. Vacuna Roman goddess of agriculture and leisure.

Vahiynin ”’existence,’ ‘strength.’ A name for the Supreme Being.” The Koryak, Siberia

Vairgin The supreme being and creator. ”But…is rather an appellative term for benevolent deities recalling the Yakut Ayi.” The Chukchee, Siberia

Vairocana The ”central and highest personage in the group,” of the five Dhyani-Buddhas: Akshobhya, Amitabha, Amoghasiddhi, Ratnasambhava. The ”Supreme and Eternal” Buddha. Japan, Java, Nepal, and Tibet

Vajradhara (the Adi-Buddha), Dorjechang, Dorjedzin The ”Yellow-caps” (reformed school sect) consider him the supreme being and creator of all things. Tibetan Buddhism

Valevalenoa ”Space,” son of Tangaroa-the-explorer-of-lands. Samoa, Polynesia

Vang-vai A deity who created the heavens and the earth but who is not worshipped. The Heh Miao, Southwest China

Var Norse (Scandinavian) goddess of contracts and agreements. She gets revenge against those who break oaths. No secret can be kept from Var. She is best invoked when one is signing an agreement, contract, pact, or oath. She is also good to invoke if an oath or promise to you was broken, especially in marriage. Also symbolizes love. Also known as Vor.

Varalden-olmai The supreme being and a god of he fertility of all things, guardian of the reindeer and the other animals. Called Raiden among the Norwegian and Swedish Lapps, Lapland

Vari A self-existent being of the beginning times. Mangaia, Polynesia

Vari-ma-te-takere The primeval mother who lived in Avaiki, the coconut shell of the initial symbolism of the universe. Mangaia, Polynesia

Varuna As an ancient Vedic deity he was a supreme god, sovereign, omnipresent and omniscient, creator of the universe and a god of cosmic and moral law and order. On the human level he was a god of righteousness, detesting falsehood, yet to the penitent forgiving. He was later relegated to individual functions, e.g. as a god of waters, a god of death, god of the dark night sky, god of the western quarter. India

Vayah The god of space. Iran

Vayu "The One who Moves Through The Sky". Hindu air and wind god who was an ally of the storm gods who were known as the Maruts ("crushers"). Accompanies Indra, the storm god.

Ve A Teutonic god, brother of Odin and Vili, who together created the world from the body of Ymir and also created man, to whom Ve contributed speech and the senses.

Venus Roman goddess of beauty and love. There was an ”ancient cult of the bald Venus” wherein the statue ”was bearded, had male and female organs,” and was considered the Protectress of births. Italy See also Aphrodite

Vere-pas The supreme god, a sky deity. The Ezra (Mordvins), Russia

Vertumnus Roman-Italian god of fruits.

Vesta "The Shining One", Roman goddess of the household, the hearth, and domestic matters. The Vestal Virgins served her. To be a Vestal virgin was a high honor offered only to those of nobility. Vestal Virgins were imposed with a strict vow of chastity. Should they lose their virginity and break this vow, they would be walled up alive. Only 20 incidents of this punishment actually occurring within over a thousand years were recorded.

Vidar Norse (Scandinavian) god of silence and vengeance. He is the second strongest in his pantheon.

Vili A Teutonic creator god with his brothers Odin and Ve. In the creation of man he gave intelligence and motion.

Villenangi, uNkulukulu The supreme spirit, and ancestor god. The Zulu, South Africa

Viracocha The greatest god who rose out of the depths of Lake Titicaca and created all things, giving light to the world which was before in darkness. The Aymara, the Inca, Peru

Viraj Given sometimes as a male, others as female—”perhaps symbolizes the cosmic waters. Like Brahman, Viraj connotes vastness or all-pervasiveness.” India

Virbius Italian god of outlaws and outcasts; the guardian of sanctuaries.

Virtus Roman deification of the virtues. Two temples were erected to the Virtus. The first was Virtue and the second was Honor. They were designed so that you had to first pass through Virtue before you could reach Honor. The pivotal virtues were prudence, temperament, justice, courage, mercy, health, tranquility, devotion, liberty, gaiety, honesty, and modesty.

Vishnu Hindu. Lord Vishnu is the aspect of the Hindu Trinity (Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva), which represents the preservation, and sustenance of the universe. He is said to be "The All Pervading", present and prevalent in all things. It is said that Buddha is an incarnation of Vishnu, however, this does not mean followers of Hinduism follow Buddha's teachings. They do however accept them. He is associated with the element fire, health, love, compassion, and kindness.

Vochi Twin of Amalivaca, creator/culture heroes who created the earth and the Orinoco River. The Tamanak, Venezuela

Voltumna An Etruscan tutelary goddess/god was androgynous. Italy

Vula Ledza Moon-Sun. A variant name for Dua Nggae, the primeval being. Flores, Indonesia

Vulcan Roman god of fire and the forge.


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