. Yabune Japanese house god.

Yacatechutli Aztec god of traders and merchants.

Yagastaa ”He who dwells on High>” The Carrier Indians, Hagwilgate and Fort Fraser, British Columbia

Yakista The omnipresent supreme being, god of the universe. Athapascan Indians, Northwestern North America

Yalafath, Yelafaz The supreme deity and creator of the universe is incarnate in the albatross. He is beneficent yet indifferent though he will overcome evil demons if invoked. It is the lesser spirits who are worshipped. It is to Falraman, Yalafath’s home in the sky, to which go the souls of the dead. Yap Island, the Carolines, Micronesia

Yamba, Yemba The supreme deity of the Kulu. Nigeria

Yang The male principle, which is positive, evident in the sun. Yang ”came to mean Heaven, Light, Vigor, Male, Penetration, the Monad. It is symbolized by the Dragon and is associated with azure color and oddness in numbers.” China

Yang dag rgyal po (pr. Yangdak Geylpo) A primal Bon deity, an otiose god of the beginning prior to all creation. Tibet

Yao-Shih Chinese master of psychic powers, healing, divination, and prophecy.

Yaqhucnin The supreme being and creator. The Koryak, Siberia

Yasi The moon and the creator of the earth and all things; the source of thunder and lightning. The Siriono, Bolivia

Yataa, Yatala The supreme being of the Kono who does not communicate directly. Sierra Leone

Yaun-Goicoa The ”lord of the universe. He created the three principles of life: Egia, the light of the spirit; Ekhia, the sun, the light of the world; Begia, the eye, the light of the body.” The Basques, France and Spain

Yaviza A name of the supreme being as someone who is unpredictable. Today gives good, tomorrow the bad. Les Toussians, Upper Volta

Yayutsi The supreme creator who inhabits the fifth heaven, and who reveals the future to shaman. The Altai, Siberia

Yeddariye The omnipresent and omnipotent supreme god of the Chipewyan who ruled all, rewarding and punishing according to merit. As the creator known as Niottsi. Canada

Yẹgzar The otiose high god of the Guarage. Ethiopia

Yehl, Yetl The Raven, the beneficent creator of all things, was also a hero as well as a trickster. The Thlinkeets, Pacific Northwestern America

Yemonja One of the great African goddesses, specifically of Nigerian Yoruba. She was the daughter of the sea into whose waters she flows. Her breasts were enormous because she mothered so many Yoruban gods. She also is the Mama Watta, or "mother of the waters", and gave birth to all the bodies of water in the world. She is the sister and wide of Aganju, the soil god, and together they had Orungan, god of the noonday sun, as their child. She is known by many different names, each with some variations in character: As Yemayah or Yemoja, she is the orisha of the oceans, seas, fish, and motherhood. Nurturing, feminine, and life giving. Considered the epitome of feminine power. Like the ocean, she can be not only gentle but destructive and torrential as well. She holds the secrets that are within the sea. She can be invoked for issues with childbirth, mothers, fertility, or anything involving women's issues or women's mysteries. As Imanje or Yemanja in Brazil, she is the ocean goddess of the crescent moon. As Ymoja in West Africa, she is the river goddess who grants fertility to women. In Cuba, she is Yemayah. Yemaya Achabba, stern goddess - Yemayah Oqqutte, violent goddess - Yemayah Ataramagwa, wealthy queen of the sea - Yemayah Olokun, dream goddess. She is Agwe in Haitian voodoo beliefs. Finally, she is Yamoja, a combination of the phrase Iyamo eja ("our mother"). Yenang, Yennong The supreme being who is closely associated with the sun. The Sakai, Malaysia

Yeng-Wang-Yeh Greatest of the Chinese gods of hell, he judged human souls.

Yer The supreme being of the Gelaba (the delta of the Omo River). Ethiopia

Yere, Yeretsi The supreme being of the northern Mao and the Anfillo Mao. Ethiopia

Yere Siezi The omnipresent and omniscient supreme being of the Koma. Ethiopia

Ye smon rgyal po, Ye rje A primal being of the beginning and a demiurge. As the God of the Being he ”ruled the Mountains of Being.” When he and Nyam rje, his enemy (who lived in his castle of darkness) were on friendly terms all was beautiful, but inevitably there was conflict, at which time he (Ye smon rgyal po) was victorious. His consort is Chu Icam. The Bon, Tibet

Yin The female principle which is negative, recessive, evident in the moon. Yin ”stands for Earth (the Antithesis of Heaven), Darkness, Quiescence, Female, Absorption, the Duad. It is symbolized by the Tiger and is associated with orange color and even numbers. Valleys and streams possess the Yin Quality.”

Yi-na-yes-gon-I The supreme god of the Jicarilla Apache. New Mexico

·Y·lyunda kotta The ”mistress of the universe.” The Selkups, (Ostyak-Samoyeds), Siberia

Ymir The primeval frost giant who emerged from the frozen ocean and was nourished by Audhumla, the primeval cow. Odin, Vili, and Ve killed him and from his body they fashioned the earth. Scandinavia

Yoalli Ehécatl The omnipotent, beneficent, invisible god and ruler of all things. The Chichimec, Mexico

Yocahu, Marcotu The beneficent Great Spirit. Puerto Rico. Variant names: Jocakuvague-Maorocon, Iocauna-Guamaonocon, Yocahu-Gagua-Maorocoti, and Yacana-Gumanomocon, which tie him to the following deity, Yocahu Vagua Maorocoti.

Yocahu Vagua Maorocoti The remote, not-approachable supreme god of the Taino. Haiti

Yokomatis, Kokomat With his brother Tuchaipa, the creator gods of the Diegueño Indians. Their names are sometimes conjoined as Chaipakomat. California

Youna An ancient supreme god of Northern Europe. ”The largest tree is consecrated to Youna…one less large to his wife Youmon-Awa.”

Ytsigy ”The highest benevolent deity of the Gilyak…according to Schrenck….But Sternberg says that they call the universe Kurn, and apply the same name to their highest anthropomorphic deity.” Siberia

Yűan Shih T’ien Tsun The primordial first person of the Taoist triad (with Tao Chun and Lao Tzŭ) ”who governed the world before turning it over to Yu-Huang.” China

Yuba Paik ”They allude to a Supreme Being whom they designate Yuba Paik, ‘Our Father Above’….The term may be collective…and may include all the powers of the air.” The Choctaw Indians, Georgia/Alabama

Yu Huang, Yu-Huang-Shang-Ti The Jade Emperor, supreme ruler of heaven and earth, and hell. A sky god, father of heaven. He is a creator who made men, fashioning them from clay. He sees and hears all. China

Yulgen The high benevolent god of the Altaians who, when punishment is needed, sends Erlik to do it. Central Asia

Yum Caax Mayan god of maize, joy, happiness, growth, life, birth, husbandry, wealth, and good crops.

Yurlunggur The rainbow snake’s sex is unclear and is probably bisexual as referred to as both he and she. Australia

Yurugu He represents the creation of disorder because of his disruptive, premature breaking out of the original cosmic egg. The Dogon, Mali/Nigeria

Yusn A god of the beginning, the creator of all things. The Mescalero Apache, New Mexico

Yauttoere The supreme god who governs the weather, hears all and punishes the wicked. The Dené, the Carrier Indians, British Columbia

Ywa The creator god of the Karen. Burma


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