. Ma ”The Goddess of Creation,” and mother of Mbali-yamswira. South Africa

Ma'at Goddess of truth, justice and the order of the universe. Her symbol is the feather. She sits in the underworld, judging the souls that pass through. Egypt

Macha Goddess of war, life, and death. Ireland

Madari-Burkhan, Maidari Burkan One of the three creator gods who with Shibegeni-Burkham and Esege Burkhan created the earth and then made the first humans. The Buriats, Siberia

Madumda The creator deity of the Pomo, frequently identified with Coyote. California

Magano The supreme being of the Tambaro and the Sidamo, identified with the sky. Ethiopia

Magbabaya The highest and most powerful divinity, the creator, who ”lives in a house made of coins, high in the sky…” with no windows, as to see him causes all—men or objects—to ”dissolve into water.” As the creator he is usually known as Migloginsal or Agobinsal. The Bukidon, Mindanao, Philippines

Magna Mater Androgynous mother goddess who bore Agditis and Mise, both bisexual. Phrygia, Near East

Maeve Celtic goddess of earth fertility and war.

Mahadara The supreme being and creator of all things. The Ot-danoms, Borneo and Indonesia

Mahadeva, Mahadewa An aspect of Siva as an all-powerful supreme god. Java, Bali, and India

Mahalaya A Devi goddess, ”the source of the universe.” India

Mahaprabhu, Singi-Arke The supreme being and creator is generally benevolent but is known to cause fever and convulsions. His wife is Sita Mahalakshmi. The Bondo, India

Mahapurub The creator god of the Raja Maria. Identified with Bhagavan. India

Mahatala, Mahatara This name replaced the native names. The supreme being is a duality—Mahatala of the Upperworld, the Hornbill, and Jata of the Underworld, the Water snake. Together they form a unity, represent the total divinity—”Upperworld and Underworld, man and woman, sun and moon, sacred spear and sacred cloth, good and evil, life and death, war and peace, security and disaster, etc.” He was the creator, but called upon Jata to help with the second period of creation. The Ngaju, Borneo

Maheçwara One of the manifestations of the supreme god. Also called Batara Guru. Bali

Maheo The pre-existent and omnipotent Great Spirit and creator who lives in the void. He created the water and its creatures, light and air. With the help of Coot, who brought up mud from the waters, made land by placing the mud on the back of Grandmother Turtle (who became the earth) causing it to grow and spread out. The Cheyenne Indians, Minnesota to Montana and Colorado

Maho Peneta The Great Spirit of the Mandan. North Dakota

Mahpiyato The Sky ”is the source of all wisdom and power, and the great judge over all.” He was directed by Inyan to create people inferior to the Pte people (servants of the spirits) to be ”the subjects of Maka” (the earth), and the animals. The Lakota, Plains Indians, Unites States

Maia "Grandmother of Magic". Goddess of spring, youth, life, and rebirth. One of the seven daughters of Atlas and mother of Hermes. She symbolizes love. Greece

Maimoa-a-Longona The female twin of Atungake, the second pair of the primordial family born of Touia-a-Futuna. Parents of Vele-lahi. Tonga, Polynesia

Mainatavasara The chief god of Somo Island. Fiji, Melanesia

Maipe A supreme being among Pampean/Patagonian Indians. Among some ”associated with the darkness of night, the violent wind of the desert” and other dangers. Argentina

Maiph A supreme being, considered beneficent. The Pampean/Patagonians, Argentina

Mair The demiurge of the Urubu. Brazil

Maira-Monan, Maire-Monan Among the Tupinamba, the creator god. Among the Tupi, a culture hero. Brazil

Maisö The pre-existent mother goddess, mother of Darukavaitere and Uarahiulu. The Paressi, Brazil

Mai-waho A god of the heavens who taught the incantations to Ta-whaki. New Zealand

Makarom Manouwe The masculine principle ”lives in the sky and sometimes in the sun,” a primordial pair with Makarom Mawakhu. Island of Keisar, Indonesia

Makarom Mawakhu The feminine principle is Present in the earth,” and forms a primordial pair with Makarom Manouwe. Island of Keisar, Indonesia

