. Gaea, Gaia A chthonic goddess, the Earth Mother, who of herself gave birth to Pontos and to Ouranos, the starry heaven. With the latter she had numerous progeny. Greece

Gaeto-Syrus Scythian solar deity.

Gainji The creator god of the Papuan Keraki people. New Guinea.

Gala The creator god of the Gbunde. Liberia

Gamab The supreme being and creator is omniscient, learning all as being manifest in the wind. He causes thunder and lightning and lives in the sky where he receives the souls of the dead. The Heikom, South Africa; the Damara, Namibia

Gander-Prince See Mir-suane-xum Vogul), Ort-iki (Ostyak).

Ganesha Hindu elephant-headed god of wisdom, the remover of obstacles. He symbolizes good fortune and prosperity. His totem animal is the rat, a symbol of perseverance. One of the most popular gods in Hinduism; all sacrifices, rituals, music, books, and affairs begin with an invocation to Ganesha. When Paravati, wife of Shiva, gave birth to Ganesha, she was very proud of his bright and beautiful face. So proud was she that she asked Sani (Saturn) to look upon her child. Sani looked at the child's face, and instantly Ganesha's head was burnt to ashes. Paravati rushed to the wise Brahma to seek help. Brahma told her to replace the child's head with the first head she could find, which was that of an elephant.

Gangaditya The sun god as still worshipped in Murshodabad District. India

Ganymede Greek cupbearer.

Gao!na The oldest name of the creator god. See Hishe. The !Kung Bushmen, Nyae Nyae Region, Namibia

Garang A sky deity associated with the sun and with ”certain heated conditions of the human body”—illness. His emblems are giraffes and snakes. The Dinka, Sudan

Gasani The chief god of the Bakene, a god of the sky and of the water, is invoked in illness. Uganda

Gard The supreme being and creator of all things who also”gave them their language.” The Yurok, California

Gasani The chief god of the Bakene ”who has power over the sky and water…is consulted more especially in cases of sickness and when an epidemic appears.: Uganda

!Gaunau The supreme being of the Bushmen. South Africa

Gaunub A god of evil, the destroyer, who was associated with solar and lunar eclipses. The Khoi-Khoi (Hottentots), South Africa

Gauteovan The mother of all things and the creatress of the world, the sun, even the evil spirits causing diseases. She is known also as Hava Sibalaneuman and Kalguasiza. The Kagaba, Colombia

(The) Gavite(s) Twins, one solar, one lunar, whose father is the White Giant. In the Chorti drama they assume the role of redeemer of humanity, sacrificing themselves only to save the rest, concentrating upon their own person the attention of evil forces.” Same as Huahpú of the Quiché as a solar deity. Guatemala

Gāvǔr li yalyal The beneficent supreme being and creator of the world and of the gods. Yap Islands, Micronesia

Gawang The omniscient supreme god who represents ”the unity of the universe from the duality of the sky and earth>” He punishes with poor hunting, with famine and disease. The Konyak Naga, Assam/Burma

Gbenebeka A goddess from the sky and mother of the Ogonu. Nigeria

Gbohulu The sun of springtime. The Gā in Nangwa. Ghana

Geb "The Green Man". Egyptian god of the earth, symbolizes the element fire. Green skinned man with a goose on his head, often shown lying down beneath the feet of Shu with his phallus pointing straight up. He was said to imprison the souls of the dead, disallowing them to move on to the afterlife. His laughter caused the earth to shake.

Gefion A vegetation and fertility goddess. It is told that maidens who die as virgins become her servants. Gefion's symbol is the plough. A shape shifter. She symbolizes fortunate turns of luck, magical arts, virginity, prosperity, luck, fertility, and agriculture/growth. Scandinavia

Gehyaguga The Sun. The Cherokee Indians, North Carolina and Tennessee

Gengenver Egyptian fowl god in the form of a goose who laid the Cosmic Egg.

Genneas, Gennaios A Syrian sun god shown on horseback. Near East

Gerd Norse earth goddess who married Freyr. She was a giantess, and considered very beautiful. Scandinavia

Geunetchen, Gunechen A name of the supreme being. The Araucanians, Chile/Argentina

Geush Urvan The primeval ox ”in which contained the germs of the animals species and even of a certain number of useful plants.” When killed by Mithra it ”went to heaven to be the guardian of animals.” Iran

Gezis, Gzizis (Ojibwa) The sun to whom the Algonquian ”attribute life and light, vitality and intelligence,” as they also do to Monedo. Northern United States

Ghali matusi The sky initiate. The Eastern Pomo, California

Gibil Near Eastern god of arbitration, symbolizes the element of fire. Babylon

Gicelemuhkaong, Gishelemuhkaong The Great Spirit and creator. The Unami (Lenape Delaware) Indians, Eastern United States

Gicholan A name of the supreme being—”The-One-on-High.” The Koryak, Siberia

Gicholetinvilan Etin A name of the supreme being—”The-Master-on-High.” The Koryak, Siberia

