. E Alom The ”Conceiver of Children.” With E Quaholom the primordial pair of deities. The Quiché, Guatemala

Ea (1)"Lord of Incantations". God of wisdom and magic. Invoked for fertility, manifestation magic. Babylon (2) Though not his major function, Ea also appears in Chaldea, Assyria, and Akkadia as a creator of the world.

Ea-pe The supreme being and creator of all things. The Red Karens, Burma

Ear A variant name of Zio, Teutonic god of light, of day.

Ebore The sky god of the Gbanya whose wife is Esesar. Gold Coast, Africa

The high god and the creator, as well as a sky god, watches over his creations. His wife is Khosadam. The Yenesei, Siberia

Edenkema A primeval high god and creator, omnipotent and omniscient, created Nyamenle, a sky god, who though in second place is sometimes merged with him. He also created Azele, the earth goddess. The Nzema (Akan), Ghana

Eehtreshbohedish An earlier name for the supreme being, Akbatekdia, meaning ”Starter of All Things,” ”First Worker.” This name is used in prayers only in very important ceremonies and in vision quests. The Crow, Montana

Efile-mokulu The supreme being of the Basonge and others of the Baluba family is also creator of the world and all in it. He is invoked in oaths but not offered prayers or sacrifices. Zaire

Eguski, Euzki, Iguzki, Iuzki The Sun. Euzki is the light of the sun or the day; Euzkibergi is the sun itself, the eye of the sun, the eye of God. Considered the daughter of the earth in some areas; occasionally considered masculine. The Basques, Spain/France

Ehlaumel Thunder is ”the one great deity in the creation.” The Coast Yuki, California

Eir Norse goddess of healing with herbs. Eir taught the use of healing herbs only to women, and was a handmaiden to Frigg. Scandinavia

Eirene Goddess of peace and wealth. Her symbols include the cornucopia, the olive branch, corn ears on her head, and Herme's staff. Also known as Pax. Greece

Eiuga The supreme being who takes the form of an enormous lizard, whose voice is the thunder and whose breath is the wind. He causes storms when angry. The Onges, Little Andaman Island, Bay of Bengal

Ek Ahau A war god. Mayan

Ek Chuah The scorpion god, patron of traveling merchants and cacao planters, god of war. Concerned primarily with those who died in battle. Participants were not allowed to get drunk at his festival as they did at others. He is often called God M. Mayan

Ekhia The ”sun, the light of the world;” created by Yaun-Goicoa. The Basques, Spain/France

Ek Xib Chac A mayan sky god associated with the color black and with the west. Mexico and Guatemala

Eka Abassi The divine creatress, ”the great First Cause.” Some consider her as self-impregnated. The Ibibio, Nigeria

El The supreme god of the pantheons of Phoenicia, Canaan, Syria who forms a triad with his wife Asherat and his son Baal. He was a remote an all-powerful god associated with the sky.

Elagabal The Syrian sun god is also a mountain god.

El Elyon In ancient Jerusalem a name of El considered as a creator god. Canaan

Elaine Celtic aspect of the maiden. Wales

Elkunirsa A name of El as the creator of the earth. The Hittite, Asia Minor

Elli Norse goddess of old age who beat Thor in a wrestling match. Scandinavia

Elo An otiose high god who sends the rain and is invoked for the fertility of cattle. The Nuba, Sudan

Elob A name of the supreme being. The Hottentot, Orange Free State, South Africa

Elpis God of hope who stood over Eros holding a lily. Greece

Eluelap The sun. The Caroline Islands (Elato), Micronesia

Emekori-mahse The beneficent god of day, created by the sun to provide all the customs and laws. The Desana, Colombia

Emma-O God of the underworld. Depicted wearing a judge's cap and holding a mace. He judged the souls of the males. If the sinner were "saved" through prayer, they would be allowed to pass on to paradise or be reincarnated on earth. Symbolizes destruction, death, and revenge. Japan

Emutet Cobra-headed goddess of the harvest and agriculture. Egypt

Enen A god given by some authorities as the fourth pair (with Enenet-hemset) of the primeval deities. Egypt

Eng-ai, Engai, En-kai The god of the sky is associated with the rain, and is invoked in taking oaths. The Masai, the En-jemusi. Kenya and Tanzania

En-Kai African rain god. Masai

Eñketa The supreme sky god controls the elements. Zaire

Enku, Bakawa, Badango The ”omniscient Supreme Being” and the maker of thunder and lightning. Among the Negritos of the Seran River he is thought of as a bear. Malaya

Enlil God of the earth and air. His gift to mankind was the pickaxe, which gave them the ability to build or destroy. He sent a flood that drowned the earth, and only king Ziusudra was warned in time to escape. Samaria

En-me-šar-ra The Sumerian Lord of the Universe—”the active principle of the world itself.” Langdon calls this a title of Nergal, god of the underworld.

