealed weapons in his opening hand but didn't see a gun for probably 25 cards. Colin was still scared of Trey at this point, because his Vampires had so much blood and Colin thought Trey was saving a gun for him when he rushed. Trey Fame'd one of Mike's vampires but didn't use it, instead content with bleeding. Mike got the first oust by taking out Sean's somewhat hapless Tzimisce. Trey was happy that Colin was getting a real predator so he laid off Greg some, and when Colin came back and torporized two of Greg's three vampires, Trey rescued the one with a blood doll.

Greg had shown that he wasn't going to oust Trey, he only had one vampire, and Trey had almost double digit pool. So Colin killed Greg's last blocker and tried to bleed him out with a Computer Hacking. He ended up bleeding Trey (bounce). A turn or two later, Trey ousted Mike thanks to Fame, but it was apparent to everyone that Trey hadn't drawn a gun, since he was still just fighting with hands, so Colin came backwards and torporized Trey's +1 bleed girl. Greg was still hanging on, and Trey Major Boon'd Colin's ousting bleed against him to buy a turn. Trey almost managed to oust Colin with that turn, but fell 1 bleed short. It did force Colin to yield Sarah Brando w/.44, who Trey had been contesting with him...a really good move, contesting Sarah. Colin later admitted that if he hadn't torped Trey's +1 bleed superior presence Toreador, Trey would have ousted him. So he yielded, ousted, and rushed Trey, and Trey finally got a gun. Unfortunately buying it put him somewhere around 2 pool, and since he had to ditch all his combat in order to get to the gun, he was torporized. Trey admitted he was simply outgunned at this point, and it was over.

Legal Manipulations Tournament Winning Deck
Deck Name: Guns and Butter
Created By: Colin Riggs

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 4, Max: 16, Avg: 2.50)
2 Antoinette DuChamp cel pre 1, Caitiff
1 Carter cel 2, Toreador Antitribu
1 Kanya Akhtar cel 2, Assamite
2 Nik cel 1, Caitiff
2 Parmenides CEL qui 4, Assamite
2 Sarah Brando CEL 3, Brujah Antitribu
2 Victor Tolliver CEL pot 4, Brujah Antitribu

Library: (87 cards)
Master (13 cards)
3 Blood Doll
3 Celerity
2 Dreams of the Sphinx
3 Fame
2 Haven Uncovered

Action (23 cards)
1 Arson
14 Bum's Rush
8 Computer Hacking

Combat (43 cards)
2 Blur
8 Concealed Weapon
2 Nimble Feet
13 Psyche!
8 Pursuit
5 Side Strike
5 Taste of Vitae

Equipment (8 cards)
8 .44 Magnum

I put this report together mostly from Trey's commentary on the final game with added comments from Colin and Josh.
Dan Coleman

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