Gickokwita The god of the sun, of light. The Lenape Indians, Eastern United States

Gickonikizho The sun god of the Unami (Lenape) Indians. Eastern United States

Gikimoi The supreme being at Halmahera. The Molucca Islands, Indonesia

Gileamberte The supreme being and sky god is as well the god of animals, particularly the reindeer. Yurak-Samoyed, Siberia

Gindri The supreme being and creator of all things, the giver of life and death, provided medicinal herbs for the use of the healers. Zaire

Girgol-vairgin The powerful ”Upper Being” who is ”just and benevolent.” The Chukchee, Siberia

Giring Dubo, Bero Names of the sun god of the Kharias of Chota Napur and Central Provinces, India.

Givi-uranga A deity whose name ”means ‘the highest’.” The Otomav, Venezuela

Giziulitolek A name of Ktahandowit as the creator. The Penobscot, Maine

Gnabaia The Great Spirit. The women believe the Bull-roar is his voice, that he ”swallows the novices and later disgorges them as initiates.” The Anula, Australia

go’á-mëe The ”ultimate reality…supreme force.” The Desana, Colombia

Godiye Mirage—pre-existent—one of the four primordial beings. The San Carlos Apache, Arizona

Goibhniu Irish and Welsh god of weapons. Weaponry he forged for the Tuatha de Danaan was said to never miss or dull. He possessed a potion that made the drinker invincible. Also called the Great Smith.

Gomaj The sun and moon are both called Gomaj, which is also used as a general term of god. The sun, male, and the moon, female, are the chief deities and are invoked at marriages. The Korku of Central Provinces and Berar, India

Gonaldjictco xastin An insect—one of the four creators of the earth and sky in one version of the creation myth. The San Carlos Apache, New Mexico and Arizona

Gongpoh The remote supreme god who controls all other deities both good and evil. The Kadengs of the Dafla tribes, Assam

Go-noeno-hodi The demiurge. The Caduveo, Brazil

Gorakhnath By some considered the supreme god. Tibet

Gounia Tiquaa, Gounja Ticquoa The chief god of the Khoi-Khoi (Hottentots), South Africa

Gran Gadu, Gran Gudu The great god and creator. Surinam

Grian A Celtic sun goddess who ”dwelt in the side of Cnoc Grene, a hill near Pallas Grene,…Elsewhere…Grain was another name of Macha, who is represented as wife of Cruind and daughter of Mider of Bri Leith.” Ireland

Crogoragally The beneficent sun god, son of the creator. He presents the soul of the dead to the supreme being. The Wiradjuri-Kamilaroi, southwest Australia

Guamaonocon A name of Iocauna, the supreme being. The Antilles, West Indies

Guanari The always existent supreme being who created the other deities and mankind. The Makiritare, Venezuela

Guaracy The sun god of the Tupi created the animals. Brazil

Guayavacuni, Guayavacunnee The benevolent but remote supreme being and creator was also the god of the dead. The Puelche, the Tehuelcho, the Teheulhets. Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego

Gucumatz (1)An hypostasis of Cabahuil as creator god-Seven. With him and Gucumatz ”there arrived the Word”; now the earth could be created because the hypostases of god-Seven was complete. Gucumatz is a general name as well as particular. He is the sun at its setting. He is a counterpart of Quetzalcóatl. The Quiché, Guatemala (2)Mayan god of farming, agriculture, civilization, and domestic matters. He was said to live in heaven and hell at the same time.

Gudatrigakwitl The pre-existent creator god of the Wiyot Indians, California

Gueggiahora The remote supreme being who is not worshipped. The Camacan of Bahia, Brazil

Gueno An omnipotent deity of the Peul. Mali

Gulambre The sky being from whom the novice medicine man receives his powers. Port Stephens’s area, Australia

Gullveig "The Golden Branch". Scandinavian goddess of sorcery, symbolizes the magickal arts, prophecy, foresight, healing.

Gulu (1)The supreme god of the Manyema to whom men go when they die. (2)The sky god of the Baganda. Father of Nambi and Walumbe. Uganda

Gwawl The son of Clud ”was evidently a sun-god…for the meaning of ‘Gwawl’ is ‘light’.” Celtic (Britons)

Gwaza God of the universe. The beneficent supreme god helpful against evil spirits and invoked for rain during drought, for health and luck at the time of the new moon, and for children and wealth. The Kagoro (Katab), Nigeria and Mali

Gwydion A warrior and magician god. Father of Lleu and Dylan. Wales

Gwynn ap Nudd Celtic god of the underworld. Originally a war god who hunted men's souls and lead them to Annwn, the land of the dead. In Celtic legend he is the king of the faeries and elves. Also known as Gwynwas. Wales

Gwyrthur A Celtic solar deity who represents the sunshine and summer. He fought with Gwyn over Creurdilad. Britons

Gynnis An androgynous being revered in Emesa. Asia Minor


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