Makawe The chief god of the Arawa, Ngatituwharetoa, and Whanganui tribes. New Zealand

Makila The thunder god who gave the people knowledge and taught them hunting and fishing and the arts. With Kuksu, the creators. The northern Pomo, California

Makilehohoa A sky god, father of Kimulani. Nukumanu and Ontong Java Melanesia

Makonaima, Makunaima The supreme god and creator who sent his son Sigu to rule over the earth. Among the Makushi he created the sky and earth, vegetation, animals and men. Among the Ackawoi and Caribs, he created birds, animals, and food plants, assisted by his son Sigu. British Guiana

Makowasendo The sky god is the husband of Nangkwijo, the earth. The Tewa, Pueblo Indians, New Mexico and Arizona

Ma-ku Goddess of spring. China

Makumba A great god, the tribal god from whom the chief gets his authority. He gives, deprives, and kills, is invoked and made offerings. The Baushi , Rhodesia

Malaki Lunsud, Malaki Lunson God of the eighth heaven whose wife is Kadeyuna. The Bagobo, Philippines

Malayari The chief god of the pantheon of the Zambales, the creator of all things. He was the omnipotent ruler over life and death; ”compassionate and loving”—sending rain, health, wealth, and abundance to the deserving, but punitive toward ”those who ignored his commandments.” Philippines

Maleiwa A culture hero/creator god who in some mythological versions is credited with creating the cosmos and vegetable and animal life, including humans. He was the giver of fire and rain, of moral laws, the punisher of incest. The Goajiro, Venezuela

Malengfung The otiose creator deity of the Kai. New Guinea

Malimeihevao A bisexual god. Uoleva Island, Tonga, Polynesia

Malunga, Waku The supreme being of the Galla who forms a triad with Oglie and Atetic. Ethiopia

Mam Mayan earthquake god.

Mama The Wakilwe ”call the Creator god Mama or Mother, though they by no means regard him as feminine.” Tanzania

Mamao Space—Mother of Po (night) and Ao (day). Samoa, Polynesia

Mamaldi A goddess who ”created the continent of Asia and the island of Sakhalin before she was killed by her husband,” Khadau, but she ”continued to quicken the souls of future shamans” whom he created. The Amur, Siberia

Mamale The creator of the earth. The Bagobo, Philippines

Manabozho God of the east, of light, and the creator god. See Michabo. The Winnebago and the Ojibwa, Wisconsin and Great Lakes area.

Manama The chief god and creator who justly punishes and rewards. The Bagobo and the Ata, Philippines

Manannan Celtic patron of sailors and merchants. His famed possessions include the yellow shaft, the red javelin, the boat, the wave-sweeper, a horse called Splendid Mane, and three swords named retaliator, great fury, and little fury; he has the gift of immortality.

Mangala The creator of the world and men. The Mande, Mali and Nigeria

Manibush The creator. The Menominee Indians, Wisconsin

Manitu The omniscient Great Spirit and creator of all things. The name is also used collectively to designate the lesser spirits as well as the mysterious power which pervades all of nature. The Algonquin Indians, eastern United States/Canada

Manu Hindu founder of the human race.

Man’una The Earthmaker, the beneficent but remote creator god. The Winnebago, Wisconsin

Mapu The creator of the earth. The Araucanians, Chile

Marahtoo The supreme deity of the Pilamites invoked in times of danger. Formosa

Marduk At one time in Akkadain and Assyro/Babylonian mythology he was the creator of heaven and earth from the body of Tiamat and of mankind from the blood of Kingu. Originally a solar god, his functions as god of war and politics, as a ruler and city-god of Babylon, took preeminence. Near East

Mareigua, Maleiwa The beneficent supreme being and creator god who taught mankind to make fire, and as a moral leader punishes incest. The Goajiro, Colombia

Maretkhmakniam The chief spirit of the Botocudo who is responsible for rain and storms, and for the phases of the moon. Brazil

Margawse Celtic mother aspect of the goddess.

Marginen A ”personification of the creative principle of the world.” The Chukchee, Siberia

Marica Goddess of agriculture. Etruscan

Mars Roman god of war. Symbolizes protection, strength, health, and energy. Also known as Ares [Greek].

