. Ualare The creator god of the universe and of all living things except some ”certain kinds of animals and foods.” The Elema, Papuan Gulf, New Guinea

Uanari The creator of all things who is constantly at was with the malevolent Kahu. The Cunuana, Venezuela

Uarahiulu A stone being, wife of Darukavaitere and mother of ”the sun, moon, and all other celestial beings,: The Paressi, Brazil

Ubasi The creator deity of the Yako. Nigeria

U Blei Nong-thaw The creator god of the Khasis. Sometimes feminine as Ka’lei Nong-thaw. Assam

Uchtsiti, Ut’siti The creator of the universe and many things. The Acoma. Among the Keresan he also places Iyatiku and Naustsiti on the earth to complete it under the direction of Tsitstinako. Pueblo Indians, New Mexico

Ugatame The omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent creator. Since he is the source of all things he is responsible for both good and evil, but is not punitive. He is a dual concept, considered of both sexes, ”everything and nothing…manifested by the sun and the moon.” The Kapauku Papuans, New Guinea

Ugelianged The supreme being is omniscient and identified with the sun. Pelew Island, Micronesia

Ughjo-Gosai The supreme deity of the Malers. India

Uhubaput The sun god is supreme and the creator of all. The Sumu, Nicaragua and Honduras

Ukemachi Japanese goddess who created the earth from her body.

Ukko The high god is also the thunder god who provides help with the impossible or hopeless. His wife is known variously as Akka, Rauni, and Maan-Eno. Finland and Estonia

Uletet, Ngulaitait, Nguletet The supreme being is also the creator, ”makes the thunder, and intervenes in human affairs.” The Kuku, Sudan

Ulgen, Ulghen The benevolent high god and creator to whom horses were sacrificed. The Altai, Siberia

Ulgon The supreme god of the Vogul is considered to be the source of fire. Siberia

Uller Norse (Scandinavian) God whose name meant "the brilliant one". Symbolizes oaths, pacts, duels, hunting, winter, and glory.

Ulupi Hindu serpent goddess who dwelled in the lowest level of the underworld.

Ulutuyer Ulu Toyon, Ulu-Toyon ”The all-Powerful Lord of the Infinite” lives in the western sky and is closely associated with the activities of the earth. Though he is head of the dark spirits of the west he is not always harmful. He created the forest, birds and animals, gave mankind fire, and is responsible for shamanism. He could appear on earth as a large animal. The Yakut, Siberia

Umbria Italian goddess of shadows and things which are hidden or secret.

Umbu Walu Mendoku A sky god who is the creator by not worshipped. Sumba Island, Indonesia

Umkhulumcandi The supreme god is an ancestor deity who gave them their culture. Also called Nkulunkuli. The Swazi, Swaziland

Umkulumqango, Umkulunqango, Umkurumqango The supreme being is the ”creator of all things and the ultimate source of power, particularly of sending rain, success in war, and the deliverance from pestilence…giver of health and strength to mankind.” The Ngoni, Malawi

Umlimo The creator deity of the Amantebele (Zulu). South Africa

Umlungu The invisible supreme being of the Lake Nyasi region. East Africa

Umubumbi The aspect of God as the creator, ”the potter.” The Gisu, Uganda

Umusemyi A creator god of the Barundi. Burundi

Umvelatanqi, Ukqamata The supreme being of the Amakxosa. South Africa

Umvelinqangi The creator god. This name is used together with uNkulunkulu, but the later is used more for the ancestor god aspect. The Zulu, South Africa

Uni Italian goddess of witchcraft.

uNkulunkulu A name of the supreme being and creator of all things, an ancestor deity. Also called Umvelinqangi, Villenangi, Umdali, Qamata, and other names. The Zulu, South Africa

Unvelingange A pre-existent god, father of uNkulunkulu. The Kaffir, South Africa

Upulero The Sun, the male principle who impregnates Mother Earth. Leti, Moa, Lakor, the Moluccas. Indonesia

Upunusa Grandmother Earth, the female principle. In some areas fertilized by Upulero, in others by Dudilaa. Indonesia

uQamata The older of two names for the supreme being. The newer one being uTixo. The amaPondo, South Africa

Urun Ajy (Aiy, Ayyy) Toyon A benevolent sky god, a god of light and ”the white lord and creator of the earth and man.” The Yakut, Siberia

Usanisi The supreme being of the Amaswasi. South Africa

Uso Dori Japanese goddess of singing.

Utabu An early name of the supreme being. Later replaced by Utikxo. The Pondo, South Africa

Uthlanga A creator god whose name ”means a reed, and is metaphorically used for a source of being. Thus a father is described as the ‘Uthlanga’ of his children.” The Zulu, South Africa

utnimatcisu One of the five names of the Caribou God—supreme deity of the Davis Inlet and Barren Ground bands. The ”Giver of Food.” Labrador

Uwolowu The omniscient and beneficent supreme god, the personified sky, is the creator of all, the source of all good things. He is invoked for agriculture/harvest, spring, birth, rain, and sun. Gave mankind fire. The Akposo, Togoland. Same as Buku of the Atakpames, and Mawu of the Ewe.

Uwu Lowalangi The ”primordial Principle.” North Nias Island, Indonesia

Uyun-artoyen A variant name of the Supreme Being. Same as Ulghen. The Yakuts, Siberia


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