Ennit With Ni, they represent the ”vast and inert watery mass” among the primeval gods. Egypt

Enore The supreme being of the Paressi who ”carved the first man and woman out of a piece of wood.” Bolivia

Enyo Goddess of war. She spreads terror and alarm before and during combat. A consort of Ares, sometimes considered his sister, sometimes his wife. Greece

Eos Greek goddess of the dawn, daughter of Hyperion and Theia, sister of Helios and Selene, and wife of Astraeus by whom she was the mother of Astraea (daughter) and sons Zephyrus, Boreas, Notus, Eurus, Hesperus, and Eosphorus, the winds of the morning. She was also called Hemera or Tito.

Epa The principle god of the Ora who is protective of their welfare. Nigeria

Eraoranzan The supreme being, a god of the heavens, is worshipped by the men and invoked for rain. The Hierro, Canary Islands

Erebos A god of darkness. Greece

Ereshkigal Goddess of the underworld and death. The god Nergal once gained access to the underworld after being outcase by his fellow gods. He seized the terrible mistress Ereshkigal by the hair and threatened to kill her. She begged him to spare her life, promising that she would marry him, give him sovereignty of the underworld, and would also give him the tablets of wisdom. He accepted and was considered the consort of Ereshkigal from then on. Babylon/Samaria

Erh-Lang Chinese god who chased away evil spirits, the great restorer, the sustainer. He is invoked for protection.

Eri A sky god from whom the royal family in Aguku claims ancestry. Nigeria

Erioba The sun god of the Gusii. Kenya

Erlik Initially he existed with Kaira Kan (who created him) in the primordial water, and took part in the creation of the earth. He was rebellious and ambitious and was banished to the darkness as a god of evil, the god of hell. Siberia

Erob The omniscient supreme being and sky god, the benevolent creator, is invoked for rain, for success in hunting, and in the curing of illness—when he is called Xu. The Western Kung, the Otjimpolo-Khun, South Africa and Namibia

Eros God of sexual desire. See also Cupid. Greece

Eros, Phanes In his early form as the principle of love he participated in the creation of the world out of chaos. Greece

Eruwa, Iruwa High god of the heavens, a sun god. A variant of Ruwa. The Jagga (Chagga), Tanzania

Es The sun god of the Betoi as the creator. Colombia

Esaugetuh Emissee ”Master of Breath.” The pre-existent creator god who lived on Nunne Chaha, which had risen out of the primeval water. He caused the waters to recede, and created mankind. Those who are deserving join him after death. He ”appears to be the personification of the wind.” The Choctaw, the Creek, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi

Eschetewuarha The all-powerful mother goddess who rules over all and sees that mankind receives rain from the cloud-bird, Osasero. The Chamacoco, Grand Chaco, South America

Esege-Burkhan One of the three creator gods, with Shibengeni-Burkhan and Maidari-Burkhan, who caused the creation of the earth and then mankind. The Buriats, Siberia

Esege Malan The god of the sky—”Grandfather Bald Head””the highest heaven itself.” There are conflicting accounts about him from being the highest god to being a human who exchanged places with the gods. The Buriats, Siberia

Ess (See also Eç) The benevolent high god who lives in the seventh sky. The Yenisie-Ostyaks, Siberia

Esseneta’he God of the southeast who ”originates life and light.” The Cheyenne Indians, the Plains, United States

Estan Hittite/Hattic sun god. Asia Minor

Esta The sun contains ”powerful tsarutama, which influences all that goes on on earth.” The Jivaro, Ecuador

Esu African god of watchfulness. Judges men and records their actions, reporting them to Olorun. Yoruba

Etin Known as ” ‘master’, a name for the Supreme Being.” Siberia

Ets A sky god of the Yenisie-Ostyaks, or Ket. Siberia

Eugpamolak Manobo The supreme god, ”the first cause and creator” who, though he is remote, is ”invited to all important ceremonies.” The Bagobo, Philippines

Eunomia Goddess of order and legislation. Greece

Euzkibergi The physical sun, the eye of God. The Basques, France and Spain

Eve Goddess of the underworld. Phoenicia

Evua The sun god of the Guinea and Senegambia groups. Africa

Eyo The sun of the Ekoi. Nigeria

Eze Chite Okike The sun and the supreme god forms a triad with Alo, the earth, his wife, and Igwe, the sky, his son. The Ibo (Abadja tribe). Nigeria


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