Martummere The supreme being, a primordial god and the creator. The giver of tools and culture. Same as Nurrundere. Southeast Australia

Marumda, Marumbda A god who with Kuksu created the earth, animals and people. He created the details of the surface of the earth. The Eastern Pomo, California

Marunogere The creator god. The Papuan Kiwai, New Guinea

Marure The creator god of the Shona. Rhodesia

Masala The supreme deity of the Sela Limba. Sierra Leone

Masaranka The supreme god of the Tonko Limba. Sierra Leone

Masaya Mayan goddess of fire and divination. She required that victims be thrown into volcanoes.

Massim Biambe The omnipotent, incorporeal God and the creator. The Mundangs, Zaire

Matariki The creator of the heavens and the earth. Son of Tamaei. Danger Island, Polynesia

Matc Hawatuk The beneficent but remote and little worshipped supreme god and the creator of the earth and ”all its inhabitants.” The Menomini, Wisconsin

Matevil, Mathowelia The creator of heaven and earth, and the father of Mastamho. The Mojave Indians, Arizona and California

Math Hen An ”old Welsh ‘high god,’ remembered for magick, which he taught to Gwydion; for the fact that the winds brought to him the least whisper of a conversation” for benevolence and justice.

Mathunda The creator god of the Rimi and the Sandawe who was associated with the sun, either as himself or as his son. Tanzania

Math Mathonwy God of magic, sorcery, and enchantment. Wales

Matunda The creator god of the Turu. Shida Matunda among the Nyamwezi. Tanzania.

Maunna Creator of the earth and of men, originally as wolves, then they became men. The Winnebago, Wisconsin

Mawu, Mawu-Lisa It is sometimes suggested that this deity is androgynous. Mawu may be referred to as male or as female. In the Mawu-Lisa terminology Mawu is female and Lisa male, and as twins born of Nana-Buluku, herself an androgynous figure. Dahomey

Maya Hindu goddess of nature and a universal creator.

Mayahuel Aztec goddess who discovered and introduced the gods to plaque. She was pictured naked, holding a bow of plaque and seated on a throne of a tortoise and a snake. She carried a cord that she used to help women in childbirth, and the night was sacred to her.

Mayandi The chief god to whom sacrifices are made. The Paliyans of the Palni Hills, India

Maykapal ”the lord of the universe who came down to earth to correct some mistakes in his works…he raised the sky.” Then because of the heat of the sun he pierced one of its eyes, then seeded the barren earth to cover it with plants, and created the stars and the moon for light. The Tagalog, Luzon, Philippines

M’ba The sky god of the Ababua. Africa

Mbabba, Kiara The supreme being and sky god of the Ngonde and the Konde. Invoked by the latter for health, fertility, and freedom from illness. Tanzania

Mbir The god of the Guarayu who created the world and was later known as Miracucha. Bolivia

Mboli, Mbori The all-powerful supreme being is also the creator and owner of all, which he controls and is responsible for, including sickness and death, conception and birth. The Azande, Zaire and Sudan

The supreme being and the sky . The Na-khi of Yunnan Province, China

Medb "Drunk Woman". Celtic goddess of war. The mere sight of Medb blinds enemies, and she runs faster than the fastest horse. A lewd woman, she needs thirty men a day to requite her sexual appetite. Also a fertility goddess.

Mediterina Roman goddess of health and medicines. Possibly also spelled Meditrina.

Medje a sky god who is assistant to his oldest brother Loko. Son of Mawu and Lisa. Dahomey

Meghnath The omnipotent supreme god who is looked to for assistance when needed. The Gonds, India

Megit A deity of the heavens invoked in the ceremony for children to make them strong, skilful, successful, brave, and to give them longevity. The Sea Dyaks, Borneo

Meke Meke, Make Make The chief god and the creator of all things. Easter Island, Polynesia

Melo (1)The male principle, the primeval sky, husband/brother of Sedi. The Adi, Northeastern India. (2)The male of the dual creator Shedi-Melo. With sister Shedi the creators of earth and sky and parents of the human race. The Minyong Abors, Assam

Melu The first being who sat at the head of the river flowing from the Upperworld to the Underworld. His constant washing formed silt which damned the river. When he opened it up and scattered the silt it formed the land. He was also the creator of the first two men. The Bilaan, Philippines

Meng-Po-Niang Goddess who stood just within the gates of hell. Her magic potion was administered to each soul, so that they would forget their past lives. China

Mens Roman goddess of intelligence, knowledge, and judgment.

Men-Shen The two Chinese deities who guarded the door against evil. They embody protection.

Më-nyi-mo The omniscient and supreme sky being. The Lolo, China

Menzabac, Yum Canan Zabac The creator is also the god of rain and the receiver of the souls of the good people. The Tzeltal, The Lacandon, Mexico

Mer Chor (mer tcor) The ”Chorti guardian of the milpa…said to be dual sexed.” Guatemala

Mercury Roman god of communication and messages. Symbolizes the element of air, communication, and health. See also Hermes.

Mertseger Goddess of flowers and death. Shown with the head of a snake. Egypt

Meshkent Goddess of birth. She is to be present on the judgment day. Egypt

Meson, Michabo, Manibojo (1)The Great White Hare, the creator of the earth and ”elder brother to all beasts.” The Montagnais, Quebec/Labrador. (2)Michabo The Great White Hare was considered many things besides the creator of the earth—the god of light, the god of winds and weather, the giver of culture. Algonquin Indians, United States and Canada

Meu-nyi-mo The omniscient sky god who created the earth and mankind. The Lo-lo-p’o, Yunnan, China

Meyuncame The creator of all things. Durango, Mexico

Mfidi The supreme sky god controls the elements. Zaire

Mhatzuu The goddess of heaven. Taiwan, China

Miamakwa The sky god of the Yavapai. Arizona

Mictlantecuhtli Aztec lord of the land of the dead, depicted as a red skeleton. Husband of Mictlantecihuatl. Together, they take care of the deceased.

Mider Celtic god of the underworld.

Mielikki Goddess of the forest and the hunt. Protectress of wild animals. Totem animal was the bear. She symbolizes archery, hunting, wilderness, and trees. Finland

Migloginsal, Agobinsal The name of Diwata Magbabaya as the creator of the earth. The Bukidnon, Mindanao, Philippines

Mikimatt, Nukimatt The sun goddess and the creator of the world. The Klallam, Washington

Milili A great spirit of the sky is the source of obsidian, of the shaman’s powers. The Yuki, California

Milkom, Malkam The supreme god of the Ammonites (east of the Jordan River). Near East

Min "The Firm One". God of fertility, rain, and agriculture, and protector of roads and travelers. Symbolizes sexual prowess and fertility. Egypt

Minerva Roman goddess of crafts and wisdom. See also Athena.

Minjanni The creator ”who, with Sempulon, made men and animals out of stone.” The Pari, Borneo

Minungara Two unfriendly sky beings ”who make doctors” but at the same time try to kill people who fall ill, but are prevented from harming them by Mumpani. The Mara, Australia

Mirirui The creator among the Illawarra tribes and the judge of men ”taking the good to the sky.” Australia

Mirriki A name of the supreme being as pure spirit, vital force, immaterial. Upper Volta

Misa, Mise Bisexual, but invoked as a goddess. She is named as a daughter of Isis, or of Magna Mater; companion of the Magna Mater of Phrygia. ”Misa rejoices in good harvests.” She is also associated with Dionysus, with Iachos. Near East

Mitipa A god who rose out of the primeval water with the land, the created the sun and moon, and mankind. The Akwa’ala, Baja California

Mixcoatl Aztec god of war, weapons, hunting, and striking from afar. His human offerings were said to become stars once sacrificed.

Mkhulumqganti The supreme being and creator of the world. The Zulu, South Africa

Mlengi A name of Mulungu as the creator. The Tonga and the Nyanjas, Malawi and Zambia

Mlimo The supreme being of the amaNdebele tribe. Rhodesia

Modimo The otiose and little known supreme being and creator god. The Bavenda, the Bapedi, the Sotho, Tswana, Basuto, and Betshuana, South Africa/Botswana

(Po Yan) Moh, Amoh The polymorphous creator god whose wife is Po Ino Nogar. The Chams, Annam and Cambodia

Mo-Hou-Lo-Chia The Dragon King, deity of all waters. China

Moihernee A star god and the creator who shaped the earth, the rivers, the islands, and created the first man and the gray kangaroo. Bruny Island, Tasmania

Molemo The name usually used for the god Njambe by the Marutse. Rhodesia

Moma The creator god is a celestial deity in his identification with the moon, and also an underworld deity as a god of the dead. He is also associated with food and fruits and through them is considered to have renewed life. The Witotoans, Colombia and Peru

Monaincherloo A self-existent god who created the sun, moon, and stars, mankind and other things. Adelaide, Australia

Monan The god who created the earth and sky, and all living things. The Tupi, the Tupinamba, Brazil

Mong-mu A sky god of the Lolos. Southwest China

Montu "Nomad". God of war. Egypt

Mooramoora The Good Spirit who created the sun and caused man and other beings to be created by the moon. The Dieyerie, South Australia

Morigi, Morige The omnipotent supreme god and creator who lives in the seventh heaven. The Khevsurs and the P’shavs, Caucasus

Mori Keraeng The ”Highest Being” who created people from bamboo. The Manggarais, Western Flores, Indonesia

Moros God of doom; deification of an unfortunate destiny and the fate of a violent death. Greece

Morpheus Roman god of sleep. The drug morphine is named after him.

Morrigan "The Great Queen". Celtic goddess of war and death who could take the shape of a crow or raven. Supreme warrior goddess. She is associated with the sometimes-frightening aspects of female energy. She symbolizes the power of fertility, the dark goddess' prowess, death, war, and fate.

Motogon The omnipotent creator of the heavens and the earth. Western Australia

Mphambi A name of Mulungu as the heavens. The Nyanjas, Malawi

Mtanga Another name for Mulungu, the supreme being and creator, who sends the rain by Mphambi. The Wayao, Zaire

Mu, Mushang The ”nat of the heavens.” The Kachins, Burma

Mu-bya-sei The supreme god, a sky deity, who is identified with the Jade Emperor. He protects the good from illness and disaster and provides for their needs. The Ch’iang of Szechwan, China

Mudimo The creator god of the Sotho, Transvaal

Mudzimu The supreme being between whom and man the ancestor gods act as intermediaries. The Ma-Lemba, South Africa

Mueraya The god who rules the heavens is also helpful to the shamans. He controls the jaguars. The Conibo, Peru and Ecuador

Mu Gong Immortality. China

Muhammad He ”created the five ‘incomparables.’ Who in their turn created the world and are the five planets.” Muhammad was created by ؛Ali, is identified with the sun, and forms a triad with ؛Ali and Salman-al-arisi. The Nusairis, Near east

Mu Je A sky goddess who came down to earth and married Ze-bi-ge-swa who was the only person, gave him children, and then returned to the sky. The Ch’iang at Ho-p’ing-chai, Szechwan, China

Mukameiguru A god who rules in the skies. The Ankore, Uganda

Mukat With his brother Tumaiyowit (Tamaioit) the ”creators of the earth and all things in it. They were the sons of darkness (two nights, one male, one female). They demonstrated the proper and improper uses of power,” which Mukat used correctly. Tamaioit returning to the darkness causing earthquakes, storms, etc. Mukat gave life and creativity to the people but also sickness and death. This he alleviated by providing shamans with powers received through guardian intermediaries—an owl, bear, coyote, etc.—to help them, and Telmikish where the spirits of the dead could go. However, the instability and unpredictability which the people saw in all matter and things was reflected in Mukat himself who tricked the people and ”violated basic moral principle” when he molested Man-el (Menily), the moon maiden. The rules he made, he broke, ruining the happiness and good will, which had prevailed. When he taught useful things they were proved destructive (arrows to hunt but also to kill). With discontentment and disillusionment the people caused his death through bewitchment. The Cahuilla, The Cupeno, California

Mu-kulo Nzambi The Great God of the Lunda, Angola

Mu Kung A spirit of the woods, one of the Wu Lao, or spirits of the five natural forces. China

Mukuru The supreme being is the creator of the heavens and the earth, of animals and vegetation. ”He made men and four-footed animals come forth from a tree; fowls and fishes…from a mountain.” As the creator of the soul, oruzo, he is known as Ombepo. The north where he lives is closely associated with water and the netherworld—the area of birth, death, and rebirth—and like the netherworld he is the source of good as well as of evil. The Herero, the Bantu, Namibia

Mula djadi na bolon, Muladjadi The self-existent supreme god and creator of the universe is the father of Batara Guru, Soripada, and Mangalabulan. The Batak, Indonesia

Mulenga The creator god. The Lala, Zambia

Mulengi The creator god of the Tumbuka. Malawi

Mulenyi The creator, another name for Imana. Uganda

Muluku The supreme being and creator of mankind. The Macouas and the Banyis, Mozambique

Mulungu, Murungu, Mluku,and many variants The supreme being in many African-Christian religions who is equated with God by the tribes of Malawi, Rhodesia, Zaire, Tanzania and Uganda. Mulungu is also looked upon as an impersonal power not associated with male or female. Among some he is the creator god, among others he is considered the cause of disasters. Among the Yao of Mozambique, though otiose, he does send the rain and receives the spirits of the dead.

Mulungu Mumbi The creator of all things. The Kamba, Kenya

Mumbi A name of Mulungu as the creator. The Akamba, Kenya and Uganda

Mu Mi The sky god whom some consider ”rules the other gods and so is supreme.” The Lolos, Southwest China

Mumu Wunlang The embryonic sky, of the second generation of deities, child of Krinkrong wa and Ynong majan. The Katchins, Burma

Mundagadji Two sky spirits, ill disposed towards man, whose depredations are thwarted by Ulurkura. The Binbinga, Australia

Mungangana The sky god who originally lived on earth with men, then withdrew, manifests his will through the aurora borealis. Australia

Mungu The supreme being and creator god. Tanzania

Munsumundok Wife of Kinharingan—the chief gods. They procured earth from Bisagit, mixed it with the rock forming the land. She made the sky and together they made the heavenly bodies. Their daughter they cut up, from her body came all food and animals. The Dusans of Tuaran and Tempassuk, North Borneo

Muri-muri The creator god of the Efe. Zaire

Musa, Musa Gueza The supreme being of the Gumuz. Ethiopia

Musiki One of the names for god as the creator. The Shona, the Korekore, Rhodesia

Musoke God of the sky who with Gulu controls the weather, makes rain from the water sent up to the clouds by the river deity Mayanja. The Ganda, Uganda

Mut The original Egyptian mother goddess. Wife of Amun. She had thousands of children, among them were Bast, Neith, Hapi, and Chons. She lost importance once Isis became the primary mother goddess. She symbolizes the element air.

Muta Roman goddess of quiet and silence.

Muyaataalemeetarkwau The name given for the supreme being in one myth of the Shawnee Indians. Oklahoma

Muyinwu-taka A sky god of the Hopi Indians. Arizona and New Mexico

Mwali A celestial deity who is invoked for rain and for relief from the rule of Europeans. The Kalanga, Rhodesia

Mwari The supreme being and creator is generally benevolent providing abundance and fertility, but in punishment of incest he sends pestilence or crop failure. Among the southern Shona this is an androgynous deity—male as Muali, god of fertility, Dzivaguru, god of rain, Soroezhou, Nyadenga, and Wokumusoro; female as Dziva, Mbuya (grandmother), and Zendere (the young woman who is regarded as Mwari’s emanation). ”Whether god or goddess, the name Mwari conveys the idea of generation, not of creation from nothingness.” The Shona and the Karanga, Rhodesia
Mwatuangi A name for God meaning ”Cleaver One” referring to his giving shape, details, distinctiveness to his creations. The Akamba, Kenya

Mw-ene Designates God—meaning ”the Master, the Chief.” The Sagala, East Africa

Mwenenyaga The creator god who is involved in life ceremonies. The Kikuyu, Kenya

Mwetyi The supreme being who was also a god of oaths and punished perjury. The Shekuni, Guinea

Myrrdin "Merlin". A sorcerer, druid, and magician who was trained by Nimue and the Lady of the Lake. Wales


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